Tomoe Gozen(WP) (巴御前(WP), Tomoe Gozen?), Class Name Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Her years of birth and death are unknown. An individual from the late Heian(WP)/early Kamakura periods(WP). The beloved concubine of Kiso no Yoshinaka (Minamoto no Yoshinaka(WP)), the famous general who earned the title of Sei-i Taishōgun(WP) and was defeated by Minamoto no Yoritomo(WP). Constantly by Yoshinaka’s side, a brave woman who frequently accomplished military achievements. Excelling in military prowess, she was famed as a mighty warrior. The daughter of Nakahara no Kanetō, the younger sister of Higuchi Kanemitsu and Imai Kanehira(WP) - both regarded as part of the Kiso Big Four - and a milk sibling of Yoshinaka.[1]

After the chivalrous Yoshinaka had helped the Genji clan overthrow the tyrannical rule of Taira regime, with the Genji being the new ruling power of Kyoto, the Genji clan later betrayed Yoshinaka as they quickly branded their former ally as an evil criminal as Yoshinaka  had outlived his usefulness. As Yoshinaka was persecuted, he managed to have his beloved wife, ​Tomoe Gozen, escape death but at the cost of his own life; Yoshinaka's demise caused Tomoe to grieve greatly for him. Despite this, Tomoe's life did not end in a completely tragic manner, as she managed to give birth to Yoshinaka's son, Yoshihide, and she later lived the rest of her peaceful life as a nun where she prayed that her husband would rest in peace. 


In “Kiso’s Last Moments”, the 9th chapter of “The Tale of the Heike(WP)” written by Kakuichi(WP), she was portrayed as “of lovely long hair, of truly outstanding features. Exceptionally strong with a bow, a soldier that matched a thousand, always ready to face even a demon or a god, be it mounted or on foot.” In other words, fair-skinned, of long hair, a great archer with outstanding features. A beautiful, mighty warrior - that is Tomoe Gozen.[1]


She will probably smile gently, so long as fury does not completely fill her heart. As a scion of ■■■■, she is conspicuously endowed with a savage disposition, but by containing that to the brink thanks to her feelings towards her beloved one, she has acquired individuality as a calm human woman—or so it seems.[1]

Despite continuing to love her lord Yoshinaka, she was not able to be with him in his last moments—A woman warrior that keeps concealing that single regret in her chest. That gentle sadness was transmuted into flames of resentment by Ashiya Douman during “The Tournament of the Seven Heroic Spirit Blade-Masters", turning into an aberration of wild flames that burned the Sagami Province(WP) to ashes. Originally, she is a willowy maiden, shunning the conflict between people, and preferring the beauty of nature.[1]

Tomoe Gozen’s view on life and death is clear-cut. She unquestionably believes that a transient guest called a Servant such as herself should silently disappear from the world eventually. In “The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts”, she had no hesitations in choosing a simultaneous kill with the enemy general Girtablulu.[1]

In her spare time, she is an avid fan of video games, especially those which feature combat or warfare. Her interest in them has led some Servants to refer to Chaldea's rec room as "Tomoe's den" due to the amount of time she spends there.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Seventh Singularity: Babylonia[]

She was summoned by Gilgamesh in Babylon, but died before Chaldea arrived.

Benkei tells Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight that Tomoe Gozen fell in combat after taking out the scorpion-man Girtablilu, the intelligent child of Tiamat and general of the Demonic Beasts forces in a mutual kill.[2] She was mentioned by Gilgamesh and he praises Tomoe, saying that she's a competent warrior despite her mixed-blood lineage. Merlin shares the same opinion, her sacrifice bought them a lot of time for their defenses. The defeat of Girtablilu was instrumental and the city might have fallen otherwise.[3]

In the anime adaptation, Tomoe makes a cameo appearance in the second ending, along with Gilgamesh's other Servants.

Subspecies Singularity II: Shimosa[]

Tomoe was summoned by Amakusa Shirou Tokisada to serve as one of the Heroic Spirit Swordmasters.[4] Her Cursed Name is Archer of Inferno.[4] Before Ritsuka arrived, she razed the Hitachi province, inadvertently destroying Onriedo Castle's foundations there.[5]

She and her fellow Swordmasters first encounter Ritsuka’s party as they tried to cut through a bamboo forest to reach Onui and Tasuke‘s hermitage. Houzouin Inshun tries to attack the Swordmasters, but Tomoe deflects him with an arrow. She and the other Swordmasters then watch Inshun fight Yagyuu Munenori alone to let the others escape. This is followed by Ashiya Douman infusing Inshun with the Curse of Annihilation to become the final Swordmaster: Lancer of Purgatorio.[6]

Tomoe later appears in Toke Castle Town outside Otama‘s inn where Ritsuka’s party is staying after Katou Danzou sicked her on Miyamoto Musashi on Douman’s orders. She calls upon evil spirits to bring Musashi (whose accompanied by Ritsuka) out. After slaying the spirits, Musashi senses Tomoe nearby. Tomoe unveils herself and introduces herself by her Cursed Name. She declares the Swordsmasters’ goal is to kill and burn everything related to Tokugawa society. She then starts unleashing fire, so Musashi fights her to ensure her fire doesn’t spread. They’re unable to best each other since Musashi can’t close the distance thanks to Tomoe’s arrows and flames, while Tomoe’s arrows are continuously deflected by Musashi at the last moment. Musashi realizes Tomoe is holding back, as she has yet to use the spell Inshun used. Tomoe admits she was told to hold back. She then vanishes with the promise of fighting Musashi in full force.[4]

She and Danzou run together toward Shimosa’s southern border. Tomoe stops after Danozu pointed out she’ll end up in Kazusa and into the ocean if she continues. Unaware how fast she was going, she apologizes to Danzou for unintentionally and potentially leaving her behind. Danzou tells her to restrain herself, not wanting her to exhaust her Spirit Origin carelessly. The pair then spot an elderly couple coming in their direction. Tomoe warns them of the monster prowling at night, and to not leave their home again tonight once there. Then, seeing the couple off after declining their offer to stay at their home, Tomoe has Danzou confirm there is a village in the direction that the couple came from. She proceeds to massacre said village by burning it to the ground. Danzou is confused why she spared the couple from earlier though. Tomoe answers it was because they exchanged pleasantries and expressed concerned for each other. She then wreathed herself in hellfire spouting nonsense, leading a procession of monsters to continue massacring village after village.[5]

Later on the Hitachi mountains, she tries to incinerate the samurai sent by Munenori to kill her as Tajima-no-Kami. Fortunately for the samurai, Ritsuka’s party arrives and saves them. Musashi deduces Tomoe’s True Name from her shouting Lord Yoshinaka. Tomoe brings them to the bloody battlefield for their duel. She is defeated and disappears, recalling the love she and Yoshinaka had for another.[5]

Hokusai Trial Quest[]

Tomoe appears in Ritsuka's dream of Edo under the name of Omoe. She is Mr. Gold's bodyguard, traveling alongside him and BB. She helps her lord in unveiling the art scheme of Hoeidou and other Utagawa-related publishers and having them arrested.

Ritsuka, Suzuka Gozen, and Oei meet Mr. Golden at Hosshou Temple in their search for Hokusai. Oei tries to leave since her father isn't at the temple, but Mr. Gold prevents her. Suzuka accuses him of being part of the Utagawa scheme, but Mr. Gold reveals he already had several Utagawa publishers arrested. Omoe confirms as much, adding the publishers are currently under official investigation for disrupting Edo's peace and morals. She suspects their intent and purpose was to undermine the missing  Katsushika Hokusai. She also concurs with Mr. Gold that Ritsuka and Suzuka should return to Chaldea. Then, admitting he is searching for Hokusai, Mr. Gold reveals an Outer God plans to enter reality through the dream using Hokusai as its vessel. To prevent this, he decides Hokusai must be rendered unable to paint. He then fights Ritsuka, Suzuka, and Oei for deciding to defend Hokusai.

Mr. Gold eventually stops the fight, having realized something about Oei. He also decides to abandon his search for Hokusai. He then says he'll inform the shogun that a great painter (meaning Oei) will be coming to tomorrow's exhibit in Hokusai's place. For this reason, Omoe asks Ritsuka to continue protecting Oei. Then, believing everything's resolved, Omoe asks if they can go shopping and begins talking about this board game. But Gilgamesh yells at her that it isn't over and bonks her on the head. He and his companions then leave.

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

Tomoe is playing an FPS in Chaldea's rec room when Leonardo da Vinci calls her to the command room. She is informed that Shuten-douji and Ibaraki-douji have tricked the staff into secretly rayshifting them to a minor Singularity in Japan where a mysterious pagoda has appeared out of nowhere. She agrees to join Ritsuka in investigating the tower. In addition to being Ritsuka's primary Servant, Da Vinci also asks Tomoe to lead the other Servants who'll be accompanying them. Though honored to be appointed to lead the Servants for this mission, Tomoe is curious why she was chosen when there is surely a more capable Japanese Servant. Da Vinci answers there is but Shuten and Ibaraki would end up dead. Then, as it's her first mission as a Chaldean Servant, Tomoe asks Ritsuka to give her a special title for this mission. Given the time of the year, Ritsuka decides on General Setsubun. Tomoe finds it perfect for her and proudly accepts it.

Ritsuka and Tomoe rayshift to the Singularity and immediately see the pagoda is a hundred-stories high. Da Vinci suspects it is Shuten's Noble Phantasm combined with a source of magical energy. Shuten, projecting herself through alcoholic fog, confirms Da Vinci's analysis and calls the pagoda Oni Pagoda. She challenges Ritsuka and Tomoe to reach the top and learn why she built the pagoda. Tomoe is upset that Shuten isn't giving her reasons, saying it's a standard rule of warfare for opposing armies to state their reasons for battle. Minamoto-no-Raikou cuts Shuten's projection and tells Tomoe it's pointless to explain the rules of warfare to Oni and the only way to handle them is to kill them. The alcohoic fog reforms and Shuten warns the group that they'll get steadily more drunk with every floor they ascend. Raikou decides not to heed her warning and climbs the tower itself to kill her and Ibaraki. However, she soon falls back onto the ground. Shuten explains trying to reach the top by any means besides the stairs will result in extreme intoxication. Tomoe confesses she gets drunk at the faintest whiff of alcohol, but she will climb the tower regardless.

After they clear the first floor, Tomoe brings the group to a bamboo forest. There she breaks the bedrock to unleash the hot spring underneath. As their leader, she wishes to relieve the Servant accompanying them of their exhaustion, and since the spring is a spirit spring, it should work on Servants. During these times of relaxation, she will be the spring's caretaker, Madam Setsubun. Also aware of modern conceptions of chastity, she will split the baths into men and women sections. For those who are gender-neutral or keep to keep their gender secret, and for Astolfo, she will prepare a steel drum in a private tent.

On the 10th floor, Ritsuka's party encounters Katsushika Oei. She explains she came to the tower because Shuten promised to provide her with paints, a place for her to paint, and subjects to paint. Said subjects being Servants. As they're in a hurry, Tomoe apologizes they cannot stay to model for her. But Oei refuses to let them leave, forcing the group into a fight. They defeat her, and Ritsuka tells her to soak in the hot springs. Excited at the prospect of seeing her would-be subjects naked, Oei runs off to the hot springs while chasing after her father, who went on ahead. Tomoe suspects they'll be more like Oei on the floors above. The group then continues their ascent.

Reaching the 20th floor, Ritsuka's party encounters Mochizuki Chiyome there. She theorizes that since the tower is made from Shuten's Noble Phantasm, its intoxicating effects differ from Servant to Servant. Shuten's affinity or bond with a Servant may be a factor. Chiyome and Tomeo then sense Gorgon's presence, who came at Shuten's invitation. Chiyome requests to speak with Gorgon, which Ritsuka and Tomoe both say depends on Gorgon. Gorgon admits she has no intention of serving as a guard, but she cannot simply let the group pass. The group defeats her in the ensuing fight, and she flees from Chiyome, who thinks they share a similar curse and is trying to bring her to the hot springs outside.

On the 30th floor, Ritsuka's party encounters Sherlock Holmes. His contradictory answers to why he's in the tower confuse Tomoe, who confesses she was never good at solving riddles. The same goes for puzzle games as well. Sherlock admits he knows what Shuten and Ibaraki seek to accomplish with the tower. He refrains from answering, though, comparing it to revealing a game's secrets too early. As a gamer, Tomoe understands Sherlock's reasoning and recalls burning Blackbeard in a barrel the other day for spoiling that the heroine is the true final boss of the game is currently playing. It then becomes apparent that Sherlock agreed to guard the floor in exchange for his favorite brand of alcohol. The group defeats him, and before he returns to Chaldea, he informs the group that the tower will not escalate into a major crisis. It will not disappear on its own, though, so their task remains the same. Sherlock then asks why Da Vinci pointed to the window rather than the stair when she told him to return. Tomoe shows him a cheap bungee cord that Da Vinci gave her, referring to as a High-Speed Ground Level Return Kit. Sherlock tries to use the stair, but Tomoe ties the rope to him without his notice and pushes him out the window.

On the 40th floor, the group sees Musashibou Benkei keeping Ushiwakamaru from noticing Tomoe while also censoring their names. Eventually, he convinces her to go and surpass her own headhunting record and leave the tower via the window without looking back. After she's gone, he puts on an oni and introduces himself to the group as the loyal oni guarding the floor. Tomoe wonders if she knows Benkei and realizes Ushiwakamaru also looked familiar. Benkei, staying in character, denies any affiliation with the Minamoto and suggests dismissing Ushiwakamaru as a standard nymphomaniac or a hallucination. He then admits his purpose was to prevent Ushiwakamaru from seeing someone she shouldn't. A lawyer told him, however, that he was trespassing, and since he lacks the means to pay the fine, he agreed to guard the floor as punishment. The group defeat him in the ensuing fight, which gladdens him to know that his obligation are fulfilled. He also admits there will come a time for those who have a shared history must face each other.

On the 50th floor, the group see Quetzalcoatl along with a wrestling ring. Tomoe comments on the ring by saying a character in her favorite fighting game has similar looking home stage. She often picks him and begins describing him when she realizes she is going off topic. She then asks Quetzalcoatl why she sided with the oni. Quetzalcoatl answers it's because Shuten and Ibaraki provided a place perfect for practicing and teaching lucha. She then challenges the group to defeat her, otherwise the stairs to the next floor will never open. Tomoe defeats Quetzalcoatl, who is so impressed that she wants Tomoe to join her lucha team. Tomoe humbly declines her offer. Quetzalcoatl refuses to divulge the real reason she sided with the oni and leaves.

Ritsuka's party arrive on the 60th floor to find Tamamo-no-Mae, Kiyohime, and Osakabehime having a party. Tomoe tells them she has no time for chitchat, even more so if the subject is romance. Tamamo finds it unhealthy and morbid for her, a widow, to spend her time playing violent video games. Tomoe tries to correct her misconception by saying that besting her opponents always makes her smile. She then declines Osakabehime's offer for them to stay and game together as they need to proceed to the next floor. But Tamamo says she and the others are obligated to Shuten since she organized the party to not let anyone pass without a fight. Ritsuka's party then proceeds to defeat the girls.

Ritsuka's party encounter Julius Caesar on the 70th floor. Though she's only come to Chaldea recently, Tomoe knows better than to blindly trust Caesar, having been warned by many. However, she believes Casear when he tells her that the warnings were actually about his voracious appetite. Ritsuka, fortunately, gets her to realize Caesar's deception. Caesar then claims the tower is his property and says the group is trespassing for entering without permission. Calling himself a lawyer, he expects the group to pay the fine. Cleopatra then arrives, introducing herself as Caesar's secretary. Tomoe recalls that Shuten told them to climb the tower, and wonders if that counts as an invitation. But Caesar recalls hearing nothing of the sort and says all audio recordings are inadmissible. He then tries to trick the group into paying him for damages and trespassing of 70 floors. But they see through his deception and proceed to defeat him and Cleopatra. After the couple leave, Tomoe recalls a married couple she knows herself. She then asks if it's true that concubine have all but ceased to exist in the modern day and if that wouldn't lead to turmoil in modern society.

On the 80th floor, Ritsuka's party see EMIYA, Boudica, Tawara Touta, and Parvarti have prepared a feast. Mysterious Heroine X Alter is also there. Tomoe declines to partake when EMIYA reveals it is a welcoming party for her as requested by Shuten. Except for Caesar and Cleopatra, he suspects everyone in the tower, even the tower itself, wanted Tomoe to have a good and memorable time. Tomoe realizes none of the guards demonstrated any animosity toward her, nor any loyalty to Shuten. She believes each one agreed to help Shuten for their own reasons. But dismantling the tower before it turns into a Singularity is the highest priority for her right now, everything else is secondary. Offended that their cooking will be wasted, EMIYA and the others force Ritsuka's party to fight. After defeating them, Tomoe apologizes and promises she'll partake after her task is done. EMIYA suspects the next welcoming party will be at Chaldea's dining hall and says he'll make something for Tomoe. Tomoe thanks him and he leaves. She then tells Ritsuka that she feels they will soon face one of the oni behind this incident.

Ritsuka's party reach the 90th floor and find Ibaraki there, along with a plethora of Shuten memoribilia made by Shuten herself. Tomoe has no response to it, which frustrates and confuses Ibaraki. Shuten had instructed her and the others to show how fun it is to be an oni. Ibaraki feels she and Tomoe have a connection, which frustrates her further that her demonstration failed. Tomoe admits she also feels a connection, which further confuses Ibaraki as to why she still refuses to join the oni. Tomoe tries to ignore Ibaraki, but the latter's continued insistence that she is like an oni sends her into a rage. She then defeats Ibaraki, who retreats in frustration.

Confronting Shuten on the top floor, Tomoe asks her if her true goal was to drag her down the path of oni. Shuten is surprised no one said anything and tells Tomoe that she is an oni. Tomoe denies she is an oni, having lived and died as a human. She calls Shuten's motives absurd and demands she dismantle the tower. Seeing that Tomoe is still in denial, Shuten points out to her that she smells like an oni, has horns, and is far stronger than any human ever could be. It disgusts her that Tomoe is denying her oni blood.  She then asks Ritsuka for their opinion, but Ritsuka replies that they're grateful for any Servant that answers their summons. Tomoe remembers the joy of being accepted for who she is  and the joy of fighting alongside powerful allies. Thus, she is grateful to be Ritsuka's Servant and heeds their command to stop Shuten. Shuten soon flees for the roof and Tomoe gives chase.

Tomoe finds the alcholic fumes are thickest on the roof, so much so that communication with Chalde is cut off. She therefore decides to taket the chance to ask Shuten why she built the tower so tall if she only wanted to know if she was oni or not. Shuten answers she  thought it'd be a fun way to celebrate Setsubun. She also admits that she didn't want Sakata Kintoki to climb the tower like Tomoe suspected, as she didn't want them killing each other yet. Tomoe recalls an earlier conversation she had with Kintoki and suspects he knew of Shuten's true reasons. She also realizes they understand each other better than anyone, despite being a human and oni that try to kill each other. Shuten asks Tomoe if she knows anything about her ancestry. Tomoe answers she doesn't, recalling her parents and grandparents were shocked by her appearance when she was born. Shuten can only suspect one of Tomoe's ancestors had a child with an oni. Tomoe then wonders if Shuten's true intent was to build a safe haven for oni. She tells Shuten that she will never ally with the oni but neither will she kill her as they are both Servants of Ritsuka. Shuten tells her that she will have to choose a side one day. She then notices Raikou nearing the roof and flees with Ibaraki, but not before removing her magical energy core from the tower so it can be destroyed.

After Ritsuka and Raikou leave per her instruction, Tomoe prepares to destroy the tower. As she does, she remembers neither Yoshinaka nor Ritsuka cared if she was human or oni. So she will accept herself for who she is, neither human nor oni. Then, after unleashing her Noble Phantasm, she recalls her life and accepts that she was always both human and oni. She then leaps from the roof and watches as the tower is set ablaze by her Noble Phantasm.

Back in Chaldea, she convinces Ibaraki to join her and Ritsuka in a 3v3 match against Osakabehime's team.


In her ascensions, she is shown wielding a crimson katana, a naginata, and a longbow. She has the physical strength to pluck a human head barehanded. And the anecdote of twisting off the head of Onda no Hachirou Moroshige, an enemy warrior known for his great strength, is also real.[1]

Arguably the most famous female warrior in Japanese history, Tomoe was renowned for her skill with a bow thanks to the innate natural talent granted by her Oni blood. Described as a "remarkably strong archer", Tomoe's skill greatly surpasses mortal men due to her countless feats of valor. She is equally formidable in close combat, being "a swordswoman... a warrior worth a thousand men", she can engage other Servants of the Knight classes in close combat with her trusted naginata and sword.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.[1]
  • Mad Enhancement (E Rank): Normally does not receive the benefits of Mad Enhancement. In exchange, one retains a normal capacity to think.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Knowledge of Melee Combat (B Rank): A methodology regarding crowd-combat, in which friends and foes are all jumbled together. Not the ability to take command of a military force, but combat techniques to persevere as a single warrior within an army troop. Tomoe is well familiar with battles of many against many, one against all.[1]
  • Lineage Excitation (A Rank): A type of self-suggestion that Tomoe unconsciously performed while alive. Upon manifesting as a Servant, it has been defined as a skill that temporarily amplifies her powers as an Oni Kind.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasms are Oṃ Ālolik Svāhā and Namaḥ Samantavajrānāṃ Hāṃ.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Archer of Inferno[]

Archer of Inferno is a modified version of Tomoe Gozen appearing in the Shimosa Singularity who became a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster due to Ashiya Douman casting the Curse of Annihilation on her. Having her power been greatly increased, Miyamoto Mushashi comments that Inferno surpasses her in power just like any other Heroic Spirit Swordmaster. She is powerful enough to deflect Houzouin Inshun's spear with a single arrow.[7] Even when she's holding back, and Mushashi has access to Senji Muramasa's finest katana, Myoujingiri Muramasa, Mushashi only sees herself winning in one out of ten scenarios.[8]

She is also very skilled, able to wreathe her arms in fire and punch Mushashi, but most importantly, keeping her distance to fight at long range. However, she is unable to hit Mushashi due to her deflecting her arrows at the last moment with her Niten Ichiryu. Archer of Inferno claims that had she unleashed her flames more freely, she could have easily killed many.[8] In this form, she is also able to run extremely fast, and Katou Danzou claims that anyone but her wouldn't be able to keep up with her speed.[9]


Every time it became summer, it’s as if some of the Heroic Spirits forget about moderation… Why on earth does that happen?

Tomoe Gozen asked herself so, but this summer at last, she will know the reason firsthand. In other words ――― It was the overflowing passion, flames, and power as if connected to the sun from her inside, put simply “a sense of liberation”!

Every year, the sea didn’t ring a bell to Tomoe Gozen , but since the place that became this summer’s stage was at the mountains, her switch was flipped for this time alone. The awakening into a swimsuit Heroic Spirit.

That aside. The fun of summer isn’t just leisure. Right. It’s games!

――― Now, summer has begun. In that case, she will play until defeat hardly taking time to sleep!

The outfit is a light swimsuit for summer!

In her hands are VR terminals in dual-wielding! Even if it’s not like she’ll never abandon everything about moderation, her back is being vigorously pushed by the surging “feeling of liberation” that is stimulated by the mountains, and Tomoe Gozen leaps into the pleasure of one summer.

Her personality is almost the same as the usual Tomoe Gozen (Archer). However, she’s in off mode so her willingness to play is at full-power. Of course she’s worried about some abnormality occurring, but her will to play doesn’t disappear while saying “That aside I must fully enjoying summer”.


Class Skills:

  • Riding (B+ Rank): No information available.

Personal Skills

  • Midnight of Summerside (A Rank): A Skill to become stronger while staying up late. As long as she’s enjoying herself from the bottom of her heart, she can temporarily postpone fatigue or mana consumption. It’s a subspecies of the Battle Continuation Skill, but the effect is mostly similar to her original skill.
  • VR Shinkage-ryuu (B+ Rank): A Skill that displays that she excels at VR sword fights using stick-like controllers. She is proficient at double-sword style in particular. Initially it was a D-rank skill, but the Skill’s denomination was changed after receiving the instruction of Yagyū Tajima no Kami in person, and the rank increased noticeably.

Noble Phantasm:
Tomoe's Noble Phantasm is VR Shinkage-ryuu Hidden Art - Tomoe's Abyssal Solar Blade.


Creation and Conception[]

Shirabi is the character illustrator for Tomoe Gozen.[1]


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    Tomoe Gozen - Archer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Shirabi
    Voice Actor: Hisako Kanemoto

    Strength: C
    Endurance: D
    Agility: C
    Mana: B
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: B+

    Personal Skills
    Oni Kind Demon: B
    Guidelines of a Meele: B
    Blood Vessel Excitation: A

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Independent Action: A
    Mad Enhancement: E

    Noble Phantasm
    On Arorikiya Sowaka: Mantra・Aryavalokitesvara Bodhisattva
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    She will probably smile gently.
    So long fury does not completely fill her heart.

    As a scion of ■■■■, she is conspicuously endowed with a savage disposition, but by containing that to the brink thanks to her feelings towards her beloved one, she has acquired individuality as a calm human woman.
    ---or so it seems.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 162cm・50kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: True Neutral  Gender: Female
    The physical strength to pluck a human head barehanded--- is there. And the anecdote of twisting off the head of Onta no Hachirou Moroshige, an enemy warrior known for his great strength, is also real.

    Level 2 Bond
    Her years of birth and death are unknown. An individual from the late Heian・early Kamakura periods.
    The beloved concubine of Kiso no Yoshinaka (Minamoto no Yoshinaka), the famous general who earned the title of Seii Taishogun(1) and was defeated by Minamoto no Yoritomo.
    Constantly by Yoshinaka’s side, a brave woman who frequently accomplished military achievements.
    Excelling in military prowess, she was famed as a mighty warrior.
    The daughter of Nakahara no Kaneotoo, the younger sister of Higuchi Kanemitsu and Imai Kanehira - both regarded as part of the Kiso Big Four - and a milk sibling of Yoshinaka.

    Level 3 Bond
    In “Kiso’s Last Moments”, the 9th chapter of “The Tale of the Heike” written by Kakuichi, she was portrayed as “of lovely long hair, of truly outstanding features. Exceptionally strong with a bow, a soldier that matched a thousand, always ready to face even a demon or a god, be it mounted or on foot”.
    In other words, fair-skinned, of long hair, a great archer with outstanding features. A beautiful, mighty warrior - that is Tomoe Gozen.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Guidelines of a Meele: B

    A methodology regarding crowd-combat, in which friends and foes are all jumbled together.
    Not the ability to take command of a military force, but combat techniques to persevere as a single warrior within an army troop. Tomoe is well familiar with battles of many against many, one against all.

    • Blood Vessel Excitation: A

    A type of self-suggestion that Tomoe unconsciously performed while alive.
    Upon manifesting as a Servant, it has been defined as a skill that temporarily amplifies her powers as an oni kind.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Mantra・Aryavalokitesvara Bodhisattva"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~12  Maximum Targets: 1 person
    On Arorikiya Sowaka.
    Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm. The grief and sadness of not being able to meet her last moments together with Yoshinaka were coupled with her inborn abilities over flames and the monstrous strength of the oni kind and sublimated into a Noble Phantasm.
    The Aryavalokitesvara Bodhisattva that acts as the honzon of the Gichuji, the temple that held the memorial services for her beloved Kiso no Yoshinaka--- after confirming “the love towards Yoshinaka within herself” by chanting its mantra, she grabs and hurls the enemy, and fires an incandescent arrow into him, causing damage with a magical energy that resembles the sun that symbolizes her feelings for Yoshinaka.

    Despite continuing to love her lord Yoshinaka, she was not able to be with him in his last moments---
    A woman warrior that keeps concealing that single regret in her chest.
    That gentle sadness was transmuted into flames of resentment by Ashiya Doman during the “Seven Contests of Master Swordsmen Heroic Spirits”, turning into an aberration of wild flames(2) that burned the Sagami Province to ashes.
    Originally, she is a willowy maiden. Shunning the conflict between people, and preferring the beauty of nature.

    Tomoe Gozen’s view on life and death is clear-cut. She unquestionably believes that a transient guest called Servant such as herself should silently disappear from the world eventually. In “Absolute Magical Beast War Front - Babylonia”, she had no hesitations in chosing a simultaneous kill with the enemy general Girtablulu.

    (1) think of a unifying military leader. Something akin to generalissimo.

    (2) in this context, the original Japanese term can also be seen as a synonym for passion/intense emotions.

    巴御前 - アーチャー



    鬼種の魔 B
    乱戦の心得 B
    血脈励起 A

    対魔力 B
    単独行動 A
    狂化 E




    属性:中立・中庸  性別:女性





    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:1~12  最大補足:1人



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