Trojan Reinforce: Elite Warriors to Rush Upon My War Cry (我が鯢波にて駆けよ精兵
, Wa ga Keiba nite Kakeyo Seibō
Toroian Rīinfōsu
?) is a Noble Phantasm of Penthesilea.

It summons her 12 subordinates, the Amazons troops that she had once led in order to save Troy: Clonie, Polemusa, Derinoe, Evandre, Antandre, Bremusa, Hippothoe, Harmothoe, Alcibie, Antibrote, Derimacheia, and Thermodosa. Each of them, while possessing noble lineage, had swore a loyalty oath to the queen from their heart; mighty elite Amazons, each equals a thousand soldiers. They have an outstandingly high affinity with Penthesilea’s Howl of the War God, able to acquire its effect several times more potent than other Amazons. To add, they are also able to perform a function as a relay.[1]

This Noble Phantasm is linked to the “Penthesilea who participated in the Trojan War”. Berserker Penthesilea avoids “her own figure upon that moment”, and fundamentally unable to make use of this Noble Phantasm. If she manifest in a different Class, it is possible that she would be in possession of this Noble Phantasm.[1]

In the case that she uses this Noble Phantasm while manifesting as a Berserker, in that instant, by means of paradox logic she would change her figure into “the completed Penthesilea, whose beauty akin to even that of a goddess”, yet-------simultaneously, she would be committing a lethal self-contradiction, and the inevitable fate of destruction would be engraved on her spirit core. (In FGO, it is fundamentally not being utilized.)[1]


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