Uisce Beatha: O' Life Scooped with These Hands (この手で椈う命たちよ
, Kono-te de Buna u Inochi-tachi yo
Ushuku Pēhā
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Fionn mac Cumhaill. Water scooped by Fionn's hands will gain the power of healing - the anecdote of the Water of Life itself becoming a Noble Phantasm. Whether it is spring water of a fountain or tap water, "if scooped with both hands," it will quickly become water with a recovery effect.[1]

When used on humans, wounds will be healed. It can also be used on Servants. Additionally, any poisons will be cleansed from this healing. Fionn usually carries a water bag with him whenever he needs to scoop water for this Noble Phantasm's usage.[1]


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