UnderworldsWP (冥界?, lit. "Netherworlds") are realms in which the souls of the deceased are gathered during the Age of Gods.[1]


During the Age of Gods in which the existence of underworlds were prevalent, there was a separation between "physical death" and "spiritual death." It was possible for a soul to be taken from the body and later returned so long as the body was preserved, viewed as a type of medical treatment in some cultures. Should the soul have been destroyed before reaching its respective underworld, the body would eventually perish. The soul being taken to the underworld itself wasn't death, but rather the nothingness beyond that underworld was actual death.[1]


Known underworlds[]

Doomsday Come[]

Main article: Doomsday Come

Kur (Babylonia)[]

KurWP is the underworld of Babylonia.

There is a field of soul cages containing deceased souls within Kur. In Kur, there are seven gates that one needs to pass through in order to reach Ereshkigal's palace. The gates will ask a binary question that's fair and logical to test a soul's morality.[2]

A god's powers are nullified in Kur to prevent their escape after death. In the Babylonia Singularity, Ishtar shrinks with every gate she passes through, losing 1/7 of her divinity at a time.[2]

Hell (Buddhism)[]

HellWP (地獄?) is the underworld of Buddhism.

Datsue-ba is an oni of Hell tasked with collecting the fare used to pay the ferryman to cross the Sanzu RiverWP by stripping the dead of their clothing. She was the wife of Enma, and it was said she had been in Hell longer than Enma himself.[3]

Beni-enma is a gokusotsu (獄卒?), a kind of oni akin to prison wardens in Hell, who runs "Enma-tei."

Ne-no-Kuni (Shinto)[]

Ne-no-KuniWP (根の国?) is a hellish underworld in Japanese mythology which is said to exist underground. Oonamuchi endured hardships here in order to become a true god.[4]

Tokoyo-no-Kuni (Shinto)[]

Tokoyo-no-Kuni (常世の国?) is a paradise afterlife in Japanese mythology which is located across the sea.[4] It is surrounded by violent waves, which Sukunabikona crossed on the boat Ame-no-Kagaminofune.[5]

Olympus (Lostbelt)[]

Not a traditional underworld, the underground infrastructure of the city Olympus known as Tartarus is the domain of Hades and thus possesses the name of the underworld, originally designed to facilitate maintenance of the city's systems. The structure of Tartarus is comprised of the fallen of the Titanomachia, Gigantomachia and Olympiamachia, and as such, it is referred to as a 'country of the dead'. Due to the lingering influence of Hades's Authority, Zeus cannot conduct surveillance in the majority of the undercity besides areas of shallow depth (downtown areas) without expending a considerable amount of his resources.[6][7][8]

Xibalba (Mesoamerica)[]

XibalbaWP is the underworld of the MayaWP. Quetzalcoatl also refers to it as the AztecWP underworld and associates its power with the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.[9] Rasputin states that there is a golden sea of trees in the belly of the underworld known as Xibalba that is home to the Ultimate One of the Oort cloud.[10]


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