Tsukumo Fujimiya (藤宮 九十九, Fujimiya Tsukumo?) is a magus participating in the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story of Fate/type Redline. She is the grandmother of Kanata Akagi. Within the unaltered timeline of the story, she was the Master of Saber, but her role was usurped by Kanata.




She was born as the eldest daughter and 5th head of the declining Fujimiya family of magi,[1] a family whose magecraft specializes in controlling water.[2]

When she was 15 in 1943 (Showa 18), her family participated in the Holy Grail War at the time, cooperating with the Japanese Army to weaponize magecraft, but the government had the entire family burned to death to silence them, with her as the sole survivor.[2] While her mother and younger siblings were murdered by the army, her father went missing when the ship he was on was sunk.[3]

When she was 17 in 1945 (Showa 20), Tsukumo was contacted by a member of the Church who explained that a Holy Grail War was conducted in the Imperial Capital of Tokyo two years ago, but the Grail and Servants mysteriously vanished. Now, the war is starting again and the Church would like to hire her to fight as their representative. She gives two conditions: that she be granted Avalon to use as a catalyst to summon a Saber, and that she be allowed to use the wish should she win. These conditions are granted though unknown to her at the time she instead was given a replica of Avalon. As she prepares to head to Tokyo, the Church member asks what she would wish for. She says she would wish for a bright future. The Church member laughed and called her naïve, angering her.

At some point, she successfully summon Saber at the train and becomes her Master. She and her Servant faces off with "the Ghost of Tosa" during the Holy Grail War. She uses one of her Command Seals to order Saber to kill him. During the war, she visits her destroyed homeland with her Servant and makes a promise to her deceased family she will win the war.

She survived and lived through both World War II and the Holy Grail War. She would eventually have a son who could not use magecraft.

21st Century[]

Around 2003 (Heisei 15), she became a grandmother when her grandson Kanata was born.

During the mid-Heisei era, she once played with her grandson Kanata and asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He couldn't answer and returned the question to her. She said she was already grown up, but she still had a dream of a bright future.

Tsukumo died in 2009 (Heisei 21) at the age of 81, when Kanata was six, withdrawn from her family.


When she was 17 in 1945 (Showa era, year 20), she wore a dark colored school uniform and wore her long dark colored hair with a single side tail on her left side.

When she was an old woman in her late 70s to 80 years old during the mid-Heisei era, her hair had lightened and is confined to a wheelchair due to being seriously injured when she was young.


She seems to be a prideful, responsible and mature young woman. She takes her family name seriously and wants a peaceful world without wars. When Kanata asks if the Holy Grail can grant the ability to time travel, she doesn’t believe in fantasy and threatens him if he refuses to cooperate with her.

During her encounter with Assassin, she doesn’t give up and continued to fight him despite her injuries and without a Servant to protect her. She can also be suicidal as she is willing to sacrifice her own life by hiding a bomb on her tongue to kill Assassin until Saber and Kanata arrive to save her.

In the present, she mellowed out, but she cut ties with the people she knew and only focused on her work until she passed away. She also got along with her grandson when he was a child.


Fate/type Redline[]

Day 1[]

Tsukumo is on a train facing a Mysterious Officer and his Lancer when Kanata Akagi suddenly materializes near her, confused. She orders him to evacuate to the rear car with the other passengers but to stay for questioning. While he can barely understand what is going on, the officer orders his Lancer to kill both of them. She grabs his hand and they run. She becomes frustrated when he doesn't understand what a Heroic Spirit is even though she can tell he is a magus and briefly explains the concept. Tsukumo stops and decides to summon a Servant of her own, a Saber, to counter the Lancer and tells him to keep a lookout. She pulls out the scabbard Avalon and intends to use it as a catalyst to summon a hero of England. Just as she finishes the chant, the Lancer catches up to them and Kanata has to tackle her out of the way of his spear.

Kanata's light novel falls into the magic circle and acts as a catalyst, so when Saber is summoned, the Command Spells appear on Kanata's hand instead of Tsukumo's, infuriating her. Saber quickly defeats the Lancer, then starts to bond with the confused Kanata. Tsukumo interrupts them to complain about Kanata stealing her Servant and then demand to know who he is.

Suddenly, Archer appears and challenges Saber. Saber tells the two to run and she clashes with Archer. While they run, Kanata introduces himself and asks where is he and what year is it. Tsukumo thinks he hit his head, but explains they are in the Imperial Capital in the 20th year of the Showa Era.

Kanata is frozen in fear when Archer casually kills the Mysterious Officer and Tsukumo has to pull him down to avoid her bullets and then drag him away. He starts freaking out and complaining about his bizarre situation. She slaps him and says he needs to man up and fight if he wants to survive the Holy Grail War. He has no idea what that is, causing her to complain and briefly explain the concept.

Saber and Archer's battle ends up destroying a large portion of the train, and Saber gets thrown into the car Kanata and Tsukumo are in. He asks if she is okay, but she tells him to stay back and not risk himself being attacked by Archer. Tsukumo asks her if she has any aces up her sleeve. When she confirms this, Tsukumo asks her to use them right away and take down Archer before the train is completely destroyed. Saber retorts that she does not take orders from her, only from Kanata, her Master. Kanata is still confused and scared, but reluctantly orders her to do whatever it takes to defeat Archer. Archer catches up to them and tries to shoot Saber, but Saber uses Lightless, Three-Stage Thrust to dodge the bullets and stab her.

When Archer is forced to retreat, Saber grabs Kanata's face and examines him because his cheek is swollen from being slapped, then says they should leave before people come. Tsukumo introduces herself and says she was supposed to be Saber's Master, then asks Kanata where he came from and what his goal is. He tells himself she looks familiar, and upon hearing her name, he grabs her shoulders and stares at her face, shocking her and making her blush. Unbeknownst to her, Kanata has realized that she is the past version of his grandmother.

Tsukumo freaks out and asks why Kanata is crying, but he brushes it off. He then says he honestly doesn't know how he got there. The trio attempt to salvage the train's wreckage for anything useful, while Saber tries to urge Kanata to leave Tsukumo behind. Offended, she says they cannot win the war without her as she tries to pullout Avalon from the debris. An air raid siren goes off and Tsukumo explains to them what it means and that their country is in the middle of a war, calling it a cruel joke.

Day 2[]

Tsukumo and Kanata go around the Imperial Capital; the former concludes for herself that the latter is a country bumpkin due to his fascination with the sights of the capital. They stop somewhere and she uses drawings to explain the seven Servants, then about Command Spells and the Holy Grail. He can't believe something like the Holy Grail exists, then decides he has to win to use the wish to return to the future. Angered, she slams his head into the table and pulls out a crystal that she claims can evaporate any liquid when activated. Calling his wish ridiculous, she threatens to explode his brain and kill him unless he agrees to fight for her wish.

Saber materializes and threatens Tsukumo with her sword. Kanata tells her to stand down and says he agrees to fight for Tsukumo, but Saber insists she only fights for Kanata. He and Tsukumo then surprise Saber by recognizing her as a member of the Shinsengumi from her uniform, as Saber did not believe they would become famous. Tsukumo gives them some money and orders them to buy some regular clothes to blend in.

She calls the Church and asks them to investigate Kanata's background and for information regarding the other Servants and Masters. She doesn't notice Imperial Japanese Army soldiers coming to assassinate her, only to get killed by Assassin. She hangs up and concludes the Church's information is useless, then is shocked when Assassin appears next to her. When she asks who he is, he claims he is a Saber and his true name is Sakamoto Ryoma. He examines her hands and finds no Command Spells, so he says they will wait for the Servant and Master she was working with to come back. She can tell he is lying and that he is really an Assassin. When he is distracted by a telepathic conversation with his Master, she tries to attack him with her liquid bombs, but he deflects them with his sword. Enraged, he slices off the fingers of her left hand, making her scream in agony. He tells her to shut up, punches her in the face, then demands to know the Servant's True Name.

She is later seen heavily injured and on the brink of death after Assassin beat and tortured her. According to Assassin, she tried to fight back even though there's no way to beat him without a Servant. He tells her that her buddies have abandoned her. He notices her breathing is getting lighter and knows she won’t make it. She tries enduring Assassin's torture when he offer her a deal if she tells him Saber's True Name, he will let her live. When he mentions his plan to use the Grail Holy to make him rich, she found out his true class, Assassin. She later gets kicked in the stomach and her side ponytail pull by Assassin after she mocks him. She knows Assassin is not the real Ryouma as he will never be greedy and wonders if he was a fan of his until Assassin pierced her lung to keep her quiet. As she still refuses to reveal Saber's True Name, her last trump to defeat Assassin is suicidal. Before she can activate it on her tongue, she tells Assassin that his hat doesn't suits him but then Saber and Kanata arrive just in time to save her. She is seen spiting out the bomb in relief that he and Saber really did came for her. She began to lose her vision due to heavy loss of blood, she needs to tell them to escape as she wasn’t able to see them clearly until she heard of familiar voice. She asks Kanata why he came back for her until Assassin pushes her down with his foot. When Assassin asks Kanata to use his Command Seals to make Saber commit suicide, she demands Kanata to abandon her and escape. Before Tsukumo can tell Kanata her wish for the Holy Grail, Assassin pierces her right hand through her shoulder and she loses consciousness.

During Saber and Assassin’s fight, she can be seen in Kanata’s arms, still unconscious, as she is struggling to cling to life. After she regains consciousness, she yells at Kanata for wasting a Command Seal and asks why he didn't abandon her (still unaware of the consequence that if she gets killed, her future grandson will cease to exist). She tells him get her severed fingers and move to the next room since she rented another room and the supplies she needs to re-attach her fingers are there, but she needs Kanata's help to perform surgery on her. She is later seen enduring the pain while biting on a cloth as Kanata starts to re-attach her fingers.

After Kanata finishes stitching her up she admirers and compliments his work and asked if he had done it before only to receive a vague answer from him. He asked her if her fingers will heal and Tsukumo assures him since she is a magus as Saber returns from chasing Assassin to their side. Tsukumo asked her the status of their previous room and Saber reports that the corpses were disposed of and thinks that it is safe for them to talk. Tsukumo is relived that their enemies wouldn't think of them staying at the same place where they were just attacked. Kanata was surprised that Saber healed from the deep slash she received from Assassin earlier and Saber explained that Servants recover when they return to spirit for but expresses regret that the clothes he bought for her was ruined, Tsukumo interject by reminding them it was her money.

Day 3[]

Tsukumo can be seen sleeping next to Kanata outside in the rain. The following day, Tsukumo calls the church for assistance to help her find a place to hide from both the Imperial Japanese Army and German Third Reich, but he says they can't help her since it's against to rule to help other Masters. She then tries to persuade him about the holy sheath if he doesn't help her, she will melting it and turn the catalyst into little pellets. However, the priest informs her that the holy sheath she has is a replica they created from old documents and the real one is hidden somewhere in Cornwall. This leaves Tsukumo dumbstruck after he told her the truth. He informs her if she's planning to melt the replica, he will send someone over to receive it later. Tsukumo then angrily curses him in Japanese slang that he can't understand. She asks the priest if the Church would be fine if a country desperate for power would get the Grail and wish for God knows what. The priest informs her that as long as mystery remains concealed they cannot interfere. He reminds her that it is also a "war" and people will die. He prods if she's getting scared which she denies. He then asks if she's worried about the boy, Kanata. She asks about info on Kanata, but they couldn’t find anything about him as if he doesn't exist until prior three days ago. The priest asked if she trusts Kanata since she told him the events of the day before and that Kanata came to save her which she gives a troubled affirmation.

The priest then informs her that if a master dies their command seals disappears and the Servant would soon follow unless the Servant contracts with a new master before so citing what happened in the previous Grail War when a Servant killed their master immediately after being summoned and contracted a new one. He state that she could rejoin the war by killing Saber's Master but concedes that it's not something she would do, Tsukumo tells him to get to the point. He informs her that if a Master consents then they could leave their command seals with the supervisor and withdraw from the war.

After Tsukumo finished her call with the priest, she and Kanata make their escape after they spotted two Imperial Japanese soldiers looking them. During their escape, Tsukumo looks exhausted from lack of sleep and rest due to Imperial Japanese Army soldiers searching for them non-stop. When Kanata asks Tsukumo if her family can help them hiding from the Imperial Japanese Army soldiers, but she informs him that her family is dead and her father went missing two years ago. In her inner thoughts, she hopes they don't encounter any Servants in the area while they search for a new hideout to rest. She fears if a Servant found them, it's all over. Suddenly, Tsukumo collapse from exhaustion and develops a fever due to lack of rest and expose in the rain. She is seen being carried by Kanata.

She regain conscious in abandon clinic where Kanata tells her he gave her some medicines and pain pills in which she calls him a pervert. She informs him about her call with the supervisor of the Holy Grail War. She states when a Master gets killed, their Command Seals disappear and their contract with their Servant is undone. Tsukumo informs Kanata about another way for him to transfer his Command Seals to her without dying. She tells him not to worry about her fingers since this is her punishment for making someone make her wish come true. She tells him, if she suffer any regrets, then she suffer her own decisions and she has to work on her wish. She is later confident by Kanata's words to win the war for her and decides to teach Kanata magecraft. She and Kanata handshake in agreement and she lets him call her by her first name. She is later seen resting after having a fever again. According to Kanata, he thinks the reason for his grandmother created a hourglass was to travel to the past to stop the war.

Tsukumo regain conscious in Rider's detective office, who complain about waking up in different places until she meet unknown floating woman who is touching her leg in confusion. She screaming and demand to explain the situations and the people which Rider kindly re-introduced himself and Oryou and explains the place they are current in is a detective office he borrow this place from one of his associates.


Tsukumo using her liquid bombs.

The Fujimiya family's magecraft specializes in controlling water.[2] As such, Tsukumo's magecraft allows her to channel her magical energy into liquids and control them like mist. But her skill level isn't that great, so she's only an average mage.[1] She is skilled in making Mystic Codes, as evident of things like a crystal cylinder that can evaporate any liquid and an hourglass she made when she was older that Kanata used to travel back in time.


She has supplies that can re-attached missing body parts that was cut off completely. She instructs Kanata to perform surgery on her on how to re-attached her four fingers on her left hand, but it a painful process. 


In the revised story of type Redline, Tsukumo takes the role of Akiha Tohno.


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