Troias Tragōidia (Troy's Tragedy): Tempestuous Immortal Chariot (疾風怒濤の不死戦車
, Shippūdotō no Fushi Sensha
Toroiasu Toragōidia
?) is Achilles' three-horsed chariot that is able to move through the sky. Summoned by whistling with two fingers in his mouth, it appears from the sky, controlled by reigns on the driver's stand. It is drawn by three strong-muscled horses, two immortal divine horses bestowed by the Greek sea god Poseidon to Achilles' father, Peleus, as a wedding gift, Xanthos (クサントス, Kusantosu?) and Balius (バリオス, Bariosu?), and lesser than the other two, a "fine and famous" great horse pillaged from a city, Pedasos (ペーダソス, Pēdasosu?). Xanthos and Balius serves as the chariot's central pivot while Pedasos has a more supportive role. As divine horses received from Poseidon, Xanthus and Balius were clearly stated to have both been immortal in the original texts. After being summoned as a Servant’s Noble Phantasm, they aren’t quite immortal, but at the very least, they can be considered as tough as Servants themselves.[2]

It boasts extraordinary power, firmly charging and "riding like lightning", which is very difficult to stop. Using it, he tramples throughout the battlefield with godspeed, easily trampling one-ton golems and scraping up the ground simply from riding it, increasing in damage dealt proportional to its increase in speed. It can be likened to a "giant galloping lawnmower" at its highest speed.[1] However, it is harsh in mana consumption, where in its worse case scenario, it is estimated that it can consume enough mana to summon another Servant besides Achilles.[2]


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