Twice H. Pieceman (トワイス・H・ピースマン, Towaisu H. Pīsuman?) is the Master of Saver in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA. He was formerly the Master of Caster. He is the primary antagonist of Fate/EXTRA. At the conclusion of the seventh battle, he can be found at the core of the Moon Cell.



  • Twice summons Caster in the manga.

Twice H. Pieceman was born in 1970, and there was a war in his birthplace in the 70's. It was a clash of ethnic groups arranged by major powers as a war by proxy. He was a war orphan and was later adopted by his foster parents. He became a prominent scientist in the fields of advanced neurosurgery in the latter half of the 20th century and pioneered the science of digital hacking and he is thought to be the first Spiritron-hacker. He discovered a cure for the disease known as Amnesia Syndrome (アムネジア・シンドローム, Amunejia Shindorōmu?). After becoming a scientist, he still risked his life to save others. In 1999, Twice was called to the city in the Far East to treat victims of the disease and he was killed in a bioterrorism attack.

His data was recorded by the Moon Cell Automaton and became part of the system. After serving in multiple Grail Wars as an NPC, the constant exposure to the human Masters combining with his skill as a Spiritron-hacker eventually caused his data to become self-aware, and he now exists in the Moon Cell as both a NPC and a Master.[2]

After becoming self-aware, Twice became a Master and summoned Caster. He went on to fight in countless Holy Grail Wars, but failed to win the war. Eventually he lost Caster and he prayed for salvation until he was given a new servant. Saver responded to Twice, not because he agreed with Twice's ideals, but out of compassion for his soul. However, once he reached the core of the Moon Cell, he found that, as an NPC, he could not enter the core without being deleted as invalid data. From there, he redesigned the Holy Grail War to the current system and asked each Master who was victorious in the Holy Grail War to wish for the perpetuation of war and the continued advancement of man. However, all the Masters who faced him refused, and thus were killed by him and Saver.


Twice H. Pieceman is in his late 20's with black hair and grey eyes and wears glasses. He wears doctor uniform with black collar long sleeves white shirt with black, grey, and light blue tie and grey sweater vest, white lab coat, black gloves, black pants with grey lines, and black shoes. His expression is blank that makes him look unmemorable similar to a NPC and he has the feeling of "nothingness".


As someone who was a victim of war, he concluded that his life was a miracle and he has an intense hatred of war; he also experienced shell shock. When he was a student, he studied the history of humanity and this is when he realized the betrayal of the makeup of history. He saw images of depicting war and he was overcome with severe panics attacks. He got involved in war in order to end them and saw many battlefields, the horrific event perpetuated by humanity. What drove him was not his sense of righteousness but it was the question "Why was I the only one who seemed to hate war?". He can't deny war, however, as he saw great strength in humanity when conflict emerges. The mortal Twice's dream was to see mankind engage in a grand endless war of mutual extinction.

« This future is mistaken... someone has to start it over »

(Twice H. Pieceman)

The NPC version finds the mortal Twice to have been ill: There was no reason for him to risk his life so foolishly on the battlefield and he struggled to find reason in war. Twice is a pacifist who hates wars and cannot forgive it, but at the same time believes that humanity requires war to advance and evolve. He concluded that war is a necessary evil. The future was corrupted, the spirit of mankind has stagnated just like the world. To him, the Holy Grail War existing within the Moon Cell is a microcosm of the constant bloodshed that transpires in the outside world. The participants slaughter one another in the hopes of having the Grail grant their wish, all the while feeding information to the Automaton. Twice accepts this as survival of the fittest and believes that such a process is essential for humanity. He used the Moon Cell to manipulate information and manufacture information causing terrorism and violence in the real world. By using Moon cell record and his ability to divine the future, he wants to bring Armageddon. He wish to instigate a war so that anyone can survive. Having everybody fight in a war, mankind's consciousness will be forced onto the correct war.

Caster claims that when Twice was her Master, he was too kind and gentle for the Grail War. When Twice meets Caster he claims that he is not the same person as he was when he was Caster's Master.



  • Saver and Twice facing Hakuno.
  • Saber slashes Twice in the manga.

Rin mentions that there is an urban legend circulating in Tsukumihara Academy about Twice's cyber ghost appearing. Hakuno Kishinami saw Twice's cyber ghost during in the third round.

After Hakuno's Servants defeats Leonardo B. Harwey and his Saber, they are permitted access to the core of the moon. Once they arrive, they find Twice sitting atop the coffins of the Masters he has defeated. He waited for Hakuno and claims that out of all Holy Grail War, Hakuno is the most extraordinary master. Twice explains his backstory to Hakuno and makes the same request as he did to the other Masters, unaware that they are an NPC as well and likewise cannot enter the core without being deleted. Hakuno and their Servant reject Twice's philosophy and do battle with him and Saver. After Saver is defeated, Twice deletes himself, staying true to his beliefs about survival of the fittest.

In the manga version, Saver defeats Saber with Amita Amitabha, but Hakuno uses his final Command Spell to forcibly re-summon Saber who slashes Twice, resulting in Twice getting deleted.

Last EncoreEdit

As in Fate/EXTRA, Twice won the Moon Holy Grail War and stood guard at the entrance to the Moon Cell's core with his Servant, Saver. He also defeated numerous Masters and Servants through the unstoppable Saver, including Hakuno Kishinami and Saber.

In order to bring about the extinction of mankind, Twice had, by that point, shut down the Moon Cell's systems and canceled the Moon Holy Grail War. He had also begun using Saver's Chakravartin to eventually destroy the entirety of the Moon Cell.

By shutting down the Moon Cell, the emotions of the Masters he had defeated did not get set free, leading to the birth of an existence that would bear the burden of their grudges: HAKUNO.

Twice's actions also negatively affected every other Master and Servant still participating in the War. Namely, Rin and Rani VIII became trapped in the sixth floor for over a century. Alice, waiting for the return of a Master Twice had killed, was driven mad by loneliness.

Twice had also rescued Leonardo B. Harwey from death and passed on his ideologies to the "King of the Land," convincing Leo that mankind did not deserve to continue its existence. He then gave Leo the task of being the Master of the seventh floor. In Gawain's words, Leo had become an enemy to mankind.

At some point, Saver departed from the world, leaving Twice alone to guard the Chakravartin. Twice himself is later revealed to be a Dead Face, just like HAKUNO, whom he considers to be his "counterpart." Twice is the combination of the real Twice's leftovers.

During HAKUNO's journey through the seven floors to reach the Moon Cell's core, Twice periodically appears to HAKUNO. It is Twice who reveals to HAKUNO that, like Julius of the fifth floor, HAKUNO is a Dead Face and not the real Hakuno Kishinami.

When HAKUNO finally reaches Twice's location, Twice tries to convince HAKUNO, Saber and Rin that humanity is weak, has no value and needs to be erased for that reason, but none of his opponents accept his argument and Saber straight up accuses Twice of making up excuses.

Twice is hit by Gawain's Noble Phantasm, but doesn't react as the light of the attack engulfs him and sends him skyward. He is later shown to have survived the attack but is badly injured. He attempts to consume HAKUNO and merge with him but HAKUNO is able to resist through sheer will power.

Twice's plan to end humanity's existence gets overturned when HAKUNO successfully resets the Moon Cell, causing the deletion of all the Dead Faces and giving humanity a future Twice had tried so hard to take away.


In the beginning of Chapter 7 - I love you, Twice contacts Hakuno's subconscious and becomes a voice of encouragement.

Past incarnations of Twice and Caster appear as a bonus boss in Fate/EXTRA CCC.


Caster comments that Twice is very similar to Hakuno as they started out very weak but he could not fully use all his abilities due to his gentle nature. Being a NPC means he can continue on even after his defeat or death.

  • seal_skill(); - This codecast locks the SKILL command. The effect would only last for 2 turns.
  • recover(); - This codecast completely restores his Servant's health.


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