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General[edit | edit source]

  • rename image files
  • replace JPG with PNG
  • edit appropriate profile images to remove background
  • remove promotional images with excessive text
  • separate galleries? (too many images and most of the thumbnails fail to load)
  • list-defined references
  • split minor characters pages
  • split Navboxes (example)
  • split staff pages - Writers, Illustrators, Voice Actors, Studios, Directors
  • disambiguation pages
  • edit for diacritical markings ???
  • Command Spells in red - #8f3020 ("official" in FGO, doesn't translate well to web colours for some reason) or #FF0000 (bright red) or #990000 (web colour closest to "official")
    • technically done except for all the images that have a white outline/glow and no other version
  • general overhaul
    • Fate/Grand Order
    • compress summaries
    • profiles need actual information as opposed to straight lifting from game profiles
  • fan translation review vs. official translations/localisations
    • Japan very clearly adopts the localisations for various titles (see Salem manga volume covers)
  • I think I mixed up the use of : and - for the super/subtitles at some point, so that's going to need a review.
  • is it possible for fandom to adopt the ex-gamepedia layout (e.g. Hades wiki)

Images[edit | edit source]

  • search uses both file name and summary, however it has trouble with no spacing and wildcards DO NOT WORK
  • keep common acronyms where possible
  • FGO wiki has started using servant number in file names, same as Craft Essences, but may be best to keep as class - name - stage

Localisation[edit | edit source]


<sup>''[[Fate/Grand Order|GO]]''</sup>


<sup>''[[Fate/EXTELLA LINK|Link]]''</sup>

Redirects/Renames[edit | edit source]

  • Gáe Bolg
  • Dreamlike Charisma
  • grammar/tenses are hard
  • Skill/Noble Phantasm
  • Kiara's Skills require fixing
  • III/L Stone Horns/Light Horns

FGO Arcade[edit | edit source]

For fun[edit | edit source]

  • list of "Chaldea organisations" e.g. activity clubs, ServaFes doujin circles
  • misc. story skills (generally in-game, cross-reference gamepress and appmedia)

Consolidate references into template[edit | edit source]

  • anime episode
  • movie
  • manga chapter
  • game
  • material/reference


  • interview/article
  • twitter
  • blog
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