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« Do not think that fights are only fought with strength alone..."
"This is the great strategist's ultimate position."
"Unreturning Army!"
"I'll definitely break them. »


Unreturning Army: Stone Sentinel Maze (石兵八陣かえらずのじん, SekiheihachijinKaerazu no Jin?) is the Noble Phantasm of Zhuge Liang. A legendary military formation set by Zhuge Liang at the occasion when he decided for his army to take flight. Composed by huge rocks, said formation bewildered invaders and drove them to death.[1]

As a Noble Phantasm, it becomes a High-Thaumaturgy that can forcibly change the area where the enemies are staying into the Stone Sentinel Maze. Unless they escape from the Stone Sentinel Maze, the trapped targets will accumulate additional damage each turn.[2]


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