Vajra (ヴァジュラ, Vajura?) is a weapon appearing in the Vedic Mythology of ancient India. It was a weapon crafted by Tvastar, the maker of divine instruments, using the bones of the sage Dadhichi. It became the symbol of Divinity of Indra, the God of Lightning, and the Indestructible Diamond Pounder (金剛杵, Kongōsho?) weapon carried by the gods of Buddhism. It was held in one interpretation to be a manifestation of Indra’s lightning, which is supported by its depictions as a golden projectile and its appearance unbefitting of a conventional weapon.[1] Vajra was initially known by its proper name of Vjaya when Indra was first introduced to India as a phenomenon that spread from the Aryans. Along with Indra, whose name changed to Taishakuten, his divine symbol also had its name changed and became known as Vajra after the age of Buddhism as India's main religion began.[2]


Vajra taking effect after being intercepted by Berserker

It is a simple weapon that can only be shot once for a fixed B+ Rank damage separate from the user's magical energy supply.[2]


Śakra's VajraEdit

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« If that’s the case, allow me to show you!"
"Gozu Tennou, the Eastern Deity, Vajra of Indra. That is, the spear of the divine, made from sacred sacral bone. Now, come forth and annihilate every foe."
"Śakra's Vajra!! »


Śakra's Vajra (釈提桓因・金剛杵
, Shakudai Kan'in - Kongōsho?) is the Noble Phantasm of Minamoto no Yorimitsu in her swimsuit. The Vajra of Gozu Tennou, also known as the Eastern Deity, Śakra (Indra). In other words, the Ultimate Weapon of the gods made of holy sacrum, "Vajra", descends from the skies, destroying all kinds of enemies―――Because of this Noble Phantasm, this time's Raikou was bound to be under the Lancer class. Its shape is a Dokkosho that represents the single Tathātā of all things in creation as raised in the Vajrayana.

Arjuna: "That Noble Phantasm is father's..."

Rama: "That Noble Phantasm is..."


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