Twrch Trwyth (トゥルッフ・トゥルウィス, Turuffu Turuwisu?) is a Demon Boar. He is an antagonist in the Fate/Grand Order Summer 2016 events.



During life, Twrch Trywth was a man who stole, devoured and killed as he pleased, rampaging, gloating and having his way with everything. This didn't change after being transformed into a boar as punishment. After eating his way across Britain with his seven piglets, Twrch Trwyth fought Artoria Pendragon, King Arthur, who sought to end the suffering he inflicted upon the people and to retrieve the boar's giant razor, scissors and comb. Twrch Trywth was defeated and subsequently driven out of the realm, humiliated and infuriated at the way Artoria had treated him.[1]


Twrch Trywth sees himself as a king, and demands to be treated as one by other kings. Thus, he is greatly angered by Artoria, a king, treating him instead as a monster tormenting Britain's people.[1]


Twrch Trywth appears a giant, demonic boar.[2]

After surviving for 2000 years through the power of a Holy Grail, Twrch Trywth reconstructed his body into a mechanical one and subsequently took on a more mechanical appearance. He also assumed the form of Artoria Pendragon, intending to use it when he wiped out the boars and took his revenge.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Chaldea Summer Memories ~White Beach of Solace~Edit

Many centuries after being driven out of Britain by Artoria, Twrch Trwyth drifted onto the island turned paradise that broke off from the Land of Shadow during the Incineration of Humanity. He eventually decides to make the island uninhabitable by first sending his demon boars to torment the boar piglets who now live there. Secondly, he sends them to spread their miasma through the water to wilt all the plant-life. When the Chaldea group ends up stranded on the island, Twrch Trwyth also decides to send his demon boars to impede the group's efforts to survive on the island. Eventually, he attacks the group himself, though his identity is unknown at this time, when construction on their escape ship is nearly done. He is forced to retreat though as the group severely wound him in the ensuing fight. Later however, despite his wounds, Twrch Trwyth returns to destroy the now completed escape ship even attacking the boar piglets trying to protect it. He is eventually defeated by the group, and sinks into the ocean.[2]

Chaldea Heat Odyssey ~Evolving Civilization~Edit

Though he was defeated, Twrch Trywth survived and lived on through the power of a Holy Grail. Over the next 2000 years on the island, which was and where time flowed differently from the outside world, he would grow to the level of a divine beast while waiting for his opportunity for revenge. He also reconstructed his body into a mechanical one. Leading the demon boars, he destroyed the civilization created by the island's boars.[1]

Twrch Trwyth eventually fought the Chaldea group again but was defeated. As he was dying, he questioned why this had to happen to him after coming so far and losing everything, but after being told that it was his fate after a lifetime of stealing, devouring and killing, he acknowledged it before expiring.[1]


Twrch Trywth possesses considerable power as a giant, demonic boar, being considered the King of Demon Boars.[1]

After surviving for 2000 years on the isolated Island of Skye through the power of a Holy Grail, Twrch Trywth was able to reach the level of a divine beast, reconstructing his body into a mechanical one, into a state between life and death. He was also capable of disguising himself, appearing as Artoria Pendragon, though he couldn't hide his mechanical scent.[1]


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