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« ――Set.”
“Shall we proceed?”
“Heaven's Feel begin. An end to all things―"Twin Arm - Big Crunch"!! »


Twin Arm - Big Crunch: Dual Arm - Zero-Order Convergence (双腕・零次集束
, Futaude - Reiji Shūsoku
Tsuin Āmu - Biggu Kuranchi
?), also called Right Hand - Big Crunch: Right Arm - Zero-Order Convergence (右腕・零次収束
, Migiude - Reiji Shūsoku
Raito Hando - Biggu Kuranchi
?), is a technique utilized by Amakusa Shirou Tokisada with his two arm Noble Phantasms, Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix and Right Hand - Evil Eater, connecting with the Greater Grail.

By connecting both arms to the leylines, excessive Magical Energy is inserted in the Magic Circuits of both arms and are made to rampage. A destruction-type Noble Phantasm that refines pseudo-black matter and swallows all beings in the surroundings. Because it requires an excessively vast amount of Magical Energy, it is originally impossible to employ as a Noble Phantasm. In order to completely impel it as a Noble Phantasm, he must first somehow establish a Magical Energy supply route different from his Master.[1][2]


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