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Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- (月姫 -A piece of blue glass moon-?) is an upcoming visual novel by TYPE-MOON. It is a remake of Tsukihime, first announced in 2008 and given a firm release window shortly after Tsukihime's 20th anniversary. It will release Summer 2021.

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Shiki Tohno (遠野 志貴, Tōno Shiki?)
The protagonist of the series. He has Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, which allow him to see the death of things in the form of "lines" and "dots" on objects and people. He has been living with the Arima family, one of the branching families of Tohno, since an accident eight years ago. At the beginning of the game, he moves back home with his sister, Akiha.
Arcueid Brunestud (アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッド, Arukueido Buryunsutaddo?)
A beautiful blonde with ruby red eyes, Arcueid is a mysterious vampire princess. But since she is a True Ancestor, she lacks some vampiric qualities, such as that of needing to consume blood to survive, and being nocturnal. She seems to be quite knowledgeable about many things, but is very naive when it comes to modern ideas. She is killed by Shiki, but she does not actually die and, in turn, recruits Shiki to help her fight Roa.
Ciel (シエル, Shieru?)
An upperclassman of Shiki's who is actually an executor for the church organization, where she is part of "The Burial Agency" a group of skilled assassins feared even within the church itself. Her body was used in Roa's previous incarnation, and until Roa dies, she cannot.
Akiha Tohno (遠野 秋葉, Tōno Akiha?)
Shiki's younger sister and the current head of the Tohno family. She is very prim and proper and carries a grace and nobility about her. When her Tohno blood awakens, her hair turns a crimson shade and she can literally suck the heat out of her surroundings, which creates a burning effect on the object.
Hisui (翡翠, Hisui?)
The younger of the two twin maids in the Tohno mansion, Hisui is a childhood friend of Shiki. She wears a western maid uniform and attends to Shiki when he comes back to the Tohno mansion. She acts cold and unfeeling, but it is only an act to hide her kinder nature for the sake of her sister. She is a Synchronizer, a person that can give someone life energy through exchange of body fluids.
Kohaku (琥珀, Kohaku?)
The older of the two twin maids in the Tohno mansion, Kohaku, along with Hisui, is a childhood friend of Shiki. She wears a Japanese kimono and is always seen to be smiling and cheerful, being especially gifted with medicine. She hides her tragic past behind a cheerful face and Hisui's cold demeanor. Like Hisui, Kohaku is a Synchronizer.
Aoko Aozaki (蒼崎 青子, Aozaki Aoko?)
A mysterious red-haired woman who always carries a suitcase. She met with Shiki eight years prior to the start of the series, and to this day, is the only person he will call "Teacher". She gave Shiki a pair of glasses that blocks out the death lines and allow him to live a normal life.
Noel (ノエル, Noeru?)
A teacher at Misaki Municipal High School.

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Promotional poster for the Tsukihime remake.

A remake of the original Tsukihime was announced in the June 2008 issue of Tech Gian. It is set to feature enhanced artwork and sound, changes to the storyline, and the originally discarded route for Satsuki Yumizuka. They are undecided as to whether the new version will be voiced or if the erotic elements of the original game will remain in the new version.

After the release of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, Nasu stated in an interview that the production of the remake is proceeding along with several other projects.[1] During Type-Moon festival, several pieces of artwork showing Arcueid, Ciel, and Akiha with redesigned appearances were featured.

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