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« Aegis connected."
"Noble Phantasm departing from the hangar.
"Multiplex divine protection, simultaneous connection, mana amplified, strike in annihilation form!"
"Troya Hippos! With this, it’s settled. »


Troia Hippos: Colossal Trojan Horse of Obliteration (終焉の大木馬
, Shūen no Dai Mokuba
Toroia Iposu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Rider.

In the final moments of the Trojan War, Odysseus brought a strategy to the table, which was the cunning idea to carry a massive wooden horse into the city of Troy. The wooden horse would contain numerous Achaean (Greek) soldiers…

The plan resulted in Troy accepting the Wooden Horse into the city which then called upon its demise brought forth by Achaean assaults within the city and outside. Finally, the Achaeans were victorious. It is also said that Odysseus himself rode in the horse with the other soldiers and did battle within the city of Troy.

As a Noble Phantasm the “Wooden Horse” has become a colossal mount which is plated in divine armor. The divine armor comes from calling forth the Aigis which has been blessed by Athena. Upon release of its true name it undergoes a transformation into its obliteration form which is similar in appearance to a giant. Thereafter calling forth complete annihilation like that of which occurred during the Trojan War.


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