Toole (トゥール, Tūru?) is a female homunculus of Yggdmillennia created to serve in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha



Toole was one of many nameless, mass produced homunculi created for the Greater Holy Grail War. She was selected as a commander for battles.[1]


Toole has a "neat and lively personality." She is described, "using visual novel or light novel terminology", as being the "female teacher-type who has sex appeal, but is unfortunately coarse and ill-mannered."[1]





Toole and Gordes after the War

Toole survives through the end of the Great Holy Grail War. Due to Gordes' reformed personality, she takes charge of Gordes' son's education. She performs this duty through "thoroughly beating up" the son, and subsequently Gordes' wife after she protests the treatment of her son and Gordes himself. Winning supremacy over the family, she stands at the top of the hierarchy for three months until her death caused by her short lifespan.[1]

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

In the world of Fate/Grand Order, the Musik family created homunculi as well, Toole being the tutor of Gordolf Musik when he was young. Gordolf mentions Toole IV (トゥールⅣ?),[2] so the series of homunculus appears to have the same short lifespan as in the Apocrypha world.


Toole is lacking in Magic Circuits, but she excels in fighting ability and her ability to inspire troops, leading to her being made a commander. She has a very short lifespan of two to three months due to the planning of only needing the homunculi for a short period of time.[1]


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