Type Jupiter (タイプ・ジュピター, Taipu Jupitā?, also romanized as Type:Jupiter), The Black Aristoteles (黒いアリストテレス, Kuroi Aristoteresu?), is the Ultimate One of Jupiter (木星のアルテミット・ワン, Mokusei no Arutemitto Wan?) appearing in Notes.



Type Jupiter is the Ultimate One of Jupiter sent to Earth to fulfill the wish of the planet, to remove the still living beings on its corpse. While it would have been fine perishing together with the humans, that they were able to live on caused the planet to wish for their destruction.[1] It and the others arrived during the Great War between A-Rays and Liners, causing them to cease the war and put up a united front. The Ultimate Ones' activity slowed since then, but they all continued to attack the living beings of Earth indiscriminately.[2]

It ended up attacking the Westland, killing the most living beings out of all eight Ultimate Ones. The people of the continent engaged in all out battle, and it wiped them out without receiving a scratch.[3] It destroyed the artificial paradice in which the last remaining humans resided due to their inability to live in a Grain-infused world, Gun God being the only pure human survivor in the world after getting adaptation treatment.[4] It was eventually engaged by a team of Ether Liners sent to the continent seven years before the time of Notes, including the then-obscure Ado Edem, who was able to cleave it in a single strike after a fierce battle due to the special characteristics of his Slash Emperor. Its core then went berserk, burning the whole western continent.[3][5]


Type Jupiter has the appearance of a black giant several dozen kilometers in size, closely resembling a human. Its true nature is a "group of black photon gas" that can theoretically expand its size infinitely. Its core in the center of its body is an unknown object that can be described as an "artificial sun", and the gasses that make up its body are emitted from that core.[3]


Each of the Ultimate Ones do not possess the same concepts as those on Earth, lacking the concept of "knowledge." While some are able to interact with humans to obtain "knowledge", it is unknown if Type Jupiter is one of them.[6] Viewing humans and A-Rays as enemies, it attacks indiscriminately with the purpose of destroying all of them while ignoring other Ultimate Ones.[2][6]


Type Jupiter has been destroyed before the start of Notes, mentioned by Gun God as having destroyed his home and killed the last of the humans other than him seven years prior.


As an Ultimate One, Type Jupiter is the strongest existence of Jupiter, equated to the planet itself, and similarly to the other Ultimate Ones, it possesses the ability to wipe out all living beings in the world on its own.[6][1] Unable to be judged by the common sense of the planet, it and the others lack the very concept of "death."[1] The combined attacks of the A-Rays and Ether Liners prove completely ineffectual, only conceptual weapons like Black Barrel and overwhelming power like Slash Emperor showing the ability to damage them.[1]


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