I'm writing a fanfiction called Fate / Yggdrasil. The story is quite simple to follow: it tells of a Holy Grail created by the various sacrifices of Odin under the tree of Yggdrasil (as we read in Norse mythology). In the story the Holy Grail War is fought by the usual seven Masters, each of which has a Servant. Some important elements of the story are:

. The existence of magicians organizations outside of Japan and England

. The war will not be fought in Japan

. The addition of new Servants created by me

. A study of the organizations mentioned in a section called "lore"

. A new look at the concept of the "Holy Grail War" where the human factor is analyzed, the psychology of the characters and where one looks at the different desires of the participants

Every day I add one or more chapters so it will always be an updated story. If you are interested I leave the link: [[1]]

Thank you for your attention :)

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