Trichiliocosm (三千大千世界, Sanzendaisensekai?) is the third sword Noble Phantasm of Suzuka Gozen. Having Suzuka Gozen's beloved sword, Kenmyouren, reach for the rising sun will allow for the myriad trichiliocosm to form within the blade... with it, through the creation of every world, even parallel worlds, she is able to realize and view any event from within the long sword... Whatever that means, Suzuka Gozen will not explain it. If used for a long period of time, it will deprive her Heroic Spirit's qualifications.[1]

Combined with Blessing of Wisdom greatly increasing her intelligence, this Noble Phantasm allows Suzuka Gozen to possess high-speed thinking and calculations that can rival even the Moon Cell itself, BB noting that the Moon Cell may have trouble keeping up with Suzuka when she is serious.[2]

In Fate/Grand Order, the Noble Phantasm is treated as a Skill.[1]


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