The True Holy Grail War (本当の聖杯戦争, Hontō no Seihai Sensō?) and False Holy Grail War (偽りの聖杯戦争, Itsuwari no Seihai Sensō?) of Fate/strange Fake are two simultaneous Holy Grail Wars held in Snowfield in America, also referred to as the Snowfield Holy Grail War,[1] taking place some years after the events of the Fifth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki.[2]


After the end of the Third Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, an organization of magi from the United States, separate from the London-based Mage's Association, took data from the Fuyuki Grail War and planned their own version of the ritual, which would be held seventy years later, with the city Snowfield selected as the Sacred Land in which to hold the ritual.[3] The purpose of the said ritual is to not use a Holy Grail to grant a wish, but to simply advance the analysis of the Third Magic itself.[4]


The system of the True and False Holy Grail Wars is copied from the Fuyuki system, although with some changes. Due to the nature of the War, the procedures for becoming Masters and summoning Servants is somewhat more flexible. For example, Tsubaki Kuruoka, a young comatose girl, was able to become a Master and summon Pale Rider, an entity that isn't a Heroic Spirit or a Divine Spirit.[5] Flat Escardos also managed to summon his Servant, Jack the Ripper, without a summoning circle or a chant, only messing around with his catalyst and the ley lines around the area.[6] Enkidu, a being closer to a Noble Phantasm of the Gods, was also summoned.[7] The True War also has its own exceptionalities, such as the summoning of the Watcher.

The Grail itself is yet to be shown, as the False War alone won't cause it to manifest. Even after the summoning of the "True" Servants, the Grail hasn't been shown.

According to Faldeus, the war is to last seven days.[8]

False Holy Grail War[]

The False War is a primer for the true war, gathering enough energy by summoning six Servants.[3] Rather than fighting for a Holy Grail, the war is over a "False Grail", making the ritual hard to predict compared to that of Fuyuki. While it seems that the immense scale of the preparation for the ritual would have required a magi family of the caliber of a Great House like the Einzberns, the "Initiator" of the Holy Grail War has not appeared, nor do they give off any such presence of magi of their theorized stature.[9]

The definition of "Summoning Rituals" is vague at best due to the flawed system, as shown by the summoning of Rider. After the fifth Servant is summoned, the False Grail wishes for the materialization of the sixth Servant, even through brutal force.[7]

True Holy Grail War[]

The "True" War is started after the summoning of the "False" Servants has occurred. The True Masters are selected far more carefully, unlike the False Masters, most of whom are just people who happened to hear of the War. Unlike the False War, there is also a full roster of seven Servants and the possibility of Ruler being summoned exists.[10]

Despite the False and True Wars being defined as separate occurrences, the Masters and Servants freely battle and collaborate with each other, making the Wars far less separate, at least so far. The exact differences between the "False" and "True" Servants also remain presently unclear, if there are any, to begin with. The two Wars are sometimes referred to both separately and collectively as the 'Snowfield Holy Grail War'.[1][11]


The Grail War is established by the American government, with the help of Francesca. Faldeus Dioland acts as the representative of the government, a sort of supervisor on their behalf who tries to keep the War on track.

Unlike in the Fuyuki Grail War, the Church was not asked to supervise the Grail War. However, the Church still sent their own supervisor, Hansa Cervantes to find out more about the War.[12] Some of the Masters though refuse to accept Hansa as an actual supervisor.[13]



The Grail Wars are manufactured by the American government, with the help of Francesca Prelati, their goal supposedly being to "drag the Third Magic down to the level of magecraft".[14] The rumors of the False War are spread all over the world, with mages from even beyond America being intrigued by the potential Grail War, while a number of "True" Masters are chosen by Faldeus Dioland, who is the representative of the government, and Francesca. The War also attracts the attention of the Mage's Association, who send Rohngall to investigate.[15] The six "False" Servants are summoned by mostly outsider mages, with a couple exceptions. The "False" Servants are Gilgamesh, summoned as the Archer;[16] Jack the Ripper, summoned as the Berserker;[6] the 19th Hassan-i-Sabbah Candidate, summoned as the Assassin;[9] Alexandre Dumas, summoned as the Caster;[1] Pale Rider, summoned as the Rider;[5] and Enkidu, summoned as the Lancer.[7] The beginning of the War, however, doesn't go so smoothly. The original Master of False Archer is quickly killed by Tine Chelc, the leader of a local indigenous people, who False Archer agrees to make a contract with.[16] False Berserker is summoned by Flat Escardos with no summoning circle or even a chant.[6] False Assassin immediately rebels against her Master, a Dead Apostle Jester Karture, and goes off to attack anyone affiliated with the Grail War.[9] False Rider is summoned by a young, comatose girl named Tsubaki Kuruoka, instead of her parents who were the intended Masters.[5] False Lancer is summoned as the Servant of a chimera wolf, who was supposed to only serve as a summoning tool for its creator.[7] The Master of False Caster, Orlando Reeve, also employs an unorthodox strategy, utilizing his Servant to arm his entire police force with Noble Phantasm imitations, naming them Clan Calatin and intending to battle the other Servants with them instead of his own Servants.[1] Rohngall is also betrayed by Faldeus Dioland, who masqueraded as his pupil, though he only kills a puppet of Rohngall's.[15]

Some of the "True" Masters also summon their Servants early, with Bazdilot Cordelion summoning Heracles, as Archer, and twisting his normally heroic nature, by using all of his Command Spells and the mud of the Grail given to him by Francesca. True Archer gains traits of the Avenger Class, representing the mortal aspects of Heracles, called by his original name, Alcides.[14]

Day 0[]

False Archer, after the summoning of False Lancer, notices the appearance of his friend,[16] as does False Lancer.[7] They meet in the nearby desert, clashing with each other and being overjoyed by their reunion. However, their battle is cut short by the approach of False Rider, who is especially dangerous to False Lancer, due to his weakness to curses of disease. False Lancer and False Archer depart, although they promise to face each other at the end of the War.[17]

Taking note of the Grail War, the Church decides to send their own observer,Hansa Cervantes, as they were not invited by the manufacturers of the Grail War themselves. A girl named Ayaka Sajyou also arrives in Snowfield, who is bound to get involved with the War.[15]

Somewhere far away, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg observes the Grail War of Snowfield, being worried by the possibility of ORT awakening due to the wish of Jester Karture. With the help of Caubac Alcatraz, he selects a certain world where a certain girl, who is Ayaka Sajyou, enters the Grail War, hoping that she might divert the War to a better direction.[18]

At midnight, while Ayaka Sajyou arrives to Snowfield, she sneaks around an opera house that is being used by Cashura, a mage who is one of the intended True Masters of the War. Cashura abducts her and has her watch him summoning his Servant, Saber. However, he is killed by False Assassin before he can finish the ritual, causing Saber to become Ayaka's Servant.[8] Saber then fights False Assassin, who retreats after Saber unleashes his Excalibur, that blows apart the roof of the building. This causes the police to arrive on the scene and arrest both Ayaka and Saber. Many of the Masters are intrigued by this event, while Ayaka and Saber are brought into the police department, led by Orlando Reeve. Ayaka, however, refuses to be Saber's Master, as she doesn't want to have anything to do with the Grail War.[19]

Following this event, Francesca also summons her own True Servant, using her own body as a catalyst. This causes the True Caster, François Prelati, to manifest. It is revealed that Francesca is actually an older version of True Caster, who has survived by transferring to different bodies. Around the same time, another True Master, Haruri Borzak also attempts to summon True Berserker, but is mortally wounded by her own Servant. She, however, is saved by Fillia, a strange woman who manages to make Berserker calm down and heal Haruri.[20]

Day 1[]

While Saber and Ayaka are locked up in the police department, False Assassin tracks them, wanting to finish them off. However, the police station is also entered by Hansa Cervantes, who wants to meet Orlando Reeve to find out more about the Grail War. Orlando though refuses to recognize Hansa as an actual observer, even threatening to arrest him. Just then though, False Assassin enters the police station, which causes Orlando to call Clan Calatin to battle her. Clan Calatin manages to fight off Assassin on equal ground, using their Noble Phantasms to match her. The fight is interrupted by Jester Karture who sends Assassin away with a Command Spell, while engaging Clan Calatin. Jester easily fends off the police officers, as their Noble Phantasms have no effect on him, but he is attacked by Hansa who decides to enter the fight due to Jester being a Dead Apostle.[13] Hansa and Jester fight equally, as Hansa has immense physical abilities and cybernetic enhancements to fight against Jester's magecraft and enhanced abilities. Hansa finally manages to deal a sufficient blow to Jester with a rocket that blows him up. Jester uses this opportunity to change his appearance once again and escapes from the area. All the while, Saber and Ayaka also escape.[12]

Sometime during the morning, Sigma, another True Master chosen by Francesca, takes residence in a basement workshop, where he summons his Servant, a Lancer Class, without using a catalyst. This causes a strange kind of Servant, a Watcher, to manifest, who does not even show himself to Sigma. Instead, Watcher observes Snowfield and interacts with Sigma through his "shadows", who claim that Sigma will become True Lancer, while still alive. Faldeus Dioland also summons True Assassin, Hassan-i-Sabbah. Faldeus initially thinks that he failed to summon his Servant, as they don't appear, but later realizes that Hassan is actually hiding himself, refusing to show his appearance even to Faldeus.[10][21]

In the noon, False Archer and Tiné take residence in a hotel in the city. Although Tiné is worried about them being attacked in such an easy place to attack, Archer tells her not to worry, as he wants to face the other Servants. Suddenly, they are attacked by True Archer from far away, who shoots them with arrows. When False Archer and Tiné arrive, True Archer continues to ignore False Archer, which annoys him, causing him to unload his Gate of Babylon on him. True Archer though blocks them all with his Pelt of the Divine Beast, without issues. However, he is also suddenly attacked by True Rider, another one of the True Servants.[22] Having met him during her life, True Rider is confused by True Archer's crueler behavior, which is a result of him being partially an Avenger now. True Archer, False Archer and True Rider then battle each other, until they are stopped by True Caster, who manages to make them retreat, to the annoyance of False Archer.[4]

Saber and Ayaka are going through the city, stumbling upon a rock performance, that intrigues Saber, who even starts playing the guitar himself. They also rest there, with Saber discovering more of modern culture. Ayaka and Saber also talk about the Grail War and their connection, as Ayaka is still hesitant to participate. Saber, however, goes as far as revealing his True Name, Richard I, better known as Richard the Lionheart, which convinces Ayaka to continue being his Master more. Ayaka and Saber then continue walking, looking for an ally in the War. In the evening, the finally meet False Lancer in the forest at the outskirts of the city. Saber asks False Lancer to form an alliance with them, although Lancer is unsure. Lancer decides to test Saber, as he might have to face False Archer at some point, with Saber agreeing to this. Lancer and Saber then battle, with Saber managing to keep up with Lancer and even nearly land an attack on them, with his Noble Phantasm, Excalibur. After the battle, Lancer agrees to form an alliance with Saber, seeing him as a worthy warrior. Ayaka though scolds Saber for recklessly fighting Lancer. False Assassin, who had been hiding nearby, also appears and decides to join the alliance, wanting to defeat her Master, Jester Karture, with Saber.[23]

Shortly after the forming of the alliance, False Assassin finds out Sigma's location and sneaks into the workshop he is occupying, while Ayaka and Saber wait outside. Assassin threatens Sigma, who though manages to distract her and escape. However, he stops to warn the nearby Ayaka, who he thinks is a civilian, causing Assassin to catch up with him. However, seeing him try to save Ayaka, Saber also asks Sigma to join their alliance, which Sigma agrees to do. Sigma though doesn't reveal having summoned Watcher, instead saying that he has summoned Charlie Chaplin who just refuses to show himself to others. Sigma also tells this to Faldeus, who he communicates with, informing him of his progress in the War. Meanwhile, Bazdilot Cordelion introduces True Archer to his magic crystal creation system, that requires hundreds of sacrifices, that allows Bazdilot to supply True Archer with enough mana. False Archer also attempts to use his Sha Nagba Imuru to look into the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars where he appeared, although he is unable to do so due to the Grail covering his vision. Most notably, Flat Escardos and False Berserker find out that the Master of False Rider, who has been infecting people from all over the city, is actually a young girl in a comatose state in a hospital. Flat decides to take this information to the police department, wanting their help in the matter. Jester also finds out about Tsubaki, infiltrating her dream realm and becoming friends with her. Faldeus also sends True Assassin to assassinate Galvarosso Scladio, the leader of the Scaldio Family, due to him being fearful of Bazdilot, another member of the family.[24]

Day 2[]

At the start of the 2nd day, the house where Ayaka, Saber, Sigma and False Assassin are staying is surrounded by soldiers of Faldeus. Sigma though warns Ayaka and Saber about the soldiers, causing them to patiently wait inside and not attack them immediately. Around the same time, a group of mages known as the Zugzwang attempt to ambush Flat Escardos and take his Command Spells, but they are subdued by False Berserker and put together with many other mages who had attempted to attack them. Bazdilot Cordelion also has a shared dream about his Servant's past, seeing True Archer traveling with Jason.[25] Afterward, they are attacked by Haruri Borzak and Fillia who infiltrate Bazdilot's workshop.True Berserker also eventually joins the battle, destroying the workshop and the meat processing plant around it, due to its monstrous size. This incident is also noticed by other parties, like Sigma who informs Ayaka and Saber about although also telling them to not intervene and Jester Karture who convinces Tsubaki to send False Rider to infect the people around there to "save" them. However, before the battle can go too long, True Caster appears and uses his Noble Phantasm, Grand Illusion to open a giant hole in the ground where everyone fighting falls into. While falling, True Caster manages to convince the parties to stop the battle, restoring the ground afterward.[26]

Around daytime, Flat and False Berserker sneak into the police department and meet Orlando Reeve, who is initially wary of them. He though agrees to help them in securing Tsubaki, wanting to also save the young child. However, Bazdilot also hears of Tsubaki's situation through his spies in the police force, deciding to send True Archer to kill Tsubaki. Flat also meets with Hansa Cervantes before the operation to secure Tsubaki. Despite being part of opposing sides, the Clock Tower and the Church, they have a surprisingly polite discussion.[27]

Before the operation, the Clan Calatin members meet with False Caster, who improves their weapons. He also tells them about his past. He also gives one of the members, John Wingard, a cybernetic arm that is made using the poison of a hydra. Before they leave, the Clan Calatin members ask False Caster if they have a chance of defeating Servants with their imitation Noble Phantasms, with False Caster affirming that even imitations can change lives.[27]

When Clan Calatin and False Berserker infiltrate the hospital where Tsubaki is resting, they encounter True Archer, who fight them using Cerberus, summoned through his King's Order. False Berserker utilizes both his Noble Phantasms, Natural Born Killers and From Hell, to transform himself into a demonic form and multiply himself by hundreds of copies. He then destroys Cerberus and proceeds to pummel True Archer. However, True Archer endures the damage and uses his third Noble Phantasm, Reincarnation Pandora, to steal False Berserker's From Hell to himself, causing him to become a more demonic being. True Archer nearly kills False Berserker, but Berserker is teleported away by Flat using a Command Spell. However, False Archer appears, mocking True Archer's new form. Saber, Sigma and False Assassin also arrive at the scene. Finally, False Caster appears nearby, out of sight of the others, activating his Noble Phantasm, Musketeers' Masquerade, intending to make the Clan Calatin member John into a hero.[11]

Day 3[]

On the morning of Day 3, Faldeus is notified of multiple deaths across the USA of influential people, who all have ties with Galvarosso Scladio. He is unsure of the perpetrator behind the murders, although he suspects that his own Servant, True Assassin, might have something to do with them. Fillia began summoning Gugalanna, the Bull of Heaven, from atop the flying airship functioning as the workshop of True Caster, intending to get her revenge against a "rude pair of ingrates", likely Gilgamesh, False Archer, and Enkidu, False Lancer, as Francesca and True Caster looked on. Gugalanna manifested in the middle of a large hurricane over eight hundred kilometers across, heading straight for Snowfield.[28]


[v]Servant Identity Master
False Archer GilgameshWP Unnamed magus (Original Master)
Tine Chelc
False Assassin Former Hassan-i-SabbahWP candidate Jester Karture
False Berserker Jack the RipperWP Flat Escardos
False Caster Alexandre DumasWP Orlando Reeve
False Lancer EnkiduWP Wolf
False Rider Pale RiderWP Tsubaki Kuruoka
Saber Richard IWP Cashura (Original Master)
Ayaka Sajyou
Avenger/True Archer AlcidesWP Bazdilot Cordelion
True Assassin Hassan-i-SabbahWP Faldeus Dioland
True Berserker HuwawaWP Haruri Borzak
True Caster François PrelatiWP Francesca Prelati
True Rider HippolytaWP El-Melloi Classroom
Watcher Unknown Sigma


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