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El-Melloi Classroom (answer prior to LEM2CF)[]

TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet: Q:ウェイバーが例の某人物へと育った後の話をもっと知りたいのですが(10代アーチボルト当主とフラットくんのヴィジュアルも含めて)いつかこの件に対してもっと詳しく語る予定はあるのでしょうか?

A:このあたりの未来はすべて成田良悟氏の胸先三寸さ!でも、希望的観測はしていいと思うの、アタシ。 ちなみにエルメロイ二世はいかつい頬でロン毛という玄人好みのルックスになりますが、いつも不機嫌そうな顔で実際、不機嫌。弟子たちへの悪態は尽きることありませんが、メチャクチャ面倒見がいい「デレ期のないツンデレ先生」と言われている。 一方、エルメロイ教室に入らざるを得なくなったニホンの魔術師(ミニスカニーソ、黒髪、赤い服)は、弟子入り半年間はエルメロイ二世の悪態指導にうんざりしたものの、「あれ、この人ツンデレじゃなくて、単に超生真面目で実力主義者で厭世家で、おまけに正義の人なだけじゃないの?」と気がついたとかなんとか。

Q: I'd like to know more in regards to [matters] that followed after Waver's instruction of a certain individual (inclusive also of the visuals for Flat-kun and the teenage head of the Archibald), but are there plans to [provide] more detail in regards to this at some point?

A: All that pertains to the future thereabouts [I'll leave] to the [determination] of Mr. Narita Ryougo. Though, I would think it reasonable to [regard the matter] with optimism. Incidentally, though El-Melloi II comes to acquire a sophisticated look with his stern countenance and and his long hair, his persistent expression of apparent ill humor is in fact [legitimately] ill of humor. It doesn't reach the point that he verbally assails his apprentices, [and] he's [rather] spoken of as an incredibly helpful 「tsundere teacher absent of a dere phase」. On the other hand, although a [certain] magus of Nihon (miniskirt kneesocks; black hair; red attire) who hadn't a choice but to enter the El-Melloi Classroom was after entering apprenticeship for half a year fed up with El-Melloi II's caustic instruction, she might have come to notice that, 「Hm? Rather than a tsundere, isn't this guy merely just a super serious meritist pessimist, who's additionally a man of justice?」

Rin's future at the Clock Tower[]

Comptiq 2006-03 issue – Fate Dojo Q&A: Q:ぶっちゃけ遠坂凛って、将来魔術師としてどの位大成するんですか? 天才であるから相当な高みへといけそうな気がする一方で、彼女の特技である『ここ一番で失敗する』のせいで微妙な位置で留まりそうな気も……。 (愛知県/モンブラン)

A:ぶっちゃけ教授にはなれます。でも名誉教授にはなれません。 なぜなら、やはり、ここ一番で大ポカするからネ! ……けど、晩年にはドジ属性ののろいも克服できてそうですよ? 魔術師界隈では「ある意味、手を出してもいいコトがない大物」として扱われるのではないでしょうか。

Q: Speaking frankly, what would be the extent of Tohsaka Rin's accomplishments as a magus in prospective? Though on the one hand, it feels as if she could attain a considerable prominence on account of her genius, per her specialty of 『failing at the critical juncture』, it also feels like she could be held back at a peculiar positioning ... (Aichi Prefecture / Montblanc)

A: Speaking frankly, she'd become a professor. However, she wouldn't become a professor emeritus. Of course, this would be because she'd blunder at a critical juncture! ... though, she would in later years become capable of overcoming the curse of her klutziness, you know? In the depths of the world of the magi, she'd perhaps be treated as 「in a certain sense, a heavyweight against which making a move leads to nothing good」?

Extra Rin's origins[]

Special booklet "EXTRA OF TYPE-MOON" that was attached to the April 2010 issue of Comptiq: >ここで紹介した凛は、「Fate」の凛とは別人。 >かつての遠坂家当主・遠坂時臣が海外へ渡った際の落胤の血を引く一族なのだ。 >だが、その性格や嗜好パターンはオリジナルの凛そのもの。 >「もうひとりの凛」といえる存在なのである。

>新納:もともと「エクストラ」の凛は、ある意味パラレルな凛だったんです。 >電脳空間の中で凛のアバターを使っている凛に似た女の子……だったのですが >「そんなのハッキリしないので、凛は中身も『遠坂凛』にしましょう」 >という奈須さんからの刺激的なご提案がありました。

>れっきとした遠坂の一族であり、名前も「凛」。 >その気性やパーソナリティも凛そのもので >「2030年に生きる、もうひとりの凛」とでもいうべき存在、という設定です。 >あわせて遠坂家が1990年代に没落しているとか、 >サラっとすごい設定も追記されていましたので、こちらも驚きました。

 The Rin here presented is a distinct person from the Rin of 「Fate」.  [She is of] a household that succeeds the bastard lineage (落胤の血, rakuin no chi; "blood of illegitimate descent," typically from a man of high standing, via a mistress), [left behind] as of the circumstance that Tohsaka Tokiomi -- a former head of the House of Tohsaka -- went overseas.  However, the pattern of her preferences and character are as the very image of the original Rin.  She's an existence that could be called as 「another Rin」.

 Niinou (新納, as in game dev 新納一哉, Niinou Kazuya): In the first place, the Rin of 「Extra」 was in a certain sense a parallel Rin.  A girl similar to Rin, who within cyberspace made use of an avatar that was Rin ... or rather, that's what she used to be; but --  「Seeing as that's rather indefinite, how about we make Rin 『Tohsaka Rin』 on the inside as well?」  or so Nasu-san stated, [offering forth] a provocative proposal.

 [Therefore, she was] legitimately rendered to the Tohsaka clan, and [her] name was likewise 「Rin」.  Being that in temperament or personality, she was [in essence] Rin herself,  [her] settings [rendered her] an existence that should be called as 「another Rin, who lives as of the year 2030」.  Additionally, being that such incredible settings as the fall of the House of Tohsaka as of 1990's were boldly appended, there was quite a bit of surprise on our side as well.


From the F/Z Hanafuda game in the PSV version of F/SN Realta Nua:

  • Tokiomi:「そうか……私も考えを改めたよ。桜は返してもらおう。ツテを頼りに、遠縁のエーデルフェ ルトに預けるとしよう」
  • Translation: Tokiomi: I see... I think I'm going to change my mind. I will take Sakura back. Depending on the situation, it's probably better to leave her at the custody of our distant relative Edelfelt.

Svin's promotion[]

  • Ceremony
  • Miwa: The ceremonial scene is a modification of the promotion ceremony of the "Golden Dawn" group. It was finely reconstructed by El-Melloi II in line with the characteristics of the modern magecraft department and the El-Melloi classroom, and the crest on the front also represents that of the El-Melloi classroom.

Tristan Interlude[]

Fate/Grand Order- Tristan Interlude

Sunset at the seaside
-- There are things I let go,
-- and there are things I lost.
Even if I reach out, the distance is infinitely far away,
and will only fuel my sorrow.
So, with that exhaustion
I give up and let my arm fall.
Oh, I surely must have mistaken from there.
My hand, after all --

Chaldea hallway
Mashu: This sound of a harp is - it seems to be Tristan-san.
Guda: It's sadder than usual / It's a different piece from usual
Mashu: Yes. Usually, his pieces have a synchronization of cold sound and warm rhythm, but this is - this is like he's alone at the bottom of the sea, there is a sadness like that.
Bedivere: Oh, it seems Sir Tristan is remembering something sad.
Mashu: Bedivere-san...
Guda: Something sad?
Bedivere: The pieces he play reflect his feelings very well. When he is happy, a happy piece. When he is sad, a sad piece. And so on, he expresses delicate feelings with his fingers.
Mordred: What now, that Tori dude is feeling depressed again?
Mashu: Mordred-san!
Bedivere: Mordred. Do you have any idea why Sir Tristan is feeling so wretched?
Mordred: There's no way I'd know. But, well. If someone with ego-centered nerves that he falls asleep during a parade is depressed... it's either over our king, or woman troubles. Either way, it's a sensitive topic for him.
Bedivere: That's true, but...
Guda: Fell asleep during a parade?
Bedivere: Yes... It was after we were returning victorious from an expedition, and we were parading spectacularly with the king. The people greeted us with enthusiastic cheering. But during that parade, Sir Tristan was sleeping on his horse. Sir Lancelot tried scolding him, but he probably was asleep through that too.
Mordred: With his face, it’s impossible to tell whether he's asleep or not anyway! He's always got his eyes closed unless something's going on. And he's still aware of what's going on around him.
Bedivere: From what I hear, bats and whales have a function called echolocation. Perhaps Sir Tristan is one of those kinds?
Mashu: I can't really say that's a big lie.
Mordred: Then he's definitely a bat! He's somewhere in between human and bird!
Bedivere: No, that's rude to both of them. Sir Tristan's nerves is an otherworldly mystery. Being both delicate yet daring, ephemeral yet hopeless, he is more fit as a creature like a wall, but yet will cry... yes, likening him to a whale is a good fit.
Tristan: .... Sir Bedivere. And Sir Mordred.
Mordred: Geh!
Mashu: Oh, Tristan-san.
Tristan: Master, I've come. I heard my name being called, along with some insults.
Guda: That's these two / Something about bats and whales
Tristan: That is... hm. Bats are unacceptable, but whales are okay.
Mordred: What, really?
Bedivere: See, Whale(He) is like that.
Mordred: But why?! Bats can fly, suck blood, and is way cooler than whales! Like a villain!
Tristan: ......... Oh, I'm suddenly sad. You feel "beauty" in villains...... I think you ought rectify that, as a knight. And you too, Sir Bedivere, so heartless. Hm, my fingers are itching. Maybe I should play a piece of battle once in a while.
Mordred: Oh right, it's time for training, see you guys!
Bedivere: I too remember that I had to return a book to the library. It's the third time, so I have to make sure to return it this time.
Tristan: ...... *sigh*
Mashu: Tristan-san, are you angry?
Tristan: No, not at all. Sir Mordred being lively is usual. Sir Bedivere being severe to me, too. But I'm not called Tristan of laments for nothing. Any sadness I receive will not pass from my heart easily. In the next simulated battle, I'll be fair and target on them.
Mashu: (He's quietly angry!)
Tristan: But, then again. It is true that talking with them has brightened my mood. Sir Bedivere really does know how to handle me well.
Guda: Speaking of, the harp now... / Was there something sad?
Tristan: [It seems you have noticed. ...... I was remembering the past a bit. / You are quite direct. ... Yes, I was remembering a sad event.] I was remembering Isolde.
Mashu: Isolde is Tristan-san's....
Tristan: There were two Isolde in my life. The Isolde I loved, and the Isolde of the white hands who loved me. ... When I say so, most people misunderstand. Is that not, quite frankly, a moral-lacking two-timer, as is common in handsome men?
Guda: Well uh... / Didn't you love both?
Tristan: [You needn’t try to be evasive. / ... Yes, that is the problem.] -- Actually, have I ever really loved someone?
Mashu: What...!?
Tristan: As it is in the legends, I fell in love because of a certain potion(philtre). I could never feel that crazing passion towards Isolde of the white hands.
Still, it was only because of a potion. Wasn't it a dream of one night, a mistake?
In the first place, I was not loved when I was born. Maybe I never learned to love someone because I didn't know love in my youth?
.... When I started thinking like that, my spirit plummeted in no time, and I was playing that piece.
Mashu: No, that's not right. Tristan-san, aren't you a
that can give your life for someone.
Tristan: Of course, I am a knight. But... oh, but.... as Sir Bedivere says, maybe I don't deserve to be human? I even feel it is my fate to be banished by Martha-dono, as a tragic dragon who knew naught of love...!
Guda: Stop! / Calm down!
Tristan: [I am not moving. / I am perfectly calm. My heart is beating normally. You can even check my pulse.]
Gawain: Hahaha, Tristan's usual illness started again. Lamenting sickness... it takes a while once his self-denial starts.
Mashu: Gawain-san!
Tristan: Sir Gawain... But even you can't understand this anguish.
Gawain: Indeed, I can't understand at all. Not your sadness, but the reason you are sad, that is. I feel there is nobody else that keeps on loving people as much as you do.
There is no shape to love, in the first place. Can't we even say loyalty is one kind of love? Whether lust exists matters not. Neither does the amount of passion.
For example, say a weak yet gentle man humbly married a woman... was threatened by a stronger presence, to surrender his wife's life if he did not want to be killed, and he bitterly complied, could you say he did not love his wife? We with fangs, are we in a position to blame him, "you did not love her"?
Tristan: That is --
Gawain: Not wanting to let go is not the only way of love. You are not unknowing of love --
Tristan: I ...
Gawain: Excuse me, this was unwanted meddling. I must have stepped in too much, the way I would in a battle. Master, you needn't put up with Tristan's worrying. Clouds of laments should be banished by vitality. Exercising in the simulator would be a good distraction.
Guda: That's true / How do you think Tristan
Tristan: ... I suppose. It's a bit impulsive... but I shall try Sir Gawain's plan. Master, please give me your orders. With how I'm entirely lost, it would be better to have you direct me as much as possible.
Gawain: Then, simulate me as the opponent. Set as strong as possible, please. It has to be enough of an exercise to wipe Sir Tristan's bizzare intellect blank, after all. The opponent should be the strongest, a knight like the sun.
Guda: Gawain at full power... !? / Tristan, let's do your best
[Mashu: ... I too am traumatized, Senpai. But for Tristan-san’s sake, let’s do our best to fight! / Tristan: Yes, I know how Sir Gawain at his best is frightening. I will stop my anguishing, and concentrate on fighting!]

Log break / Battle with Gawain

Mashu: Good job, Senpai. ... He sure was strong...
Tristan: ... So forceful. I have entirely forgotten all those melodies I had floating around. ... Yes, thanks to this, I could forget everything and concentrate on fighting. Still, to be full of worries even as a servant... Calling this a second life is quite apt.
Guda: Don't think too deeply / If there is anything....
Tristan: [Thank you. If I burden my master with this, I won't deserve to be a knight. I'll leave my worries faraway. / Yes, if anything comes up, I’ll go to you. I have no intention to hide anything from you.]
... My notes are bouncing. It seems I can play a good piece this evening. Master, I'll take my leave for now. I hope we both have a good evening.

Sky at sunset
-- I had a dream of becoming a bird and flying in the sky.
This kind of dream makes me think of something philosophical.
Like unconsciously seeking freedom.
Or, a bird is dreaming of me.
But that can't be.
My name is Tristan, a knight of the Round Table, no, a Heroic Spirit,
Servant, Archer --

A plain somewhere, daytime
I open my eyes with certainty.
In front of me, is Master.
Without any confusion, looking right at me.
Not severely like a king, nor gently like a saint.
The so very human eyes captivated me for a moment.
-- Master, is this a dream?
To my words, s/he nodded.

Tristan: I see, this is -- my dream.
Guda: If it's the same as usual, probably.
Tristan: I see. To summarize, it is more like a servant's mental world, rather than a dream? Not only restoring the human order, but also fighting in the dreams of servants... you must have been very busy, Master.
Guda: It's not that bad / It's pretty fun
Tristan: ... Oh. [When you wake up, please command me like a chambermaid. / Sometimes, I almost become wide-eyed at Master's mentality. ... Wait, perhaps. Harsh battles have made your mind to be always battle-ready...? That is impressive... I would like to be like that too, but it isn't easy...]

Time-lapse to sunset
Tristan: So this plain is my mental world? It is calm, but rather boring. ... No, I shouldn't have said that. If there is something haunting my mind, there always is danger. I should be wary of even a single rabbit.
After all, speaking of rabbits, everyone knows of the Vorpal Bunny. The strength of that fearsome bite! Even the next 11th seat, Bors was felled in one bite.
Under the sunlight, Sir Gawain forced the bunny to stop with all his might!
Sir Lancelot struck with Aroundight!
And Sir Mordred kicked dynamically!
Merlin kept on talking about the king!
And we finally defeated it!
Guda: It really exists!?
Tristan: ... ...... ... Excuse me, I exaggerated partially. I thought I'll try to lighten the mood in my way...
Guda: Joking prohibited / I, I see...
Tristan: [This is strange... Sir Bedivere always laughed, but maybe that was... just humoring me... ? / ... With my next Round Table Conversation Technique... I will definitely make Master laugh...]
It seems the true beast has wandered this way, while we were joking. Whether that my brutishness, or my malice...
Anyway, Master. Let us fight together.

Log Break / fight with skeletons and a spriggan

Tristan: That wasn't a very tough enemy. If that is my inner malice, this is child play. I was hoping defeating that would solve this(wake me up), but--
Guda: We're not waking up
Tristan: I'm terribly sorry. ... Night will fall soon. Though it seems strange that it can become night in a dream... You must be tired, let's look for lodging somewhere.

-- But, I couldn't even tell where this is.
I can only wander cluelessly.
Other than the beast earlier, there is no sign of life.
I fret.
I ask Master whether there is some kind of ritual needed to wake up, but s/he has no idea.
Rather, I was asked in turn whether I have any ideas.
Questioned, I think.
Something needed to wake up.
... I could think of two ways.
The first is suicide.
I would probably wake up if I slashed my throat.
But - is that the correct answer or not?
If, by some possibility, this is an enemy's illusion, I would be a fool who left Master and died.
The other way would be to find the true enemy.
I can't quite believe that beast was the enemy haunting my mind.
There has to be someone who created the beast.

Tristan: ... Hm?
Guda: Is that... a city?
Tristan: Let's go and see, Master. At least, we won't need to camp outside anymore.

Camelot inner city, at nighttime
Tristan: ... there is nobody here. And this city is--

A faint memory stirs
My instincts warn me not to step inside this holy area.

Tristan: Master, we need to leave immediately. This city is dangerous.
Guda: But...
Tristan: As you say, there is nobody here. But, because of that, it is dangerous.
Guda: This is Camelot, right?
Tristan: ...!! Why do you know this city's name... no, of course you know. This is the Singularity Camelot. It should have been fixed already--
... No, They are not here!
Even if They were, I...
Guda: Choose
Tristan: -- Master?

... The sound of breathing gives more information than expected.
Is calm, is fussing, is angry, is sad, is lying is happy, is waiting for a chance to kill me.
And the breath Master exhaled together with those words, were clearly inhuman.

Tristan: You are not Master. If you are not Master-- you were the one haunting my mind! *cutting effect*
Gawain?: Hahaha. You always do rush for achievements and make mistakes in the important moments.
Tristan: !?
Gawain?: This happens because you tried a half-hearted attack to see what happens. If you had killed that someone with Master's face, it wouldn’t have been like this.
Tristan: Sir Gawain -- or not. Imitating his appearance is an act to taint our honor. Disappear quickly. *cutting effect*
Lancelot?: Oh, Sir Tristan. Why do you think so? There is no evidence for you to declare as such. We are servants, not even HS. Degraded copies like us are established by having Master as our anchor. *cutting effect*
Enforcement Knight?: -- But you are not so. You, a knight of the Round Table, who vowed loyalty to Them. *cutting effect*
Tristan: I am telling you, to shut up.
Bedivere?: No, I will not shut up. If you want us to shut up, then we can only keep on talking.
Tristan: -- ! *cutting effect on bedi*
Tristan: Do not masquerade as my comrades! Do not slander loyalty! Every time you change your appearance, you are all throwing mud upon the proud name of the knights of the Round Table!
Agravain?: -- Then, I shall ask your name. *cutting effect*
Tristan: Tristan, Tristan of laments. What about it?
Mordred?: Yeah, that's right. But you're missing something, idiot. You're a knight of the Round Table. *cutting effect*
Tristan: Yes, I am a knight of the Round Table. ...Even if I did end up letting go of my seat.
???: Because you let go, you had sworn loyalty, to give everything for Them this time.
Tristan: That, is...

Pain like having a wound cut open.
When they accuse me, I feel like I've come back to that singularity.

Enforcement Knight?: Why, do you deny it, sir. For you, wasn't that massacre pleasant?
Tristan: -- Shut up! *cutting effect on the knight*
Gawain?: "Everlight"
Lancelot?: "Ferocity"
Mordred?: "Rampage"

I feel dizzy.
I might throw up.
Don't remember, try remembering, I should've forgot.
... No, it's faintly engraved in my mind.
Irreversible massacre.
Irredeemable violation. Unatonable punishment --

??? [graphic is a nameless commoner woman from camelot]: You want to taste that again. Aren't you laughing, after all?
Tristan: ......!!

Black out
At those words, I unknowingly cover my mouth.
Instantly, I was crushed by an immense amount of darkness.

Tristan: ... ter.... ster.... Master...
How many times.... will I... repeat... making... mistakes...
How... can I... atone...?

Log break

Chaldea control room
Gawain: I have rushed here, hearing it is an emergency!
Lancelot: Mm, I'm only second here. Lancelot is here.
Bedivere: Have you called, Master. ... this is...
Mordred: Hey, what's going on. You called all the Round Table members including me?
Mashu: Yes! I'll brief you on the situation. Tristan-san has -- disappeared to some age via leyshift.
Mordred: What? Leaving Master behind!?
Gawain: Actually, is leyshift without permission even possible? I thought we could only leyshift with Master.
Da Vinci: Well, I could say there are a few tricks. But they aren't used this time. It's like he's been taken away, Tristan's saint graph disappeared suddenly -- and there's a strange singularity starting to establish itself.
No, it's not as major as a singularity. It's not even a stain on the tapestry of history. It's like a dustball. It will fall off from history with just a slight breeze.
... In other words. Tristan is currently in a dangerous situation, like that dustball.
All [Lancelot/Gawain/Bedivere/Mordred]: ...... ......
Guda: Coming along?
Gawain: Certainly.
Lancelot: Leave it to me, Master.
Bedivere: I will accompany you.
Mordred: ... ... Eh, I'm not going. I think you'll be fine with them.
Gawain: Mordred... I see... you picked up random food again, and you're having digestion problems... with [you being celebrated as a mad dog?], it can't be helped, I suppose... (note: this part honestly doesn’t make sense in jp either)
Lancelot: Oh. Sir Mordred, you're feeling unwell? Perhaps you ate too much ice cream over the summer?
Bedivere: Is this because you're unhappy about Sir Tristan's friendly fire? It was an unlucky accident. Tristan makes those kinds of mistakes sometimes.
Mordred: No, it's not like that! Shut up you multiply-by-three-man!
And Bedivere, by friendly fire, do you mean that thing a bit ago? I did think it was odd, it felt like someone struck me in the back out of nowhere!
Mashu: She hadn't noticed...
Bedivere: (I should've let the sleeping dog lie...!!)
Mordred: Actually, I have a bad feeling.
Gawein: Hm, your premonitions always do turn out to be right in important situations, just like wild animals. This is bad.
Remember when you luckily ran into me, when I was injured beyond healing, like a rag?
When I lost, even though I'd usually win even in the night, I cursed my unluck.
Mashu: ......!
Mordred: That wasn't unluck, that was your mistake. You're the one who decided it's better to let the king escape, instead of having a violent conflict. I might have had a “harder time” if you used those brains instead of muscles.
Gawain: Hm. By having a harder time, does that mean you could move even after losing your head?
Mashu: U-Um! Excuse me!
Mordred: ... Ahh, calm down Mashu. I'm not trying to fight. This is a Round Table Joke, just a Round Table Joke.
Guda: Round Table jokes are making me nervous!?
Da Vinci: Yes, both fighting and grudges are not good. Let them all go as a killing joke.
Mordred: So, back to topic. I'm not going. I feel my not staying here would cause more problems.
Gawain: ... I see.
Lancelot: Then we three will go.
Bedivere: Yes. We'll save Sir Tristan, and blow away that dustball.
Da Vinci: ... calling it a dustball is just a metaphor, you know? Just to make sure.
Guda: Anyway let's go! / Let's go save Tristan
Da Vinci: I thought you'd say so, and I have the leyshift preparations made.
Lancelot: As expected from Da Vinci-dono.
Da Vinci: After all, it's best while we can do what we want! Okay, time for you to go!


Camelot inner city at daytime

Gawain: This place is...!
Bedivere: .........
Lancelot: Ah, the holy capital Camelot. Hm, but nobody is here.
Mashu: There are no signs of enemies. ... but, if you go straight ahead, there is a signal of something like a servant.
Gawain: Isn't that signal Sir Tristan?
Mashu: Well, the saint graph parameters are fluctuating, and won't stabilize. Please be careful. You too, Master.
Lancelot: Standing here won't help anything. Let's try approaching and calling out.

Walking forward, then cutting effect on Gawain and Lancelot
Gawain: !?
Lancelot: Kuh --- !
Bedivere: What!?
Tristan: ... ... I have been waiting.
Mashu: Tristan-san ... !
Guda: This aura is... / Something is... different
Tristan: Master. I am-- I am not right. At the point where I accepted killing innocents, I as a HS should have disappeared. "Inversion" is only an excuse.
Mashu: It can't be, Tristan-san. Your memories of the 6th singularity...!?
Guda: That wasn't you! / But you were inversed!?
Tristan: [No, that was what I truly am! / ... I was inversed, so what? That was, unmistakably my action.]
Bedivere: .... I con't quite understand the situation. Sir Tristan, please wake up. Even for any atrocity, there is no sin unatonable. As long as you have a heart to regret your act, even if you aren't forgiven, everyone has the right to atone.
Tristan: -- Sir Bedivere, my brethen. You do not know. Just a moment earlier, I experienced what myself with "inversion" did.
Lancelot: ......!
Gawain: .... Oh.
Tristan: I know the reason I do not know love. For someone so evil, there should be no love given. I should die. Come, destroy me with your full strength. A fool like me should have my head taken off by friends like you.
Gawain: Sir Tristan, there are limits to terrible things! To swing my sword upon you for such a reason is --
Tristan: Then, I will kill Master.
The three [Gawain/Lancelot/Bedivere]: !
Tristan: There is nothing to be surprised of. I have already told you that "inversion" is my true nature. Then, of course I will drown in evilness.
Lancelot: cutting effect .....! Master, I don't know what happened, but I'll try to stop him first of all.
Gawain: Yes... Sir Tristan, your madness is not entirely unrelatable for us.
Bedivere: ... You're such a hopeless person. Master, please stay back. It will be a bit--- no, it will be such a rough battle that you will be surprised. I have no mercy in my Airgetram(silver arm). I will cut off the root of laments, right through the enchanted strings.

Log break / battle against Tristan with Gifts

Lancelot: Kuh--!
Gawain: Even after so many strikes, you still don't fall!? You, that endurance is --!
Tristan: In addition to "inversion", I have been gifted with "ferocity" and "everlight".
Mashu: Gifted... !? From who!? It can't be the Lion King at least. She has already disappeared.
Tristan: I have no idea myself. Probably someone with power had a whim. But that whim made me realize, I am only a beast. I didn't even notice, lamenting my birth, and even dared to say "don't understand people's hearts"! -- So, there is no way I could be loved.
Mashu: That's not true! Tristan-san, you are...
Guda: Mashu, it's pointless / That's not right, Tristan
[Mashu: ... Tristan-san. I believe in you. /
Tristan: Then, to prove my evilness, I will -- your, I will cut off your head, Master!
Bedivere: Tristan!]
Mordred: What are you even talking about, you eye-closed idiot.
Tristan: !?
Mashu: Mordred-san!?
Mordred: Yo, Tristan.
Tristan: You didn't come. It's not like a mad dog to be cowardly.
Mordred: Why does everyone call me a dog! Well, if I'm a dog, then you're, what, a bug? Buzzing your wings, not knowing any love, eh.
Tristan: ... As usual, your taunts irritate me more than any insult.
Mordred: -- Hah, when you come back, you'll get plenty of that. Getting a Girft(curse), lamenting and lamenting, and then despairing, this is way too shameful.
Tristan: ... What would you know.
Mordred: Nothing. But, this makes it clear why I couldn't go.
Tristan: ...?
Mordred: After all, that king is thorough in being severe to both herself and others. If you keep on spouting selfish arguments like that, she'll be really angry. And if the king is going to show up -- I'll have to either hide my face or try killing each other!
Tristan: What are you, --- no, surely not. Impossible!

  • Lancer Artoria (1st form) appears with golden effects*

???: I come here, answering a wish from faraway. -- You are confused.
Tristan: ... The king of the holy lance! Even to you, I can not yield on this!
Artoria: Then, I will beat you down fairly as the king. After all, I too am a king and a knight of the Round Table. I know how we solve our disputes. Put your infinite arrows to your bowstring, Sir Tristan. With this holy lance, I shall strike your melancholy away.
Tristan: ... Very well. Sing, Failnaught. The sound of my lament!
Artoria: Holy lance, unanchor. Master from Chaldea, I ask for you to give me orders temporarily. I have to teach this
troublesome knight
silence and reflection.
Guda: Of course! / Thank you!
Artoria: [-- My thanks to you. / You need not to thank me. This is also my duty.] Let's start!

Log Break / battle against normal Tristan

Tristan: Kuh-- Oh king, you do not understand my heart!
Artoria: -- No, you yourself do not understand your heart at all. ... No, that is not right. You are not understanding it, you are refusing it. With the radiance of the holy lance, I break your blessings. And -- your confusion will be cleared by Master.
... Master from Chaldea, do you know Tristan's legend? He was reciting love, but somewhere in his heart, he was looking away from it.
Guda: Tristan.
Tristan: I am--
Guda: Guilt and love is different, but / You wanted to love, didn't you?
Tristan: ! I, am...

Black out
???: -- It is a black sail, Tristan-sama

Even if my vision had become blurry from the poison, my undiminished hearing let me know.
The shaking voice, a whisper as if to confess a sin.
Regret, sadness, hatred. And even then, a untarnished pure feeling towards me.

Tristan: ... Ah, is that so. Then, it can't be helped.

I felt terribly sorry.
I had hurt her so much, that she was forced into saying those words.
Isolde of the white hands, you who shall attend me on my deathbed.
The only thing I can do to you, to you who were faithful to me,
when I had been unfaithful even after marrying you, is to believe you.

Seaside scenery
It must have been a black sail that came.
There is gratitude.
There is pity.
There is penance.
-- Though, was there love?
My thoughts chill.
Did someone as unfaithful as me, even have the right to love her, so sincere?
I didn't.
The moment I notice this, is my death.
The passionate love I had was because of the
, and not something I obtained myself.
But, I believed that to be true love.
I kept on betraying Isolde of the white hands from that belief.
Oh, I am the one who knows no love.
I have only been given love, but I had never once loved by myself --

White out
Tristan: ... No, that is not right. I thought like this then: "Dying now, to leave such a gentle lady, in such sadness, would be a terrible regret, I want to apologize to you, I want to talk to you, I want to tell you, -- and I wanted to ask, would it be alright for me to love you?"

I couldn't ask that question, and forced her into saying those words.
White out end

Tristan: Right, I -- should have asked. Even if I would only be answered with displeasure and curses. Even if that lead to losing her love, I should have been content with that...
Artoria: (The evil Gift has disappeared. But...enchantress(eldest sister)... have you appeared somewhere...) Sir Tristan, I ask you. Do you still think you have never loved?
Tristan: ... ... No. I lacked not love but courage in life. I feared losing love, and I never could step in to gain love.
In the past, I have loved two woman. ... It is fine like that, without seeking the result after.
Thank you, Master. And my king.
I have -- finally woke up from a dream.
Artoria: Gawain, Lancelot, Tristan. And --
You are to keep on working towards restoring the human order. Never forget the pride of being a knight of the Round Table! *disappears*
Mordred: Phew, she's gone now. So, Tristan. To get one thing straight. Both Isolde of the white hands and Isolde the fair probably want nothing to do with a two-timer. You should've been slapped by them before you died from poison.
Tristan: Hah... for you to be the one to speak the truth. ... This is annoying, please be prepared when I get back. I will capture your meaningless, foolish, reckless charging with my infinite arrows.
Mordred: Shooting while you run is the way you Archers fight.
Lancelot: Do wait, Sir Mordred. Sir Tristan has things to do before that. Something very important, indeed.
Mordred: Huh? What are you --
Tristan: ?
Gawain: Hahaha, exactly hahaha. For you to became so confused that you needed to be bashed by the king's holy spear to wake up, and beat us up to your heart’s content with the Gift.
Lancelot: And the king was so focused on persuading Sir Tristan, that we only got a glance in the end. No no, I'm not saying I'm envious.
Tristan: You -- no, you all. Are you, perhaps, really mad at me? No really, I don't even need to think calmly to see how this was a terrible fuss, forcing everyone to get involved. But we even got a nice touching ending, and still?
Guda: Well no wonder...
Bedivere: See, Tristan, there are no sins unatonable. Whether you will be forgiven is an entirely different.
Tristan: ...... ...... Master.
Guda: Mm
Tristan: ... Please pick up... my bones...
Guda: Round Table Joke!
Tristan: This isn't a Joke -- !?
The three [Gawain/Bedivere/Lancelot]: Ready yourself!

Chaldea control room
Mordred: Eh, sorry for hogging it.
Mashu: No, it's no problem. Do you think Tristan-san and everyone will be okay?
Mordred: What do you mean, okay? They'll be back soon, with Master.
Mashu: Erm, will everyone have any grudges --
Mordred: Grudges? Nah, no way there'll be any. Maybe if it was something serious between me and them, but when it's just between them, then it's just them messing around.
Mashu: You call that just messing around!?
Mordred: I'll even bet on it. By tomorrow evening, the four of them will be laughing over something stupid. The knights of the Round Table are all -- such a pain in the ass!

  1. Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Volume 2: case. Twin Towers of Iselma (Upper) - Chapter 3 Part 1