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« Hm? Show my true strength...? Very well, I'll respond to that order!"
"The wise men from the East, the Great God of Northern Europe, the fruit of knowledge... My wisdom, my omnipotence, surpasses all other wisdom."
"Uomo Universale! »


Uomo Universale: The Universal Man (万能の人
, Ban'nō no Hito
Uomo Univuerusāre
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Leonardo da Vinci.

The legendary omnipotence associated with Leonardo da Vinci given shape. It instantly analyzes the target(s) and adjusts his/her greatest attack in accordance with that target(s) before firing, commonly called an all-purpose, specially-made Noble Phantasm. Apparently, it is originally a reflection-type Noble Phantasm that repels attacks by provisionally composing the enemy’s Noble Phantasm on the spot, but those resources are being utilized for the sake of administrating Chaldea.[1][2]

In Fate/Grand Order, a different shape of his/her omnipotence is demonstrated. In other words, it is a magical attack done by deforming in a flash his/her right gauntlet (a support-type, all-purpose gauntlet used for all states of warfare) and giving to the enemy camp a “compulsory” fixed damage by projecting pure magical energy. This damage is one that is not able to be reduced by any defensive-type Noble Phantasm and Skill, not to mention anti-magical energy abilities; that is to say, by putting together a super advanced formula technique that analyzes in real-time, every opponent becomes a susceptible target for his/her magical attack.[2]


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