Tsukasa Shijyou (四條 司, Shijō Tsukasa?) is a student at Asagami Private Girls Academy in Kagetsu Tohya.




Given the pet name "Ika," Tsukasa is an honor student described as being capable of accomplishing anything to which she puts her mind. She is said to be gifted with both intelligence and beauty, but she became obsessed a brilliant student outshining even her, Akiha Tohno. After the incident in the story is resolved, she cannot stop herself from quivering in Akiha's presence, but she is able to resist the urge to run away by doing her best to muster up her courage.[1]


Kagetsu TohyaEdit

Tsukasa, due to her obsession with Akiha, seeks to make her disappear. She tries to use one of the rumored Seven Curses of Asagami, involving postal boxes, and gets nervous when Akiha does not disappear as it means the wish will be reversed to her within a week's time. As a result, she panics, and attempts to kill Akiha to fulfill the wish so as to save her own life, only to be knocked unconscious by Akiha instead.


Nasu thinks due to "perhaps because her timidity and feeling of being cornered were pretty cute, very few players actually ended up disliking her."[1]


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