Ultimate Ones (原初の一(アルテミット・ワン), Gensho no Ichi(Arutemitto Wan)?, lit. Primordial One (Ultimate One)), also known as Aristoteles (アリストテレス, Arisutoteresu?) by the humans of the Land of Steel or Types (タイプ, Taipu?), are the eight ultimate lifeforms from other heavenly bodies, embodying the will of the planets themselves. Type Moon, while not active at the same time as the others, is also considered one.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Ultimate Ones are the ultimate beings from other planets, differing significantly from both creatures of Earth and each other biologically and in appearance. They do not have the same sense of self as humans, nor do they have the concepts of damage or death. They require something above the existence of the common sense of the planet in order to be harmed or destroyed, though the resulting "death" is not necessarily permanent. In the world of Notes, they lack names originally, only given the name of "Aristoteles" by humans, and it is unknown why "Aristoteles" is used, perhaps originating from a scientist of the old age.[1] It is possible for some to acquire the planet's concept of "knowledge" and several were able to contact mankind. Type Venus, as a parasite type being, is capable of such, but Type Mercury can only mimic the beings of Earth.

Each is the strongest lifeform of its planet, essentially the planets themselves, and they each have the power to singlehandedly exterminate all existing lifeforms on Earth. Type Saturn appears to be the leader of those on Earth, as well as the relay point for orders from the respective planets. They do not contend with each other, operating freely without conflict.[2]

Role[edit | edit source]

The Ultimate Ones are called to the world of Notes by the planet as its final death cry is a wish to destroy all of humanity, who have managed to outlive it. If humanity had perished at the same time as the planet, it would have been content, but it is scared of the existence that would continue to live on it after its death. The other planets, hearing this wish, each send their highest ranking species in order to fulfill it. Type Mercury somehow received the call five thousand years before the Common Era and hibernates in its Crystal Valley in South America in preparation for the promised time (約束の時, yakusoku no toki?).

They appear in the Land of Steel suddenly during the Great War, considering both mankind and the A-Rays as their enemies. Both groups were significantly damaged from the war, and they decide to work together to battle the threat. The Six Sisters possibly perished while destroying Type Pluto, creating the Blood Sky, and they create the Cloud Sky as a barrier to keep two more of them from entering the world. Their overall activity slows after the Great War ends, but they still continue to slaughter the living beings of the planet. Type Jupiter kills the most humans on the Western Continent, and is eventually destroyed by Ado Edem. Type Venus is "killed" by Gun God, and its corpse is turned into a city, Leaves of Yggdrasil.

Type Venus manages to project a human form, and subsequently comes to love the humans. While Gun God claims that listening to the "prophecy in the 2000th year" would have allowed humans to avoid their fate and end up only as victims, she believes, after gaining the common sense of Earth, that the Aristoteles who are erasing beings without having a will of their own are in the wrong. Type Saturn is eventually destroyed by Ado Edem, and Type Neptune and Type Uranus destroy the Leaves of Yggdrasil during the Type Uranus and Type Neptune firing operation. With the destruction of Type Saturn, they enter the final battle with the human race. Type Moon is supposedly involved with the events in the Land of Steel, and he would appear before the "final boss."

Known Ultimate Ones[edit | edit source]

Type Mercury
(Also known as ORT.)
Type Venus
(Also known as V/V.)
Type Mars
Type Jupiter
Type Saturn
Type Uranus
Type Neptune
Type Pluto
Type Moon
While the Moon is not a planet in itself, it is a celestial body, and Crimson Moon Brunestud is classified as a Type.
Archetype Earth
Arcueid Brunestud herself is not classified as an Ultimate One, but she can be partially considered one when this side of her completely resurfaces. Ciel believes that Arcueid managed to awaken her Origin, but Archetype denies this declaring that they are intrinsically a single being, and that she simply has a very long waking period, as the basis of life for her is far too vast compared to the living organisms that live on the surface. This form is revealed to be the subconscious of Arcueid (the side of her as Crimson Moon) taking control of the body of Arcueid temporarily to experience the human world. She is classified as Archetype Earth, and takes on her original appearance before losing her hair to Altrouge Brunestud. She has much more authority than Arcueid, and she is also able to directly affect the entire planet. Ciel mentions the possibility of her melting the ice of the North and South poles or playing pinball with the continents. She was about to stop the revolution of the Earth until she was stopped by Arcueid. Riesbyfe Stridberg, after encountering her, refers to her as an Ultimate One.
Oort Cloud Ultimate One
Arrived on Earth in the past. Described as a "golden rainforest riddled with giant beasts, carrying an immense Xibalba in its womb. In worlds made stable by Alaya, it turns to sleep. In worlds where Gaia manifests, it wriggles and squirms."[3] It is described as an Ultimate One:  (極限の単独種(アルテミット・ワン)?).

References[edit | edit source]

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    Considering mankind and A-ray as their enemies, they repetitively attacked them indiscriminately. Mankind were broken their platform completely, and the hundred A-rays decreased in number significantly by them.
    After the Great War was over, they slowed down their activity by the sea of clouds that covered the sky, but they still continue to slaughter the living things on the planet.
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    After Type-Saturn, who received orders from their respective planets and sent it to the others, got eliminated, they entered a final war with the human race.

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