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« I should experience being called a concubine, no?"
"This is the snake of time, the omen of Egypt’s downfall. I command you as the final pharaoh."
"Uraeus Astrape!"
"... But, it wasn’t my fault! »


Uraeus Astrape: O', serpent who finishes the time of daybreak, come to me (暁の時を終える蛇よ、此処に
, Akatsuki no toki o oeru hebi yo, koko ni
Uraeusu Asutorape
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Cleopatra.

It summons an enormous monster, a serpent with a striped pattern of blue and gold. The serpent is coiled around with flames over its whole body. Because she does not own a Riding Skill, Cleopatra is unable to manipulate it, and consequently, the serpent can only do nothing but destroy the surroundings (Cleopatra also receives damage from this). If one owns the Divinity Skill, damage received is reduced in proportion to their Skill’s rank.[1]

This serpent of Cleopatra’s is called a “Divine Beast”, but it is not strictly a Divine Beast of the Phantasmal Species, and it is something that embodied the concept of ancient Egypt’s demise. Her anguish and regret during her lifetime from not having a choice but to shut down the history of Egypt that spanned over thousands of years by severing her own life was changed into a Noble Phantasm connected with the serpent (Uraeus), the symbol of the Divinity of the Pharaohs. The symbol of the serpent is the cobra, and was it according to a determined destiny, was it by intention, or was it by coincidence that it was the cobra that Cleopatra had chosen as her means of suicide?[1]


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