Trisha Fellows (トリシャ・フェローズ, Torisha Ferōzu?) is one of the people involved in the Mystic Eyes Collection Train incident of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[1][2][3]



Trisha is a member of the Fellows family, the most prominent of the Animusphere branch families. She serves as Olga Marie Animusphere's governess.[1][3]


While strict with her teaching, Trisha cares greatly for Olga Marie, enough that Marisbury's abandonment of his daughter compels her to look into the reasons why. She also displays some level of shrewdness, as she wished to provide Olga Marie with political leverage against her father by acquiring the Mystic Eyes of Rainbow and revealing Marisbury's involvement with the serial murder case, as well as the preparations she took to hide her Mystic Eyes after her death.


A woman in her mid twenties, Trisha is often seen wearing a bluish-purple dress. Her blonde hair is seen tied into a bun with intricate twists while wearing half-rimmed tortoise shell glasses. She is often seen carrying a riding crop and she wears a necklace that has an erotic image of a man and woman performing sex. 


Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Lord El-Melloi II is first introduced to Trisha when she asks him to investigate the circumstances of Ernest Fargo's death on behalf of the Animuspheres.[4]

It is later revealed that she also met with Jeanmario Spinella to question him about a series of murders in London some years prior where seven people with Mystic Eyes were found decapitated.

Trisha later appears alongside Olga Marie when her young charge confronts El-Melloi II about his presence at the Rail Zeppelin prior to boarding. A while after the train has left the station, Olga Marie approaches El-Melloi II again to discuss their own reasons for attending. Trisha reveals that she possesses Mystic Eyes of Premonition, with which she had a vision that one of the Mystic Eyes up for auction are a pair of legendary Rainbow-ranked Mystic Eyes, the value of which convinced the Animuspheres to venture from their usual seclusion. She and Olga rope El-Melloi II into helping them win at the auction, with Olga believing no one would want to fight with two Lords.

In a private conversation with El-Melloi II at the bar, Trisha reveals what the Animuspheres know about the Fourth Holy Grail War and Waver Velvet, implying they suspect he is planning to acquire a powerful set of Mystic Eyes to use in the next Holy Grail War. She remarks that holders of Mystic Eyes accept the destiny that comes with them.

Olga Marie later discovers her decapitated body, her screams drawing the attention of El-Melloi who reasons that Trisha was killed to acquire her Mystic Eyes.

The Rail Zeppelin is reactivated after being diverted into a Child of Ainnash via sabotage, causing Olga Marie to stumble and discover an Imaginary Number Space around where Trisha's body fell. Recognizing the magecraft of the Fellows family, she opens the space using the password Trisha taught her, only for Trisha's head to fall out, much to Olga Marie's horror. Due to the nature of the Imaginary Space, her head is still alive, and as Hishiri Adashino arrives, Trisha utters one word before dying for good: "Karabo".


She has an Imaginary Number attribute and the Mystic Eyes of Premonition, which allows her vision of the future.

Trisha also displayed the ability to create a pocket dimensional space with her Magecraft attributed with the Imaginary Number attribute that can only be opened via specific password and placed and locked into a location via coordinates of a specific spacial locations such a room.


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