Trap of Argalia: Down with a Touch! (触れれば転倒!
, Furereba Tentō!
Torappu obu Arugaria
?) is a shining, ornate golden lance that belonged to Argalia, a knight and prince of Cathay, that was later taken by Astolfo as one of the many treasures obtained through his escapades. "Carelessly named" and nicknamed just "Argalia", it is a spear with a low killing-ability that acts only as a cavalry lance unstrengthened by magecraft, unable to pierce through all defenses, and lacking any special killing blows like always piercing the heart. Although it will still cause the enemy to bleed and kill them should it penetrate their heart, killing is not its primary intent, but it does prove deadly in battle.[2]

It was Argalia's beloved lance, said to cause anyone it touched with its golden tip to fall, bringing him much glory in jousting tournaments and upon the battlefield where heavily armored knights would be led to their inevitable death should they fall. During a jousting tournament in which he was victorious against all the knights that challenged him in jousting matches, including Astolfo, Argalia ran away from a knight who refused to surrender after being knocked off his horse, someone that Argalia reluctantly fought with his own sword without using his lance but ultimately couldn't match him in combat, and he left his magic lance behind during his flight.[2]

While the entire jousting contest was thrown into total chaos, Astolfo, who had broken his own lance, noticed Argalia's lance and silently borrowed (stole) it. Naturally, Astolfo won match after match in jousting contests afterwards. After Astolfo managed to survive through several battles with this lance, he entrusted this lance to the female knight Bradamante, the cousin of Roland. Naturally, Astolfo freely gave away such a precious lance because he didn’t know about its ability at all.[2]

The spear's only function is to realize its legend by returning its target to Spiritual Form below the knee when the target is a Servant. It is able to hit anywhere on the target's body, even armor woven from magical energy, and physically cut the supply to the affected part of the body. With a "wound" attached to the legs of the spiritual body, it is temporarily rendered as impossible to take form as flesh and blood, a "bad status" of "falling". It possesses an extremely strong compelling force that can “even topple a giant.” It can only be remedied with a Luck Check, and although failure will cause "falling" to linger, it is not hard for it to pass due to Luck readjusting itself upward, allowing them to recover in a short period of time.[1][2] It is not very effective against enemies like Berserker of Red who will simply continue to drag themselves forward to defeat their foes.

Charlemagne is able to summon this spear in Fate/EXTELLA LINK .


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