The Tohsaka (遠坂, Tōsaka?) family is a magus lineage belonging to the Clock Tower of the Mage's Association.


With a lineage with a history worth about 200 years, they were once Hidden Christians that lived inside a then foreigners-intolerant Japan. Their first head, Nagato Tohsaka, was considered the least promising of Zelretch's pupils. But by six generations after, the time of Rin and Sakura, the family had improved to the point of reaching the second place. They possess good connections in both the Mage's Association, due to their relationship with Zelretch, and the Holy Church, thanks to their faith.

The Tohsaka are experts in the use of Jewel Magecraft and a secret style of Chinese kenpo, the latter due to Nagato's emphasis in the training of not only Magecraft, but also martial arts. Thanks to the sudden and relatively recent progress of their mastery of Jewel Magecraft, as well as the introduction of the Gandr into their magical repertory, it is believed that the Tohsaka lineage was able to incorporate the Edelfelts' knowledge of Magecraft into their own through the younger Edelfelt twin that was supposedly defeated during the Third Heaven's Feel, for the members of that family (such as Luvia) are well known for being very capable in the use of both. It is unknown if the Tohsaka gained the abilities from the Edelfelt twin marrying with the head of the Tohsaka family of that time or simply by having her Magic Crest stolen.

Back when the Tohsaka were developing the ritual of the Heaven's Feel along with the Makiri and the Einzbern, Nagato's daughter played a greater role in the completion of the Holy Grail War system than her father. The Tohsaka role in the Heaven's Feel is to provide the use of their spiritual land to the ritual.

It is known that one of Tokiomi's parents was a foreigner.

In the Apocrypha world, the Tohsaka gave up on the Holy Grail and searched for another method to reach the Root in Fuyuki. They now seek a new path in becoming one with the universe with Chinese Kenpou while learning magecraft.[1]

In the EXTRA universe, the Tohsaka family was mostly destroyed in the 1990s.



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