Unspeakable Formation: Time Immemorial Formation (混元一陣
, Katarazu no Jin?) is the Noble Phantasm of Sima Yi. Properly called Formation of Mixed Origin (混元一気の陣, Kongen Ikki no Jin?).

The essence of the human known as Sima Yi is not that of a strategist that pulls clever schemes and is a rare genius. Naturally arranging whether it’s warfare or authority conflicts, naturally waiting for time, naturally winning, she mutters a song that isn’t unpleasant but can’t be liked.

At the time the phantom sun and moon appear from the horizon, the forte of the enemy is crushed, and the hidden weak points are exposed. If enough conditions like "being a once defeated enemy" or "having already gathered all the enemy’s data" are met, it becomes a joker killer that can even "create a weak point".

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