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« Supply me with magical energy... Let's end it right away!"
"I am the bone of my sword."
"──So as I pray, Unlimited Lost Works. »

(Archer Alter)

Unlimited Lost Works: The Void Creation of Swords (の剣製
, Mugen no Kensei
Anrimiteddo Rosuto Wākusu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of EMIYA Alter. Although the "Infinite Creation of Swords" is one amongst the crowning achievements attained across the lifetime of a certain magus, this particular version of the Reality Marble -- comprised of those weapons he witnessed that bore the Concept of "Sword", aggregated in their entirety -- is made to manifest within the opponent's flesh by certain means. The minuscule Reality Marble becomes an incredible force, shredding the target from within.[1]


In-game, the kanji 「限」 is crossed out on Archer's command card, writing, instead of Infinite Creation of Swords, The Void Creation of Swords (無の剣製, Mu no Kensei?).


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