Type Venus (タイプ・ヴィーナス, Taipu Vuīnasu?), known as Heaven's Corpse (天の亡骸, Ten no Nakigara?), is the Ultimate One of Venus (金星のアルテミット・ワン, Kinsei no Arutemitto Wan?). It descends upon the Land of Steel in the world of Notes, where it is subsequently killed by Gun God. The remnants of its mind eventually mix with the concepts of humans to form into a humanoid with wings known as V/V, Girl (少女, Shōjo?), or "The Angel."



After Venus received the last cry of Earth, the planet's final wish to wipe out all life on its dead form, Type Venus received the planet's will as the highest ranking species of Venus. It traveled to the dead Earth, the Land of Steel, along with the other Types to act on that wish. While it arrived at around the same time as the others after the Great War, its form of attack was not as direct as the other Types, so it stayed above drifting in the clouds. While it had been harmless during the time the other Types had already begun the invasion, it began to descend in the 83rd year of the new calender to join them after completing its initial investigation and selecting the ideal seed bed. It was intercepted by Knights and other forces including Gun God in an operation named "Bird Drop." The battle took seven days, and Gun God's plane was the last left out of all of the air forces facing it. Official records state she was shot down in a mission by the Knights and landed somewhere on the continent after Gun God managed to place it into an eternal sleep by striking it with Black Barrel before it could properly land on the surface.

There was a monitoring base established on the corpse, City of the World Trees that sits under the wings of Type Venus that are called the World Trees (世界樹, Seikaiju?) because they resemble large trees. It eventually turned out that life began to grow on it, making it the only habitable place in the world, so a town naturally spread out over it after at least four years. Type Venus gained a human consciousness and appeared before Gun God five years after its death in the form of an angel. As of the attacks from both Type Uranus and Type Neptune, the majority of Leaves of Yggdrasil was destroyed.


Before reaching Earth, Type Venus lacked the concepts of the beings of Earth. It showed slightly more care in its attack than the others, which simply started destroying everything that came into contact with them. After being placed into eternal sleep, it ingested the concepts of the Liners and created a humanoid body for itself. While she has a grasp of language and communication, she is initially unable to understand a number of terms and concepts such as "guitar tuning", "revenge", or the nature of the cloud sky. She also fails at physical tasks initially, but gets better at everything besides playing the guitar. She thinks of herself as a human, and only first realizes that she is not during her last conversation with Gun God.

She is described as spirited, straight forward, naturally offbeat, and "in love with love." She is constantly in a blissfully happy mood, so a sad expression makes her look really lonely. While the command input into her as a Type was earth predation, the generated answer after ingesting the concepts of earth and learning the common sense of the planet was "I love everybody living here." Her main hobby is looking at the lives of the people gathered underneath Yggdrasil, and even when faced with the destruction of her main body, she does not wish to move as it would release of the rest of the angels. She is willing to die so that they will not overwhelm and destroy the rest of the life on the planet before the other Aristoteles would get a chance.


V/V with her Guitar.

V/V has the form of a youthful girl with long, wavy, blonde hair and a pure white one-piece dress. She has a pair of bright-white wings and a ring of light floating above her head that gives her an appearance that looks more like an angel than an actual angel. She also carries around a blue electric guitar that belonged to Gun God's older sister. Gun God describes her as too beautiful to be an inhabitant of the Land of Steel, and her golden hair seems so dazzling that is projects poison instead of absorbing it from the air. Compared to everything else inside a world in steel color, he describes her as so pretty it is as if it were a nightmare. While she bears a resemblance to the Angel A-Rays and the wild angel spores, her form is a direct reflection of how people viewed the form of Type Venus.


V/V's portrait on the Notes page of Character Material

V/V is the main heroine of Notes. She was only called the "Angel" within the story, and she was given a full character design and the name V/V in Character Material over ten years later.

Notes begins with Gun God's vague recollection of firing upon Type Venus. He notes that he saw the form of his enemy right before firing and subsequently blacking out. He recalls seeing a beautiful angel within a rift in the clouds, and he later remembers their eyes meeting through the scope during the moment he pulled the trigger. He moved to the city built on its corpse four years later, and after a year, he one day comes home to find a strange angel in his apartment. She ambiguously describes herself only as an angel, and tells him that she wishes to do his housework, cook for him, and entertain him by playing the guitar. While he demands that she leave, she is adamant about being helpful to him with disastrous results.

While he physically throws her out and even gets checked out to make sure nothing is wrong with his brain, she begins to live there full-time without his permission. When inquiring about her true nature, she states that she is not an A-Ray, but a manifestation of everybody's imagination. She explains why she is there only with "Because it's you who killed me!", which does not make any sense to him. She eats away at his already low income, so he is forced to work even more to get food for her. He increases from killing twenty angels per day to thirty just so he can feed her. She learns and improves with the housework as time passes, but never reveals her identity.

As winter comes, the city begins to evacuate with the coming of Type Saturn. Gun God plans to leave, so he inquires about her true nature before they are to part. She calls herself an Aristoteles, but he cannot believe that such a small angel carrying a guitar is actually the same as those currently devastating the planet. She explains that she is part of the dead Type Venus that has become a reflection of everyone's fantasy. She says she is happy, but only exists as an illusion within imagination. Part of the definition of a true angel after the wings, halo, and beauty is that it is only an illusion, and something like her that can bring hope can only be a fantasy. She agrees with those thoughts and states "I wish I was a real angel."

He speaks with her one final time before leaving the city in the mission to fight off Type Saturn. She explains the exact nature of the Aristoteles, and claims that humanity has no chance of winning. While Gun God thinks it is the humans' faults for not accepting the prophecy in the 2000th year, she thinks it is the Aristoteles that are in the wrong for erasing lives without having an actual will. Gun God asks if she will leave in order to save her life, but she states that she will release all of the angels if she starts to move. It would kill everyone before the other Aristoteles even arrive, so she will only wait in the city because she just an image created by the people.

Gun God calls her an idiot for not simply taking off and leaving the accessories that are humans behind, and she can only respond "I know I am. But I can't help it. --I love this place." He confesses his love for her before departing, which surprises her because she is not human. He reminds her that he himself is the last human, so that means little. He tells her to find someone with a better dream so that she can become a real angel, but she says she'd rather stay a fake one as there is no such thing as a real angel. The fantasy states it will remain a fantasy, so he leaves content while only leaving behind his older sister's guitar and the fake angel.

V/V makes a brief cameo during the last episode of Carnival Phantasm, which contains various TYPE-MOON characters interacting with each other. She appears sitting on Assassin's Temple Gate car and waves at the viewer.


Type Venus is an Aristoteles that can be described as a gigantic carnivorous plant estimated to be a thousand meters long. Due to remaining within the sea of clouds, it is thought to have the form of a fish bearing an enormous tree on its back, but its image was never accurately recorded. Details on it are unknown because its shape was never confirmed by anyone, but it is a lifeform much closer to the species of Earth compared to the other Aristoteles.[1] V/V and Gun God describe her form as similar to the human concept of an angel, and Gun God notes that it was a figure that somehow resembles a human with a pair of wings that is more beautiful than anything else. The wings resemble massive trees that contain spores as its leaves or feathers. Its body emits a natural heat capable of destroying all of the planes used to face it with the exception of the transport vessel carrying Gun God due to it being controlled by an obsolete AI.

It is an invasion type environmental cultivation forest bed that roots itself into the ground and spreads hundreds of millions of spores as it eats away at the planet. It gradually takes its time to investigate its target, and it can select from different seed beds depending on the conditions. It chose Angel-Type Predation Terminals (天使型の捕食端末, Tenshi-Gata no Hoshoku Tanmatsu?) as the spores for the Land of Steel, which are humanoid females with wings on their backs similar to the "Guardian Angels" species of A-Rays. They are not the angels that were originally of the planet, but rather the falling feathers from Type Venus' wings take the shape of what humans perceived Type Venus used to look like. While they can be easily defeated by firearms in single combat, their numbers if released all at once would be in the billions. The moment Type Venus would land on the surface while still alive would signal the conclusion of the existing species on the planet.

It is the strongest being that existed on Venus, and it inherited the planet's will. Like the others, it has the ability to wipe out the rest of the life on the planet on its own, and as an alien being, it is unable to be judged by the planet's common sense. It lacks various concepts such as a mind, thought processes, and death. While a bullet from Black Barrel is nothing more than a grain of bean compared to it, it fell the moment it struck its forehead because it had the concept of a natural life-span and severe damage inflicted on it due to the large amounts of grain within its body. The state of its corpse is described as both dead and in an eternal sleep, but the nature of Earth's concept of death still does not apply even in that state. Its "mind" continued to exist even after its body became a corpse, and after five years, Gun God gets V/V to admit that her body has recovered enough that she would be able to move. Doing so would cause all the outer shell of her wings to break and release all of the angel spores at once, so she refuses to move at all.

The city built around its corpse is known as the strangest city within the land of steel as it is the only place on the dead Earth that can naturally support life due to plants being able to grow on it unlike the soil of the dead world. Plants cannot grow on the planet that no longer has the power to support life, but another life not of Earth is able to support them. The vegetation is not particularly healthy, as the trees are grey and a withered grass field on a hill is noted as being special. It's wings, the World Trees, are situated on top of a large hill in the center of the city. Given their name due to their size, they are large enough to reach the sea of clouds and cover the sky of the entire city. While the release of the angel spores was prevented when Type Venus was shot down, its corpse still releases angels from the World Trees at regular intervals. The angels, with the intelligence of wild dogs, constantly attack people in the city, which has led to the formation of various angel hunters to destroy them. They are released consistently enough that Gun God is able to make a full-time income only from hunting twenty or thirty of them each day.

It is a parasite type being, so its mind "ingests" the concepts of Liners after its death. It takes in their concepts of a mind and thought processes, which had never existed to it before then. The idea of forming a shape out of knowledge is something new, so it uses everyone as a model to form a shape out of the knowledge it has never used. Taking the form of the closest image of its former shape and everyone's fantasy, it becomes able to communicate with others by creating the same thought circuit and become self-aware in the human sense. The form it creates a long range "Stand" type of phantasm in the form of an angel. She refers to the projection as an illusion that is just reflecting the hopes, dreams, and fantasies of the inhabitants of the city by connecting to their thought circuits. Taking the form of an imaginary angel allowed her to become herself and detach herself from the being called an Aristoteles by becoming an illusion. She was able to acknowledge herself for the first time by becoming something not herself, so she is nothing but a manifestation of an angel that the people imagined on their own. She claims the reason for her beauty is because the inhabitants all have pure souls. The body is physical in nature, allowing her to consume Gun God's food and budget. She has a special power that grants a slight psychological healing effect that gradually helps Gun God become more open with his feelings.


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    An aristoteles estimated to be a thousand meters long. It appeared after the Great War and was flying in the sea of clouds. Its shape was never confirmed by anyone, and its details was unknown.
    A life form that had a pair of wings, and compared to the other Aristoteles's, it was close to this planet's species
    According to the records, it was shot down in the mission by the Knights in the 83rd year of the new calendar, and it fell somewhere on the continent. Originally, it was a life form that lands on the earth of a planet, rooting itself, and spreading its spore as it eats away the planet.
    It can also be described a gigantic carnivorous plant.
    ...It was put to an eternal sleep by the Black Barrel.