Tradition Protection (伝承防御, Denshō Bōgyo?, localized as Folklore Defense) is a characteristic that acts as a defense against traditional attacks.


Tradition Protection is described by Leonardo da Vinci as "an imaginary world of the fairies, where fantasy is made manifest. A world that stands apart from our own."[1] This is characterized by attacks[2][3] and means of technological observation like radar[1] being rendered ineffective unless specific rules are met.[2][3] It is not inherently a form of defense, but a characteristic with restrictive conditions.[2][3] It will protect against modern weaponry and attacks created by magecraft to a certain extent. It can be bypassed by matching the characteristics of the possessor.[2]

Described as a mystery among mysteries, it is thought to be something possessed only by the heritage of witches, Ploy Kickshaw, as of the modern age.[1] The island of Baldanders of the Wandering Sea also possesses the characteristic.[1]



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    [[Unlimited_Blade_Works_Animation_Material_I v]] Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Animation Material I - Kinoko and Takashi Q & A, p.042 [T]
    Q: The terms "Tradition Protection" and "Anti-Purge Defense" come up all the time, what are these!

    Q: The terms "Tradition Protection" and "Anti-Purge Defense" come up all the time, what are these! <TG09>

    Nasu: For tradition protection, if an attack does not follow specific rules it will not connect. This is possessed by Alice Kuonji's Ploy Kickshaw, for example. Basically, it's not an actual defense, per se, but something with restrictive conditions. Anti-purge defense is something we'll be talking about in more detail soon, so please wait just a bit longer on that one. For now, I can simply say that it is an ultimate defense against a level of attack that could even end the world.
    Takeuchi: That term came about around the same time as the Panzer World Galient OVA ...did you really like the term that much?
    Nasu: Enough to make it the most ultimate defense ever.

    ちょいちょい出てくるようになったワード「伝承防御」や「対粛清防御」について教えて下さ い! <TG09>

    武:……対粛清防御って鉄の紋章の頃からあったね、そういうば……アナタ、どんだけその言葉 好きなの?