Trhvmn Ortenrosse (トラフィム・オーテンロッゼ, Torafimu Ōtenrozze?), also known as the White Wing Lord (白翼公, Hakuyoku-kō?), is the seventeenth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.[1]



The eldest of the Dead Apostles, Trhvmn Ortenrosse was a magus who became a blood sucker through his own research. He came to be the first follower of Crimson Moon. He formulated the "game" of "True Ancestor Hunting."[2] He selected Nrvnqsr Chaos as the executor of the hunt, so Chaos followed Arcueid Brunestud to Japan in order to defeat her.[3] He could be considered the cause of Nrvnqsr's death.[4] He started preparations for the Aylesbury Valesti ritual.[5]


White Wing reveres Brunestud as the one True Ancestor, despising all others who have reigned since.[2] He is considered to be old-fashioned in his methods and lacking sense in understanding the true nature of the Aylesbury Valesti. Van-Fem has broken off ties due to his old-fashioned nature, but still works on the ritual through monetary means only.[5] He is at odds with Altrouge Brunestud due to the conflicting influential power.[4] More so than her family's hatred for vampires, Barthomeloi Lorelei possesses an unusually deep hatred for him.[6]


White Wing has yet to appear directly in any works.


While discussing the coming Aylesbury Valesti with Gransurg Blackmore, Merem Solomon criticizes White Wing for his ineptitude, claiming that Van-Fem is to be credited for its current success. Compared to Van-Fem's means of making headway in the human world without the power of a Dead Apostle, Merem believes White Wing is only capable of filling villages full of The Dead to be subsequently wiped out by the Church. Merem is concerned that the ritual might succeed despite believing White Wing's mentality to be stupid, admitting that White Wing is capable enough, although lacking a true understanding of the sixth.[5]


Called the King of the Dead Apostles (死徒の王, Shito no Ō?), White Wing currently leads the largest faction and possesses the largest territory out of all Dead Apostles.[7][1] Despite acting as the official representative of Dead Apostles who they regard foremost as the current king, and though he should formally possess the greatest influence over them, he acts as their voice in name only and Altrouge Brunestud has even greater influence.[2][1][4] Merem Solomon still rates his power and influence highly, considering White Wing to be old fashioned and stupid but not lacking in capability.[5] Louvre is one of his direct subordinates, he possesses the authority to appoint Nrvnqsr Chaos as the executor of the True Ancestor hunt, and it is said none of the other Ancestors can refuse his invitation to the Aylesbury Valesti.[7][3][5]

He is the "quintessential vampire" who possesses no unique abilities due to believing that it is not necessary, feeling that one should simply excel at being a vampire. Putting the ideal of "simple is best" into practice, he is only number seventeen on the list as a result.[2][1]


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