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True Caster (真キャスター, Shin Kyasutā?) is the "True" Caster-class Servant of Francesca Prelati in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake.



Caster's True Name is François Prelati (フランソワ・プレラーティ, Furansowa Purerāti?), an Italian cleric in France during the time of Joan of Arc. He was a close friend of Gilles de Rais, helping him with financial difficulties through alchemy. François was also involved with black magic, and Gilles became involved in his rituals as he forgot his original goals.[2] François was the actual magus leading these ceremonies to summon demons, while Gilles was merely a patron involved in the rituals.[3] He owned what became the Noble Phantasm Prelati's Spellbook that is summoned with Gilles under the Caster-class, despite Gilles not actually being a magus. François had translated it from Chinese manuscripts into Italian, and those manuscripts had been previously translated from a non-human language.[4] He was eventually executed and became sublimated as a Heroic Spirit. Despite this, there is a still living François Prelati currently going by the name of Francesca. The Heroic Spirit François possesses no memories from after his initial death.

Prelati had teachers in magecraft who reside in or near a lake, and while they would have wanted to help Saber in the Fourth Holy Grail War, they would have been unable to as there is not enough Mystery left in the world for them to reach Japan from Britain.[5] One of those teachers was in turn taught by Merlin.[6]


True Caster looks like a young boy. He has short stature, white hair, and fancy clothes.


François Prelati, the Heroic Spirit, apparently has a convivial relationship with the living François Prelati; both of which apparently enjoy eating modern snacks together. He also seems to enjoy misery and pain of others and is generally quite relaxed and mischievous.


Fate/strange FakeEdit

Day 0 Edit

True Caster is summoned by Francesca Prelati, using her own body as the catalyst. Though initially confused, due to how Francesca perfectly predicted how True Caster tried to introduce himself and initially speculated that his current Master must have summoned him before, and would be surprised if she was still alive if that was the case. However, Caster quickly recognizes Francesca as a future version of himself, relaxing and joking around with her. They discuss Francesca's plan briefly, though Francesca is mysterious about her true intentions. They then complete their contract, though in a joking manner.[7]

Day 1 Edit

True Caster is sent to stop the battle between False Archer, True Archer, and True Rider. He traps them in an illusion, which greatly annoys False Archer, who claims that Caster is beneath even a fool, an imbecile who is drunk on his own eccentricities. True Caster, however, manages to forge a temporary truce between the Servants.[8]

Day 2 Edit

True Caster again serves as a peacekeeper, stopping the battle between the True Archer and his Master, Bazdilot Cordelion, who are fighting True Berserker, his Master, Haruri Borzak, and Fillia, who serves as an ally of Harui, with his Grand Illusion. The Noble Phantasm creates a large hole in the earth where all of them fall, by fooling the earth itself. He then manages to make a truce between the parties.[9]

Day 3 Edit

Caster is present on the airship that functions as his workshop, with Francesca. Onboard the workshop is also Fillia, the homunculi possessed by a goddess, who plans on summoning Gugalanna, the Bull of Heaven. Caster comments that she is kind of scary, but Francesca assures him that she is not interested in fighting them, but two other people on the ground.[10]


Illusionism (幻術, Genjutsu?) is a skill that denotes excellence in the art of illusion within the field of Magecraft. At this level, it is even possible to go beyond people and deceive the environment.[1] Caster has shown capable of generating illusion magecraft, depicting a forest landscape over the ravine that True Archer, True Rider, and Gilgamesh were fighting in moments prior, as well as showing an illusionary replication of Enkidu, an action Gilgamesh declares to be the work of someone below even a third-rate fool. His illusions are said to be able to deceive not only individuals, but the land itself too.

Disciple of the Spirits (精霊の弟子?) is proof that one has been initiated in magecraft by certain lake spirits. The efficacy of magecraft improves dramatically.[1]

Prelati shares the blood of a deity, but as that deity is banished his rank in Divinity is low. Barely manifested at rank E due to combination with traditions that link Prelati with Beelzebub.[1]

He possesses the Noble Phantasms Grand Illusion and Prelati's Spellbook. He cannot currently utilize Prelati's Spellbook.[1] Caster also has his own workshop situated on an airship.[10]


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