Trifas (トゥリファス, Turifasu?), Romania is the main setting of Fate/Apocrypha.


It is a small city north of Sighisoara in the region of Transylvania, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, that has acted as the base of the Yggdmillennia clan since the Middle Ages. Its citadel and part of the city are surrounded by walls built to defend against the invasion of the Ottoman Turks during the Middle Ages, and they are still perfectly preserved in the modern day, dividing the city divided between the walled old city and the new city built outside the walls. Many of the new city's buildings have been repeatedly repaired and reconstructed since they were built in the Middle Ages, making them no less valuable than those in Sighisoara.[1]

The symbol of the city is a large castle upon a small hill, the Fortress of Millennia. The castle has remained under the ownership of Yggdmillennia and not once changed hands through the invasion of the Ottoman Turks, the outbreak of the Black Death, and the explosions of modern war. Despite the hardships that have befallen the city, the fortress and the clan still stand strong. They also employ menial homunculi to perform various chores and patrol the castle while wielding halberds.

The Prestone family, from where Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia came before he took up the name Yggdmillennia, had their sights set on settling in the area due to it possessing the greatest leylines of Romania. Naturally, such qualities would not have gone unnoticed and much blood had been spilt over these lands, but in the end the others were no match for the rising Prestone family. They aggressively sought control of the city, taking pains to involve themselves so that it would develop into a city ideal for them instead of watching over the settlement as it grew normally. And despite possessing leylines of the highest quality, outside magi would not be able to do as they please with the close network and cordon that had been set up. The Bounded Field overlaid across the region was highly sensitive and would signal even normal humans coming from the outside, much less foreign magi.[1]

The city has a population of twenty thousand,[1] and they thrive mostly around agriculture and textiles. They live in fear of those living in the castle, and though the sights inside, the patrolling soldiers unthinkable in the modern age and statues with glowing eyes, would shock people, the residents of the city would never step inside in the first place. They are forbidden from even stepping outside of their homes whenever the lights of the citadel are lit, and with the advent of the Great Holy Grail War, the lights that had been off for a long period of time are once again bright. They can only pray for the safety of their homes and continue their daily lives.

In short, Trifas is a city under the domination of magi. Including their non-magi affiliates, over a fifth of the city's total population is involved with the Yggdmillennias in some way.[1]

Trifas was conceived using Sighisoara as a model, while also made so as not to be eye-catching as a tourist attraction in comparison.[2][1]



Fate/Grand Order: Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory[]

Trifas and the surrounding area in Fate/Grand Order.



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    Sighisoara [Place name]
    The name of a real place. It is a Romanian provincial city to the northwest of the capital Bucharest, and it is where Vlad Tepes…Vlad III’s parental home is preserved. It has a long and old history, having been formed primarily as part of colonization from Germany in the 12th century. The old town district in particular is a precious place where buildings from the Middle Ages still remain as they were in the past.
    Trifas was conceived using this city as a model, while also made so as not to be eye-catching as a tourist attraction in comparison.