Muramasa forges Tsumugari Muramasa

Tsumugari Muramasa (都牟刈村正
?) is a sword forged by Sengo Muramasa. It was used in Shimousa to counter Amakusa Shirou Tokisada's Shimabara Hell Reality Marble. The realisation of Muramasa's ideal sword, the sword is one that can purge resentment, cut through bonds, fate, causality, and destiny, and slice through the idea of karma itself. However, using it will cause him to perish because he is not a god. It is the recreation of the Tsumugari, the sword that came out of ​Yamata no Orochi​ during the Age of Gods.

The sword bisected both Shimabara Hell and the Onri Edo Castle in an instant.[1]

Due to Muramasa's body not being divine, the use of this sword results on his body falling apart.[2]


I'm not the invincible swordsman, Jūbei,
I'm not the one praised as a master of espionage, Hanzō,
I'm not the renowned caster Abe no Seimei.
Why, out of all people, I, a swordsmith, was summoned.
For being unable to foresee that, this is your defeat.

Once seeking for the ultimate blade.
A blade of steel cutting no flesh, nor bones and neither life.
What I seek for is the clearance of resentment.
The cutting of bonds, fate and destiny.

That is, to free oneself from Karma.

Upon one's arrival are countless tools.
Carved over a thousand blades, forming a pile of swords.
This is the place where all paths cross.
This is the place where all desires flow.
This is the place where all deaths await
My whole life was for this single swing.

The heart of the blade is right here!
Take this, This is my Tsumugari Muramasa!!!






Muteki no kengō, Jūbee demonē,
Onmitsu daimyō to homare no takai Hanzō demo nē
Uwasa no kyasutā Abe seimei demo nē
Nande yori ni mo yotte katanakaji no ore ga yoba reta no ka
Soitsu o hakarenakatta teme~e no makeda.

Katsute motometa kyūkyoku no ittō.
Sore wa, niku o tachi-kotsu o tachi inochi o tatsu hagane no ha ni arazu.
Waga gō ga motomeru no wa enkon no seisan.
En o kiri sadame o kiri, -gyō o kiru.

――― Sunawachi. Shukugō kara no kaihōnari.

......Sonotokoro ni itaru wa tasū no kensan.
en no katana, man no katana o katadori, kizuki ni kizuita katana dzuka.
Koko ni tadoru wa arayuru shūren.
Koko ni shimesu wa arayuru shukugan.
Koko ni tsumoru wa arayuru higō ―――
Waga jinsei no subete wa, kono ichi furi ni itaru tame ni.

Ken no kodō, koko ni ari ―――!
Uke ya gare, koitsu ga ore no, tsumugari,muramasa da ~a ―――!!!!

Though I am not Jubei, the invincible swordmaster.
Though I am not Hanzo, the great spymaster.
Though I am not Abe-no-Seimei, like your so-called Caster.
Though I am nothing more than a swordsmith, why is it that I was summoned?
You could never figure it out, and so you have lost.

I once sought to forge the ultimate blade.
Not a sword that cuts through flesh, bone, or the living.
I sought a blade that terminates enmity...
A blade that severs bonds, severs certainty, severs karma.
That is to say, to free one of one's fate.

Uncountable years of toil to reach this place.
Forging thousands of swords to create a barrow of blades.
Many paths, converge here.
Enduring desires, flow her.
Unjust deaths, gather here.
My whole life has been for this single swing.

The heart of the blade is here!
Accept this blow from my「Tsumukari Muramasa」!


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