True Rider (真ライダー, Shin Raidā?) is the "True" Rider-class Servant of Doris Lusendra in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake.



True Rider's True Name is Hippolyta (ヒッポリュテー, Hipporyutē?)  the child of Ares, the god of war, and Otrera, a priestess of Artemis. She was the Queen of the Amazons, who was slain by Heracles on his quest to steal her sash. She was also the older sister of Penthesilea and many other amazons.


True Rider is a woman younger than twenty years old, estimated at around sixteen to eighteen years old. She wears her long, dark red hair in a bun similar to Saber. She has a "lively peach-colored body" dressed in a unique style of clothing of soft cloth and leather. She wears a Noble Phantasm cloth on her arm.


True Rider appears to be an energetic individual. She considers True Archer to be her prey, glaring at him with intense hatred. It is not due to her death at his hands, but rather the tactics he employed, targeting a child, Tine, instead of her Servant. Having known him in life, though she even believes him to have utilized underhanded tactics to gain victory if it served his needs, he was one she believed would never do such a thing.


Fate/strange FakeEdit

Day 1 Edit

During the battle between False Archer and True Archer, she appears suddenly and punches True Archer into a nearby hill. She tells False Archer to not interfere, while True Archer emerges from the debris.[2]

True Rider and True Archer then proceed to battle, both utilizing the Goddess of War Noble Phantasm, in their own ways. She uses Goddess of War to power up her body and weapons with divine energy, but notices he only uses it to power his bow. He explains he doesn't want the divine energy to enter his body so he can win with the power of man alone. False Archer intervenes in the battle, marking that True Archer is not taking the fight seriously and is far stronger than Rider. True Rider, however, is unfazed by this declaration, saying that she knows that she is weaker, as she was killed in life by True Archer. Rider then turns to True Archer and asks why he, an honorable hero in life, would perform such unheroic acts, like attacking the Master of False Archer, a small child named Tine Chelc. True Archer though simply answers coldly that the person he once was no longer exists. Before they can continue their battle, however, True Caster appears and traps them in an illusion. Caster then manages to forge a temporary truce between the Servants, who all go their own ways.[3]

Day 2 Edit

Later on, True Rider is seen sensing True Archer using his Noble Phantasm, King's Order, to summon the Stymphalian Birds, since the birds came from her father, Ares. Her Master, Doris Lusendra, tells her not to seek him out as he is too powerful, and she agrees not to try to face him for now. She appologizes to Doris because she acted on her own when she attacked True Archer earlier. Doris tries to nickname her "Polyte". She finds this nickname embarrassing, but grudgingly accepts it when Doris tries to nickname her "Hippo". [4]

She observes a battle in front of a hospital and secretly uses her divine energy to protect a few people like John Wingard and Flat Escardos from True Archer's energy wave. A wave of blackness emerges that seems to consume any being in its path. True Archer uses King's Order to summon the Mares of Diomedes and rides one of them to escape. True Rider makes her move and ambushes him with an arrow. They proceed to duel each other on horseback while evading the wave of blackness. Like in their first fight, he uses the Goddess of War sash to power his bow with divine energy while she uses it to power herself and her weapons. He deduces that she was watching him and protected John and the others, and that she has become more powerful than normal. As they fight, he taunts her by accusing her of throwing away her people's philosophy and of betraying him when they met in life. She says she will not fall for his taunts and stabs him in the arm with her spear. He says a divine being like her will never defeat him and knocks her back, then Black Mud emerges from his wound. Shocked, she asks what that mud is, and he says he does not know nor care; what is important is that it came from the power of man. He commands the mud to attack her and the mud comes to life and chases her. Before it can reach her, her Master powers her with a Command Spell and she releases an explosion of energy that disperses the mud and the wave of blackness. While she was distracted doing that, he escapes.

As she gets her bearings, she is insulted that True Archer would leave, thinking he sees her as not worthy to fight. She communicates with Doris and thanks her for saving her. She tells herself Doris is a worthy Master and she would continue to serve her even if Doris had no Command Spells. She tells her horse Kalion it did well and it is time to return to their Master. A few civilians see her, but assume from her outfit and horse that she is a performer promoting some kind of store.[5]


Hippolyta is a powerful hero, appraised by Enkidu's Presence Detection as being a strong individual comparable to Alcides. Her mount is a horse named Kalion, and her Noble Phantasm, Goddess of War, a fabric that allows her to utilize a divine aura to enhance her abilities. It's the exact same as that utilized by True Archer through his King's Order, with her Noble Phantasm being the original one. She displays the ability to appear suddenly during a heated fight without either Archer or True Archer noticing her until that moment. She is extremely strong, her blows carrying a divine aura that shakes the Earth. Her punch sounds like an explosion upon making contact with True Archer, easily sending him flying despite his ability to fend off the Gate of Babylon with ease. However, she recognizes she is outclassed by him, due to their shared history. She also utilizes other weapons like a spear, bow, and arrows. It is unknown if these are also her Noble Phantasms.

Class SkillsEdit

Riding (A Rank): All vehicles and all creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts.
Magic Resistance (C Rank): Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

Personal SkillsEdit

Charisma (B Rank): A composite skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the command ability to unify an army or country.[1]
Divinity (B Rank): A skill that represents the depth of one's Divine Spirit aptitude, how close one is to a Divine Spirit. As one of Artemis's virgins as well as the daughter of the queen and War God, Ares, she is clad in a thick divine aura. But, she does not have the A rank to reach the throne of a god, after death.[1]


While Rider wears her hair in a similar manner to Saber, Narita says that Rider's face is different and that the reason for the hair being the same is very trivial and might not even be explained by the last volume.[6]


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