Sir TristanWP (サー・トリスタンWP, Sā Torisutan?), Class Name Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Tristan is one of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian Legends. The tale of Tristan and IseultWP, the woman he loved, is a legend boasting outstanding popularity in Europe.[1]


Tristan is a child born from Rivalen, the King of Leonois, and Blancheflor, the younger sister of MarkWP, prince of Cornwall. However, his environment made it fitting to call him a "Child of Sadness". To begin with, his father Rivalen had died in battle without ever being able to see Tristan's face. His mother Blancheflor died postpartum, right after naming the boy Tristan and entrusting him to a loyal subordinate of Rivalen, Loire. Afterwards, Tristan became a knight who ended up serving under his uncle, King Mark. Tristan served the king well as a good knight, and the king too ended up having a deep trust in this handsome knight.[1][3]

But, one day, Tristan fell in love with a woman named IseultWP.[1][3] No, he was made to fall in love.[1] It was a love made to be by means of an aphrosidiac; yet nevertheless, it was the first love Tristan, the Child of Sadness, ever experienced, one worthy for him to devote his life for.[3]

The tragedy probably lied in the fact that Iseult was the woman who King Mark loved and vowed to marry. Before long, thanks to the admonition of King Mark's courtiers who envied Tristan, he was inevitably forced to leave the royal court.[1][3]

Afterwards, Tristan served under King Arthur as a Knight of the Round Table, performing numerous deeds and feats. There, he had friends; he had a king worthy for him to serve. Yet there was nobody he could love there; Tristan had been warned that the burning love inside him was due to the fault of the aphrosidiac, but he fully understood that such a drug had already long past its effectiveness.[3] He then came to marry a woman who had the same name of Iseult by coincidence, but still, his feelings for the past Iseult only grew stronger.[1]

Many times they passed each other, and Tristan still continued on being torn up over the insensitive Iseult. It would have been so much easier were his uncle King Mark is an evil man. However, King Mark had loved Tristan ever since the times where the latter had served under him as a knight. To Tristan, his countenance hold the vestiges of his sister. There is no way Tristan would betray him. Tristan then simply went through despair, day by day.[3]

Eventually, Tristan had collapsed due to being poisoned in a certain battle and, on the verge of death, he wished to once more be able to meet with Iseult.[1][3] Knowing of his predicament, Iseult too left behind her position under King Mark as his wife.[3]

"A white sail if she comes. A black sail if she does not——"[1][3]

Upon seeing the boat carrying Iseult, the other Iseuit who was Tristan's wife, Iseult of the White Hands, whispered the following to Tristan as he waited for the ship. "A boat with black sails is coming this way." The tale of Tristan was put to an end by means of a modest treachery (lie), uttered towards the husband who, despite taking a wife, had never tried to love her.[1][3] Tristan accepted those words so that he could atone for what he had done to his wife.[3]

"Yes, that is a wooden ship with black sails. Seeking salvation from a helpless person like me was a mistake. That is why, those are black sails.

———Thinking about it, I am an existence that can only harm others. With my music, with my bow, with my words, my close friends, those that I love, I continue to hurt all of them. Therefore, those are black sails. Her words are undeniably the truth. After all, I have no right to wait for a ship with white sails.

Please do not blame her. For me, those were black sails."[4]

Tristan was reunited with Iseult; yet by then, it was too late. Iseult, who didn't make it in time, kissed Tristan as her tears fell over. She had not been afraid of touching him, who had been poisoned to death, nor had she been afraid of dying herself.[3]

Tristan leaves Camelot

Tristan had separated himself from the Knights of the Round Table before he had succumbed to poison.[3] Indeed, King Arthur was a splendid monarch. He was impartial and honest, to the point that there were no space for even human emotions to creep in.[1][3] The very picture of the kings of old, showing no emotion even as it is there.[3]

———"Maybe, just maybe, the king is not mistaken?"

———"Nay, maybe it is I who had mistaken the king."[3]

Perhaps it was simply an extravagant worry. Perhaps it was but a speculation.[3]

However, the king had not even a splinter of feelings—————nay, it was that he simply harboured far too many feelings that he continued to fight while suppressing his self. It was tragic precisely because that was something right; it was sorrowful precisely because that was something right. Tristan no longer possessed the will nor the mind to fully endure such a thing.[3]

The unexpected sharp words that unintentionally slipped out, at the time when Tristan left the Knights of the Round Table. The words towards the too many knights———and, in a way that even he could not be aware of, even on the king himself, were bestowed a "curse" upon them. Indeed, he sorrowfully muttered like this as he left.[1][3]

The king does not understand the hearts of men.[1][3]


No matter what Tristan does, he seems sad - and beautiful.[1]


Ever known as the "Child of Sadness", being a downer is a normal condition for Tristan. A narcissist slightly intoxicated with himself. However, since his circumstances are genuinely tragic, it's hard to call him out on it. The type that perceives things tragically and ends up thinking that every mistake is his fault. His thoughts are calm, his tactics precise; yet where it concerns women, his reason is shaken, in a good way. (For example, if his Master is female and someone had taken her hostage, even if it is presumably a trap, he would still go and walk in anyways).[3]

A member of the Knights of the Round Table. Perhaps it was due to his days of wandering (or to put it more accurately, it was due to him being included from other legends into the Legend of King Arthur), but Tristan's loyalty to the king is not absolute, or better put, less fanatic. However, he felt deep shame from leaving his service under the king, and it was during his following service where he set his mind to be completely faithful.[3]

Tristan is severe and without mercy against his enemies, but there is a side of him that would grieve for the enemies and shed tears for them once the battle is over. Is it not sinful of him, born without blessing, to kill those born with one?... That is what he kept on thinking.[3]

Tristan was quite popular due to his good looks and poetic behavior. He's also a master of the bow just like in the legends, but when other bowmen assessed him, they would give evaluations such as "I would hesitate to call that a bow" or "You have fundamental misunderstandings about what a bow is."[5]

Fundamentally, Tristan simply serves the Master as a knight. In the case where the Master is female, he will courteously treat her as a princess; while if the Master is a male, then he will dedicate his sword for him as a king. Perhaps this is due to the massive love affair he experienced when he was alive; the possibility that he would fall for someone is low. However, due to his beautiful countenance, it's possible for others to fall for him instead. The so-called "Diarmuid"-type Servant, but rather, there's just simply no chance to consequently make use of this nature of his.[3]

Should the Master raise their trust for him, Tristan would put to stake even his life to protect them.[3]

However, should the Master be a wicked one instead, be they man or woman, there shall be no mercy from Tristan.[3]

During the Camelot Singularity, Tristan was given the Gift of "Inversion" as the Lion King saw that he was unable to move out of despair after he killed his fellow Knights of the Round Table, altering his personality and turning him into a heartless killer.[6]


"Of the Knights of the Round Table serving under King Arthur, Tristan of Laments. I have come in response to your summons. I pray that this body of mine may be of use to you. By your orders, Master."[3]

"—————Ahh, how sorrowful. For this self, born within sorrow, to once again let a child who would have been raised and engulfed with joy die."[3]

"Master. Please. Pay no mind to me, and simply keep on pushing through your path. This Tristan is but your attendant, one who would prune the wicked ones standing in your way."[3]


Lancelot and Gawain, the equal delegates of the Round Table. The unconventional Lancelot, the grand Gawain. And Tristan, the natural airhead, in charge with (omitted). Of course, Tristan himself is completely unaware of this.[3]

"Married women are great..."
"Yes, truly..."[3]
(Verbally abused them both with "Nothing is great about that you bloody idiots" after hearing the conversation above.)[3]
"Hahaha. Me, an airhead? Quite a joke you have there, Sir Gawain. Rather, are you not the airhead one?"[3]
"Was I sleeping during the parade? Now then, what might you be talking about?"[3]
"For me to stand in front of her... that in itself is already an impertinence on my part. I have no other course of action but to fly away and escape."[3]
"Zzzz" ( ˘ω˘)[3]
"Mind it not. How could any knight ever abandon an owner of such a beautiful soul such as you, truly?"[3] (Meltryllis resembles Isolde, and so he sees that behind her monstrous form and harsh personality is a noble maiden.)


Fate/Grand Order[]


Tristan is summoned, along with the other Knights of the Round Table, by the Lion King. Lion King tells them to choose to either assist her in her "Holy Selection" or side against her, giving them half a day to decide. Tristan blinded himself from the tragedy of the situation, though he ultimately decided to join the Lion King. He, along with Gawain, Lancelot, Agravain, Gareth, and Mordred, killed their former comrades who opposed the Lion King, forming the Knights of the Lion King. The Lion King also gave each of them a Gift, with Tristan receiving the Gift of "Inversion", as the Lion King saw that his fingers were completely frozen with despair.

The knights set out to the Holy Land, killing all that opposed them there. They engaged in battle with the False Crusaders, easily defeating them, with the exception of their leader, a Servant claiming to be Richard I. He possessed immense power, being able to fight on equal grounds with the knights. Finally, Gareth sacrificed herself by restraining the opponent using her own body, giving her comrades the chance to end the fight. Her brother, Gawain, was the one who delivered the final strike, killing both Gareth and their opponent. The Lion King and her knights thus took control over the Holy Land, establishing the Holy City.[7]

Sixth Singularity: Camelot[]

Tristan confronts Hassan of Intoxicated Smoke and the refugees she’s protecting from him. Intoxicated Smoke offers her life in exchange for Tristan letting her charges go free. She kills herself, but Tristan massacres the refugees anyways.[8]

Later, in Goddess Rhongomyniad‘s throne room, Tristan decides to kill Gawain himself for failing to carry out the Holy Execution. He prepares to do so when Agravain stops him to hear Gawain’s explanation. Goddess Rhongomyniad then enters the room, and blasts Gawain through the wall with Rhongomyniad as punishment for his failure. He survives though, so Goddess Rhongomyniad pardons him. After Goddess Rhongomyniad returns to her chambers, Tristan asks Agravain if it’s okay to not pursue the refugees. Agravain says it is since it was a direct order from the king, but they cannot allow Chaldea who helped the refugees escape. Considering them to be rebels, he orders them to be pursued and destroyed, and considers what happens to the refugees accompanying them to be inevitable. Tristan asks who will be entrusted with this mission. Agravain answers Lancelot, and orders Tristan to tell him Lancelot to pursue the rebels, and that he’s forbidden from returning to Camelot until they’re dead.[9]

Tristan comes to the prison fort where Hassan of Serenity and Tawara Touta were held after they were broken out by Ritsuka’s party. A soldier reports the group’s ambush and Serenity’s poison reduced their military force by 70%. Tristan begins to kill the soldiers for their incompetence. A soldier begs for his forgiveness, saying they’ll organize a search party to pursue the group. Tristen tells him to hurry as the group left on horses. He then uses his bow to track them down.[10]

Days later, Tristan and Lancelot are ordered by Goddess Rhongomyniad to attack the eastern Saracen village. While he sets the village ablaze and massacres its denizens, Lancelot seemingly kills Arash. Tristan confronts Ritsuka, Mash, and Serenity as they try to repel the attack. He tells them he already killed the men left in the village, and he’ll kill those who fled for the cave after he kills the group. He then blames Serenity as the reason for the attack, though it isn’t revenge for her poisoning the knights at the fort. Instead, it is because she joined Ritsuka’s party, and he reveals his bow tracked her to the village. He claims the massacre wouldn’t have happened if she left on her own way. Mash refutes him, and he senses Galahad from her. The group tries to fight him, but he easily overwhelms thanks to his Gift. Bedivere arrives in time to stop him from killing them. He rebukes him for killing innocent villagers and burning the village, saying he lost his pride as a Knight of the Round. Tristan calls it a mistake to think a Knight of the Round wouldn’t harm an innocent commoner. Recalling how Artoria warned against going too far, but never forbade it, he chides Bedivere for only seeing Artoria’s glory, and for not understanding her horror. He then reiterates that Artoria doesn’t understand people’s feelings, which prompts Bedivere to attack him in rage. Bedivere says because they were friends, he cannot forgive Tristan’s actions. He will kill him to confront Goddess Rhongomyniad if she sanctioned the attack. The group fight Tristan again with Bedivere’s help, but he still overwhelms them. Sanzang, Touta, and Cursed Arm then arrive to help. However, they all bear witness as Rhongomyniad destroys the western village. Tristan leaves, warning Rhongomyniad will strike the eastern village in five minutes. He bids farewell to Bedivere, saying they’ll never meet again.[11]

Tristans returns to Camelot just as Lancelot proclaims it wasn’t necessary to destroy the western village if Camelot’s defense is complete. He responds they aren’t complete, pointing it is because of Lancelot’s failure that threats to Goddess Rhongomyniad still live. He then reports the eastern village wasn’t destroyed because Arash countering Rhongomyniad with Stella. Ritsuka’s party was heading towards the desert to likely join Ozymandias. Lancelot is then ordered by Goddess Rhongomyniad to capture the group, and return before Camelot’s walls appear. After Lancelot leaves, Tristan reports he saw Bedivere among the group. Mordred and Gawain also encountered him, but they never reported it because they considered unworthy of attention. Agravain questions Tristan if sentiment prevented him from killing Bedivere, but Tristan reminds him that his Gift, Reversal, removed personal feelings. Agravain the orders him to guard the castle town.[12]

After the exterior of Rhongmyniad’s true form, Tower at the Ends of the World, is destroyed by Ramesseum Tentyris, Tristan snipes at Ritsuka’s party from a rooftop, but Bedivere blocks it. Bedivere tells him that the Tristan he knew disappeared in the burning eastern village. As one who served the King of Knights, he cannot allow himself to be defeated by a Knight of the Lion King. Tristan says the former Round Table never existed in the Singularity, as they think of nothing of destroying the era. The group then fight him until the Hassans arrive to fight him instead. The group use this opportunity to advance into the castle.[13]

After Ritsuka’s party leave, the Hassans fight Tristan. Hassan of the Hundred Faces‘s manifested personas are soon reduced to less than five. Serenity attempts to poison Tristan with her Noble Phantasm, knowing he has a conceptual weakness to poison. However, it is ineffective due to his Gift which was originally meant to turn him into a beast by removing all doubt, but it also reversed everything, including his weakness to poison. He then kills Hundred Faced and Serenity. Hassan of Cursed Arm grabs his arm, allowing himself to be disemboweled. Tristan soon notices Cursed Arm’s arm is moving on its own. Cursed Arm reveals he stole the arm from Shaytan, and he’s been controlling it through a curse. He removed that curse however, and suspects Shaytan will devour both him and Tristan. As he struggles to get free, Tristan asks Cursed Arm why he’s willing to go so far despite not being bound by any Gift. Cursed Arm replies his people don’t need Gifts, as their only concerns were caring for themselves and their land. Tristan then frees himself by severing Shaytan’s arm with Failnaught. He was too late though, as Shaytan has already devoured half of his body. He then sees his reflection in the window, noticing he has become Shaytan incarnated. A mindless beast, he attempts to eat the defenseless Cursed Arm. The First Hassan quickly slays him however.[13]

Halloween Event: Halloween Comeback! Super Ultra ☆ Giant Pumpkin Village[]

Tristan and Lancelot serve as Cleopatra's knights. By her command, they expel Lancer Elizabeth and Caster Elizabeth from Castle Csjete.

They later report to Cleopatra that Chaldea has come like she predicted. Lancelot asks Cleopatra if they should take care of Chaldea now. Cleopatra answers she'll send her knights into town instead to keep the citizens from panicking. But she won't send Lancelot and Tristan there, knowing they'll only hit on the local girls. Lancelot tries to deny it but gets excited when Tristan mentions a broken-hearted girl at one of the taverns.

Lancelot reports that Nitocris has joined with Elizabeth to Cleopatra's shock. Cleopatra tries to think of a plan, but Tristan's compliments annoy her, so she tells him to jump out the window. Tristan does as told, using soundwaves to fly.

Tristan and Lancelot later confront Elizabeth's party in town, though the latter disguises himself in black armor. Tristan tries to ask him what's wrong, but Lancelot puts Tristan in a sleeper hold and tells him to shut up. Elizabeth's party then proceed to defeat the two knights. Though they lost, Tristan and Lancelot are glad to see that Elizabeth has matured after she announces Halloween can be celebrated again. They then try to quietly escape, but Ibaraki-douji hits them in the direction of the pyramid with her Noble Phantasm.

When Elizabeth's party arrives in the castle, Tristan asks Lancelot what he did to Mash to get such menacing looks from her. Lancelot answers he cannot remember and assumes it's only a misunderstand, so he's sure Mash will calm down. He and Tristan then guide the group to the throne room.

There Cleopatra gets annoyed at Tristan and orders him to a handstand while still playing the harp, which he does. After Cleopatra is defeated, Ozymandias appears and reveals he summoned the pyramid. He explains Cleopatra made a deal with him that he'd grant her wish if she rules over the pyramid until Halloween ends. Cleopatra confesses she wishes to see Julius Caesar, though her description of him differs greatly from what everyone else knows. Romani show everyone except Cleopatra an image of the current Caesar. Tristan recognizes it as a case of stress eating, having only seen that level of stress in Agravain.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Tristan is amongst the "Camelot" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[14]

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Tristan is one of the 128 Servants summoned to fight in the recreated Moon Holy Grail War. He sought to capture BB, while killing any insane Servants he encounters. He also encountered Passionlip many times in her territory of Breast Valley, each time forced to retreat to avoid being crushed.[15]

By the time he encounters Ritsuka’s party he has killed seven Servants. He tries to kill Meltryllis under the assumption that she works for BB. The group fight him until Ritsuka and Gawain convince him to join.[15] Unbeknowst to them, Tristan noticed Melttryllis' broken hands, and supsected she had a reason to fight alongside Ritsuka. He also noticed she looked similiar Isolde[16] He reveals he was summoned in SE.RA.PH. ten days ago. After explaining his goal and circumstances, he calls the path to leading the Chest, Breast Valley, Passionlip’s domain.[15]

The group comes to Breast Valley when Ritsuka feels the effects of digitization. They encounter Mable Macintosh, and she believes Ritsuka’s Servants are insane like the ones she encountered so far. Upon noticing Ritsuka’s Chaldean uniform, though, she calms down and introduces herself. She begs Gawain to kill Meltryllis upon noticing the latter, asserting that humans and Alter Egos are mortal enemies. However, her pursuer, Passionlip, soon catches up to her. Passionlip also crushed the new 128 Servants when they arrived. Meltryllis reveals Passionlip is a Sentinel. The group fights her, but they’re forced to retreat when she uses Trash & Crush on the passageway. With the passageway now compressed into a cube and their path to the Chest gone, the group return to the fork with Mable.[15]

Later, Marble reveals the one only survivors beside her are Arnold Beckman, Ms. Trapayne, and Holly since they stayed in the Central Command Room. However, the only people left in the Command Room are her and Arnold before she ran away when food got scarce. Meltryllis reveals there is a chapel in the Thighs that can be used as a haven since it has magical protection and too many indecipherable elements to be digitized. However, Vlad III guards that area, so he must be defeated if the group wishes to get to the chapel. They eventually encounter Vlad and defeat him. Before disappearing, he reveals EMIYA is in the chapel, though he is not be trusted.[15]

The group enters the chapel, only to find EMIYA Alter. He explains BB switched him for his regular self. He reveals there is a terminal hidden behind the altar that contains a report. However, it is locked to even Servants and Alter Egos, so its key needs to be found. The group believes the report may contain a clue and decide to search for the key tomorrow.[15]

After purchasing the terminal key from BB, Ritsuka uses it on the terminal. After they view the record, Meltryllis reveals the planetarium is in the middle of SE.RA.PH, and it’s the source of the digitization. Tristan stays at the chapel with Mable while the others continue exploring SE.RA.PH, disliking the idea of travelling with Meltryllis. He also isn’t certain enemies won’t find the chapel.[15]

The others later return with Tamamo Cat.[17] Passionlip is later cleansed of her Karmaphage and brought to the chapel by Cat. After she is accepted by Ritsuka, Cat asks Tristan if he’s fine with Passionlip joining since he doesn’t trust Alter Egos. Tristan reaffirms his distrust of Alter Egos, but he knows neither Meltryllis nor Passionlip are under BB’s control. He is more concerned about EMIYA Alter, noting he’s been ready to kill for some time now. EMIYA Alter responds he should be more concerned about Ritsuka since they recruited the Alter Egos. After Ritsuka views the record, Tristan questions the point of summoning Servants if the point of Seraphix becoming SE.RA.PH is Zepar‘s rebirth. Meltryllis reveals BB summoned Servants to procure the Pseudo-Spiritrons needed to keep SE.RA.PH running and use their deaths from the “Moon Holy Grail War” as a fuel source. The group decides to defeat the Sentinels and BB before stopping Zepar’s plan.[18]

The next morning, everyone discovers Gawain was killed while they were sleeping. Meltryllis and Passionlip are accused by everyone except Ritsuka and Cat because they’re Alter Egos. Meltryllis asserts they were outside at the time, and Gawain was too wary of her to allow her to ambush him. Seeing the lack of evidence, Tristan asks Ritsuka to continue exploring SE.RA.PH while he continues to stay behind to protect Mable and Arnold. He also asks EMIYA Alter to accompany Ritsuka so they can monitor him. He is suspicious of both the Alter Egos and EMIYA Alter, but he understands the Alter Egos wish to protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter isn’t especially concerned. Thus, he’ll have the Alter Egos protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter monitors the Alter Egos.[18]

ater, he is ordered by Arnold Beckman (who was brought to the chapel near the same time as Passionlip) to retrieve communication equipment from the central command room. Beckman later orders him to retrieve Ritsuka after they cut him off to rescue Meltryllis from the Trash Dump. Tristan arrives in time to save Ritsuka, Meltryllis, and Suzuka Gozen (who was just recruited) from being overwhelmed from the monsters. However, he quickly realizes he has no way to get back up, much to the other’s disappointment. Meltryllis warns Beckman will self-destruct from his desires if he enters the planetarium. She then realizes they’re in the Calf when BB arrives to confirm the Cruel Thenar, Meltryllis’s former workplace, is ahead.[19]

BB sends the group to the Cruel Thenar. Meltryllis explains Seraphix’s true purpose was to investigate Leylines. She then asks Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster, knowing they bought the key to it from BB earlier. If defeated in her mindscape, her Karmaphage will also disappear, and the area will be unlocked. Following the mental battle, Ritsuka brings Meltryllis back to the chapel to recover. When the group enters the chapel, they see no sign of Arnold, Mable, or EMIYA Alter. BB then announces SE.RA.PH will soon reach the seabed and offers the chance to fight her at the planetarium. Ritsuka, Tristan, Cat, Passionlip and Suzuka leave for the planetarium while Meltryllis stays to rest.[19]

The group arrives in BB’s studio in the planetarium and fight her. After BB seemingly disappears, the room becomes pitch black and muffled. Someone tries to ambush the group, but they fail in their attempt. The group then finds BB’s studio gone and discovers 128 Coffins with people still inside. They’re the Masters who summoned the 128 Servants. EMIYA Alter explains their purpose, and confesses he destroyed their power source. He then prepares to kill Ritsuka to remove all knowledge of the planetarium’s existence, goaded by the unseen voice. Robin then arrives to help defeat EMIYA Alter, whose Saint Graph was warped by an unknown force. After he’s defeated, Mable suddenly appears and reveals herself to be Kiara Sessyoin, Beast III, the Beast of pleasure. She and Passionlip both explain how Zepar used her body as catalyst to turn Seraphix into SE.RA.PH after linking her with another version of herself. Since Kiara served as the basis of SE.RA.PH, Meltryllis and Passionlip were salvaged from her to become Sentinels. Suzuka and Cat attack her with their Noble Phantasms after realizing her monstrosity when SE.RA.PH. cracks the seabed. It will continue to sink until it reaches the Earth’s core, and once it arrives, Kiara will become one with the planet. Kiara proclaims this will let her bring salvation to humanity. Before that however, she easily kills everyone except Ritsuka when they try to fight her. She tries to consume Ritsuka, but BB rayshifts them to safety.[20]

Tristan, along with everyone else, has his deathundone when BB reserved time. They are then transported to a classroom used to keep Hakuno and the other Masters safe during the CCC incident. BB reveals she was summoned to stop Kiara’s plan, and that Kiara forced her to manage SE.RA.PH until now with the Grail War’s conclusion. She also reveals Kiara used SE.RA.PH to become Beast III/R, though she’s still bound to it. The group then prepares to fight Kiara to prevent her from fusing with the planet and unleashing her full power.[20]

The group arrives back at the planetarium. Kiara reveals she became a Beast out of jealousy of the delight she felt from Zepar’s memories of the Battle at the Time Temple. After revealing she wishes to be worshiped as a god of pleasure, she tries to convert the group into her followers. It is negated, however, by BB’s secret weapon that counteracts the erotic magical energy in SE.RA.PH for the next five minutes. With her powers further suppressed by BB’s “Kiara Punishers”, Kiara fights the group more directly. They defeat her, but the area fades away. SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field weakens, so everyone begins to float. SE.RA.PH accelerates, and a colossal number of Demon Gods manifest. Meltryllis points out to Kiara that disabling SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field has left it defenseless. At her request, Ritsuka uses their remaining Command Spells to empower her and Passionlip. Meltryllis then has BB transport everyone except her and Passionlip to safety. Tristan pulls her up to safety using the cable EMIYA Alter wrapped up around her waist after he destroyed Kiara’s Demon God hair to prevent her from possessing Meltryllis. He disappeared soon afterwards.[16]

Avalon le Fay: Fairy Realm of the Round Table[]

When Chaldea arrives in the English Lostbelt, Tristan is summoned automatically, to the surprise of Fujimaru, Mash, and Da Vinci as summoning Servants was supposed to be impossible in the world of this Lostbelt. Tristan attributes his appearance to a bond with the land, as the place where Chaldea had come ashore was his birthplace, Cornwall.

Other appearances[]

Both Garden of Avalon and Einzbern Consultation Room tells Lancelot's point of view about Tristan, who left Camelot because King Arthur does not understand the hearts of men.[21]

Tristan and his ability with the bow are compared to Arash many times by Saber in Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver.[22]

Tristan appears with other Knights of the Round Table in episode 6 of the Fate/Apocrypha anime adaptation when Kairi Sisigou dreams of Mordred's past.


Being a Knight of the Round Table, Tristan is one of the greatest knights to ever live and a hero sung of in legends. As such, when summoned as a Servant, he boasts indisputable fame and strength.[23] Tristan's Class is normally Saber, but he is often summoned as an Archer due to his renown skill with the bow.[1] Tristan is said to possess skill in using a bow equal to that of Arash. He is a powerful Heroic Spirit able to be summoned as a Servant with a piece of the Round Table.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.[3]

Personal Skills[]

  • Harp of Healing (C Rank): A Skill that denotes Tristan's musical performance which makes use of the bowstring in his Noble Phantasm. Suppresses allies' mental disturbances, while opponents loses their fighting spirit.[3]
  • Unblessed Birth (B Rank): A Skill that shows one that is to be born with a sad fate. Because of that birth, lamentation follows him around, and Tristan was called the Child of Sadness. Adds a bonus to his performance of musical instruments because of his singing voice that is filled with sadness.[3]
  • Admonishment of the King of Knights (B Rank): “The king does not understand the hearts of men—————” The decisive trauma carved into the King of Knights. Regarding the legend, it is a sad admonition similar to having one’s heart gouged out, but the Knights of the Round Table that are summoned as Servants unanimously informed the king as such: “Nay, we do not know what is your greatest failure.[3] As for Tristan himself, regarding the last words he left behind, because the remark was too cruel, he is leaning against a state of extreme remorse.[3]
  • Weakness (Poison) (D Rank): Regarding his legend, Tristan was weakened by poison on countless occasions that drove him onto the verge of death, so his resistance to poison is lowered to some extent.[3] However, when serving the Lion King during the Camelot Singularity, his Gift of "Inversion" nullifies this weakness.

Noble Phantasm[]

Tristan's Noble Phantasm is Failnaught, which possesses multiple bowstrings resembling, and is in fact, a string instrument. This bow does not launch regular arrows, but invisible sonic vacuum arrows to cut off foes. Due to the nature of this weapon, he can attack with a slight motion of a finger.


Creation and Conception[]

Shidzuki Morii is the character illustrator for Tristan.[1][3] Yuuichirou Higashide is in scenario writer for his character in Fate/Grand Order.[3]

Tristan was originally considered for the role of the Archer-class Servant in Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver.

Comment from Illustrator[]

"When I drew Tristan's rough sketch, I scribbled a lineup of the Knights of the Round Table besides the manuscript, and 'the complete set of these guys really looks great, eh...' is what I thought. Then I checked the gathered materials, lined up the characters, and put the finishing touches for his last Ascension. It was kinda hard to understand from the card drawing, but the glimpse was of Lancelot's armor's shoulder pad. The violet thingy in his chest is the poison wound he got when he was alive. There probably was or wasn't a talk of how it could be a stuck-on seaweed."[3]


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Archer Profile [T]

    Tristan - Archer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Shidzuki Morii
    Voice Actor: Kōki Uchiyama

    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: A
    Mana: B
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: A

    Personal Skills
    Harp of Healing: C
    Grace of the Unexpected Birth: B
    Admonishment to the King of Knights: B

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Independent Action: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Failnaught: Fantasia of Lamentation
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    One of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian legends.
    His Class is Saber*, but he is often summoned as an Archer due his renown with a bow.
    The tale of Tristan and Iseult, the woman he loved, is a legend boasting outstanding popularity in Europe.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 186cm・78kg
    Source: Arthurian Legends
    Region: England
    Alignment: Lawful Good  Gender: Male
    No matter what he does, he seems sad - and beautiful.

    Level 2 Bond
    Tristan is a child born from Rivalen (king of Leonois) and Blancheflor, the younger sister of Mark, prince of Cornwall. However, his environment made fitting to call him a "child of sadness".
    To begin with, his father Rivalen died in battle without ever being able to see Tristan's face. His mother Blancheflor died post partum, soon after naming the boy Tristan and entrusting him to a loyal subordinate of Rivalen, Loire.

    Level 3 Bond
    Afterwards, Tristan became a knight that served under his uncle, King Mark.
    Tristan served the king as a good knight--- and the king too had a deep trust in this handsome knight,

    But, one day, Tristan fell in love with a woman named Iseult. No, he was made to fell in love.

    Level 4 Bond
    The tragedy probably lied in the fact that Iseult was the woman who King Mark loved and vowed to marry.
    Before long, thanks to the admonition of King Mark's courtiers who envied Tristan, he was forced to leave the royal court.

    Afterwards, he came to marry a woman who had the same name of Iseult by coincidence, but still his feelings for the past Iseult only grew stronger.

    Level 5 Bond
    Eventually, Tristan collapsed due to being poisoned in a certain battle and, on verge of death, wished to meet with Iseult.
    "A white sail if she comes. A black sail if she does not--"
    Upon seeing the boat carrying Iseult, Tristan's wife Iseult whispered the following.
    "A boat with black sails is coming this way"
    The tale of Tristan was put to an end by means of a modest treachery (lie) towards a husband who, despite taking a wife, never tried to love her.


    トリスタン - アーチャー



    治癒の竪琴 C
    祝福されぬ生誕 B
    騎士王への諫言 B

    対魔力 B
    単独行動 B



    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを1にすると開放
    属性:秩序・善   性別:男性

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを2にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを3にすると開放


    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを4にすると開放


    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを5にすると開放


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