Type Mercury (タイプ・マアキュリー, Taipu Maakyurī?), also known as ORT (オルト, Oruto?), is the Ultimate One of Mercury (水星のアルテミット・ワン, Suisei no Arutemitto Wan?).



Type Mercury left Mercury and accidentally landed in South America five thousand years before the Common Era in preparation for the promised time (約束の時?) that occurs in Notes. The previous fifth Dead Apostle Ancestor sought to capture it at some point and was killed by it instead, and a number of agencies have tried dealing with it only to be annihilated. It was decided that it was to be named an Ancestor after it was discovered to have vampiric properties, taking the fifth spot of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. It has shown no current interest in damaging or invading the surrounding world, and it will not respond unless it is disturbed. It is theorized that it has closed itself off in its sanctuary until the promised time.[1] It currently resides in a South American village.[2]



ORT's body

With a build similar to a spider's, it is an approximately forty-meter-tall being capable of shifting its form to something similar to a UFO. It is covered with an outer skin that is harder, more flexible, more temperature-resistant, and sharper than any other substance that exists on Earth.[1]



Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Edit

Angra Mainyu briefly mentions him and Primate Murder to Bazett Fraga McRemitz. Refering to him as "The Spider."

Other AppearancesEdit

Type Mercury was briefly mentioned in Fate/strange Fake, Jester Karture's original intention was to awaken Type Mercury from its slumber with the power of the Holy Grail. Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg was concerned about Type Mercury awakening as it was a century too early to face it.



Crystal Valley

ORT is one of the Aristoteles of Mercury, though Character Material suggests that it may not actually be the strongest being on Mercury by listing it as the Ultimate One of Mercury? (水星(?)のアルテミット・ワン?).

It is an attack-type life-form with offensive capabilities more powerful than any other being on Earth, allowing it to easily kill the previous fifth Dead Apostle Ancestor in seconds after being attacked, and its very existence is above that of a normal being. Its ability to slay humans is similar to Primate Murder in terms of speed, surpassing Angra Mainyu. Despite its strength, it is noted to not be the strongest of the Aristoteles who responded to the call of the Earth.

It can be said that it has no weaknesses while the battleground is Earth, though other Ultimate Ones have been stopped by methods above the existence of the common sense of the planet such as having concepts imposed on them or True Magic. It does not have Earth's concept of death, making it immune to abilities such as attacks from a user of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, so it must be destroyed physically.[3]

It is able to partially simulate the creatures it preys upon, allowing it to potentially mimic human speech if it devours a human. It cannot actually learn the culture of Earth, so it would simply remain as an imitation unlike Type Venus. It has found that the creature with the "strongest flavor" is the previous fifth Ancestor.

ORT's very existence affects the reality surrounding it, similarly to a Reality Marble, but on a completely different level. Much like ORT, the ability is a phenomenon that exists beyond names, so Earth's magi call it Crystal Valley (水晶渓谷, Suishou keikoku?). It leaks an "alien system" that rewrites physical laws to passively transform the area around ORT into an alien crystalline substance, said to be beautiful, but horrendous and disturbing at the same time, that makes up the environment it lived in on Mercury. If humankind is considered that which destroys the planet, ORT can be considered an invader that paints the planet into an alien world. The ability is supposedly activated by ORT's movement, and the area around it has developed into a structure resembling a spider's web with crystal towers formed from trees.[1]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

PFALZ was responsible for the design for ORT.

ORT was developed with the concept of "hopeless despair" much like a hidden boss monster in a rpg that is more dangerous than the final boss. It would invoke someone to think "WTF man, did you losers bother to think about game balance omgwtflolz?" when it is the player's fault for fighting it. Due to it being unable to truly understand the concepts of Earth, "If you're searching for romance, it's your personal business."[1]



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