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U-Olga Marie (U-オルガマリー, U-Oruga Marī?, U-Olgamally, literally Ultra-Olga Marie), Class Name Beast VII (ビーストVII, Bīsuto VII?), is a Beast-class Servant appearing in Fate/Grand Order.



Known previously as the Alien God (異星の神, Isei no Kami?, lit. "God of Another Planet", localized as Foreign God), she was the cause of the Human Order Revision incident.[1] She was called "the VII of the End" (終局のVII, Shūkyoku no VII?) and "the Beast That Announces the End" (終わりを告げる獣, Owari wo Tsugeru Kemono?).


After the sabotage of the Fantasy Tree she was supposed to take over, for unknown reasons she ends up assuming the appearance of Chaldea's former director, Olga Marie. She is usually seen wearing a bizarre attire, consisting of a fur-trimmed cloak with a grey hooded cape, a multitude of ribbons and streamers, two cylinder arm bands and a giant crown. She also has a single small golden horn growing out of the right side of her forehead and two silver metal horns floating around her head. Most of her clothes are floating in mid-air, such as the bands around her arms and the two metal "horns".


Having acquired a vessel, she considers herself the planet's supreme existence to the point of calling herself the Prime Minister of Earth (地球国家元首, Chikyū Kokka Genshu?). She sees humans as primitive beings, expressing annoyance when she sees they aren't kneeling before her, asking if isn't one of the Earth's principles that mankind should fear and serve their gods.[2]


Fate/Grand Order: Observer on Timeless Temple[]

London: Death World in the Demonic Fog City[]

At some point prior to the resolution of the fourth singularity, she had summoned and made a deal with her first apostle, Sherlock Holmes, to ensure the undoing of Human Order Incineration Incident though Chaldea and destroy them from the inside right after Goetia's defeat so her plan can proceed unopposed.[3]

Solomon: The Grand Temple of Time[]

Gilgamesh states that as of the appearance of Goetia, the VII of the End will have appeared somewhere in the world, as their manifestations are in some way interlinked; any world in which an Evil of Man has manifested is said to tend unto "the Evil of the End" (終局の悪, Shūkyoku no Aku?), and thereby visited with mounting calamities.[4]

Epic of Remmant[]

She initially only approached Kirschtaria Wodime, but was convinced to extend her offer to the other members of the A-Team as well.[5] She approached them with a proposal - to chose between resurrection and glory or eternal sleep and idleness. Wishing to survive, they all chose resurrection and were each granted a Lostbelt as territory as well as a Servant.[6] The Crypters were tasked with nurturing the Fantasy Trees and expanding the Lostbelts, eventually creating the stage for her descent.[6]

Beast VII had Alter Ego servants summoned to act as her emissaries. She made a contract with Koyanskaya, who accepted and joined forces with her apostles to disable Chaldea so the Human Revision Order could begin.

Shimousa Province: The Stage of Carnage[]

She is called Satan Who Art As Lucifero (ルチフェロなりしサタン, Luchifero-narishi Satan?), the being that Amakusa meets on one of his travels. According to the slider, she presented herself as a god who had her brethren slaughtered by humans. Due to the similarity between their stories, she decided to help him with his revenge against not only the Tokugawa, but humanity, not without warning him about Chaldea and the possibility of them thwarting the plan.[7]

It is later revealed by Douman that said name was a joke he took too far due to Amakusa liking it and using it as a term of worship, and her True Name was said to be a great curse upon the world.[8]

Cosmos in the Lostbelt[]


On December 31, 2017 after Chaldea's shutdown, she covered the planet with a branch dome, latched the Fantasy Trees onto the Earth and then 12 hours later she stretched the branches down to the surface in order to annihilate the entire humanity, almost succeeding in the process.[9] After three months rewriting the world's Texture, she dispersed the branches, leaving the planet in a blank state and isolated from the universe, where the Lostbelts eventually expand and engulf it, usurping the Proper Human History.[1]

At some point she summoned Senji Muramasa as one of her apostles to ensure her descend can proceed as planned.[10]

Olympus: Interstellar Mountainous City[]

Emerging from the Fantasy Tree Atlas, she mentions that she came to Earth to investigate the suffering of her brethren, only to be amazed about the planet being so small and trifling that it wouldn't take her a year to conquer it. She then notices the people looking at her, making her realize her vessel is shabbier than she expected from the largest Fantasy Tree on the planet. She asks her apostle for a report about the remaining Trees.

After Rasputin shares his information, she comments that a single Lostbelt won't be enough. She then asks why Chaldea hasn't been removed yet and why they aren't bowing before her since she is a god. She seemed confused when Ritsuka calls her "Director", but then she assumes that they have gone mad with fear. She introduces herself as a god who descended from the void to reform the planet and eliminate its evils as its supreme ruler. Due to her finally obtaining a body, the current humanity, the Lostbelts, the Crypters, and even her apostles are considered unnecessary to her, since they fulfilled the main purpose she assigned to them. Before she can eradicate them all, Wodime uses his Sirius Light, empowering his magecraft to temporarily push both her and the Tree out of the Lostbelt.[2]

Beast VII came out unscathed from Wodime's meteor strike, utterly annoyed at the thought of beings daring to attack her even knowing they'll achieve nothing. Concluding that her current vessel is not enough to instill terror in those who see her, she dispatched both Muramasa and Rasputin to investigate the artifact that managed to burn the Fantasy Tree Seyfert and to search for the strongest vessel available on the planet.[11]

Heian-kyō: Hell Realm Mandala[]

U-Olga Marie is mentioned to have moved from the Atlantic Lostbelt to the South American Lostbelt. She cannot currently move from there for a while, possibly due to injuries caused by Kirschtaria's magecraft.[12]

Non-Primate Lebensraum Tunguska Sanctuary[]

U-Olga Marie locates the Wandering Sea and destroys it with her pseudo-black hole. Chaldea and Sion Eltnam Sokaris manage to escape but are forced to use the Storm Border as their permanent base as they flee from the Alien God's pursuit.[13]

Traum: Death and Revelation World[]

Due to the first apostle's failure to take Chaldea out of the picture, the Alien God summoned James Moriarty (who ended contracting with the system itself, the "Alien World") to remind the detective of his original role or punish him for his betrayal.[14][3]


Beast VII is capable of wiping an entire planet's surface and completely destroying Earth's governments in mere days, as well as isolating the planet from signals, cosmic rays and other emissions from celestial bodies except the Sun. She is also capable of rewriting the Texture of a world and fixing existences such as the Lostbelts to it. She and her Fantasy Trees can maintain the existence of a Lostbelt, which would normally be pruned as a dead-end history.[6]

She is capable of reviving individuals close to the point of death, such as the Crypters.[6] She can also bestow certain privileges on other entities, such as the ability to travel between the Lostbelts, which she granted to the Servants it had summoned to act as her emissaries,[15] and bequeath unique abilities to any being she desires, since Douman claims most of his abilities are her blessings,[10][16] as well as the ability and sorcery to summon and corrupt Heroic Spirits that the "Sorcerer" boasts stems from her as well.[7]

Additionally she could also manipulate the human mind and place unique "curses" unto any individual she desires, as seen where she gave Kirschtaria Wodime a unique condition where he would constantly go through highly accurate, realistic simulations of him completing the Grand Orders with his teammates and Ritsuka Fujimaru, that then made him privy to several of their secrets, personalities and quirks.

At the time of observation at Olympus, the output of her Saint Graph was equivalent to that of a Third Planetary-Class. This is second only to Goetia, whose release of magical energy was equivalent to a Second Planetary-Class Saint Graph. According to Sion Eltnam Sokaris, there is a possibility that Black Barrel cannot measure U-Olga Marie's lifespan because she is currently unable to be understood by humans. This is related to her ability to produce Black Holes, a common phenomenon in Outer Space, on Earth.[12] U-Olga claims that she has an "omniscient vision" with ability to see the world of subatomic particles. She is capable of interfering with gravity to compress ultra-dense matter to create massive gravitational spheres, a pseudo-black hole, one of which she would have destroyed the Wandering Sea with had Sion not initiated the self-destruct as a counter-attack.[13]


Creation and Conception[]

Takashi Takeuchi is the character designer of Beast VII, he described her appearance as someone trying too hard to appear strong.[17] According to Kinoko Nasu, U-Olga Marie was designed as the image of a space monster combined with Olga Marie's human nature.[17]


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