Type Saturn (タイプ・サターン, Taipu Satān?, also romanized as Type:Saturn), known as The Cross (十字架, Jūjika?) and the Aerial fortress (空中要塞?), is the Ultimate One of Saturn (土星のアルテミット・ワン, Dosei no Arutemitto Wan?) appearing in Notes.



Type Saturn is the Ultimate One of Saturn sent to Earth to fulfill the wish of the planet, to remove the still living beings on its corpse. While it would have been fine perishing together with the humans, that they were able to live on caused the planet to wish for their destruction.[1] Type Saturn acted as the leader, relaying orders to the others from their respective planets.[2] It and the others arrived during the Great War between A-Rays and Liners, causing them to cease the war and put up a united front. The Ultimate Ones' activity slowed since then, but they all continued to attack the living beings of Earth indiscriminately.[3]


Type Saturn has the appearance of a three thousand meter long flying cross. Its outer shell is composed of an illuminated mineral, and no other pattern can be seen on its surface.[2]


Each of the Ultimate Ones do not possess the same concepts as those on Earth, lacking the concept of "knowledge." While some are able to interact with humans to obtain "knowledge", it is unknown if Type Saturn is one of them.[4] Viewing humans and A-Rays as enemies, it attacks indiscriminately with the purpose of destroying all of them while ignoring other Ultimate Ones.[3][4]


Type Saturn is detected as heading towards the The City of the World Tree located on Type Venus' inactive body. The military sets up an attack to at least divert it from the city. Gun God is enlisted, but he perishes in the attack after his plane gets too close to Type Saturn. The plan is hit by an arrow of light, hitting Gun God when he pushes an Angel out of the way. The battle is successful in changing its course, but no damage is done to it.[1]

Ado Edem later destroys it by cleaving it with his Slash Emperor.[5] This triggers the final battle with the remaining Ultimate Ones.[4]


As an Ultimate One, Type Saturn is the strongest existence of Saturn, equated to the planet itself, and similarly to the other Ultimate Ones, it possesses the ability to wipe out all living beings in the world on its own.[4][1] Unable to be judged by the common sense of the planet, it and the others lack the very concept of "death."[1] The combined attacks of the A-Rays and Ether Liners prove completely ineffectual, only conceptual weapons like Black Barrel and overwhelming power like Slash Emperor showing the ability to damage them.[1]

It attacks by raining down one meter, cross-shaped electromagnetic shockwaves from its body towards the surface that explode and destroy the surrounding area on impact. It can generate different type of its "cross lights", such as ones that will bore through the surface in order to cause an earthquake, destroying the very land on which the beings of Earth live. As it passes through different areas, it leaves behind wastelands covered in countless crosses piercing the ground like tomb stones.[2] It is unique in that it receives orders from the other planets and relays them to the other Ultimate Ones.[4]


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