Valkyrie (ワルキューレ, Warukyūre?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order.



While referring to themselves collectively as "Valkyrie", the three who appear through the Ascension function are Valkyrie Thrúd (ワルキューレ・スルーズ, Warukyūre Surūzu?), Valkyrie Hildr (ワルキューレ・ヒルド, Warukyūre Hirudo?), and Valkyrie Ortlinde (ワルキューレ・オルトリンデ, Warukyūre Orutorinde?).[1]

Daughters of the Great God. Many of them were created by the highest existence in Nordic mythology, the Great God Odin. Dancing in the sky of countless battlefields, only those with courageous souls who lost their lives in battle were qualified to be taken to the golden Valhalla, the Palace of the Great God. The end of the Nordic era─── In the twilight of the gods, they were added to the ranks of the Great God's army to slaughter the Jötnar.[1][2]

They all exist as maidens of the Great God Odin, but they are all individually Valkyries. As their existence is close to being a divine spirit (demigod), they possess a high ranking Divinity skill.[1]

In the twilight of the gods, the Valkyries were numerous beings created by the Great God Odin for Ragnarök. As such, they behave and operate as some kind of automated machine. Dancing in the skies of the battlefield on a heavenly horse, only the valorous souls were chosen to be brought back from the dead to Valhalla. However, their turning point was the moment their eldest sister Brynhildr met with the hero Sigurd. They fell deeply in love with each other. And there, the number of Valkyries gradually declined.[1]

In the dawn of Ragnarök, the climactic war of the gods and the Jötnar, reports were already submitted to the Lord of the Clock Tower's Curse Department in the mid-1980s, noting it was "half of its original". Although temporary, it became a hot topic in the magical world.[1]

The individuals confirmed by the Chaldea Summoning System and the following Saint Graph Ascensions are the above three maidens. They are predicted to be individuals connected to the Star (or to the future). Because the true nature of their mana strength is almost equivalent to one another, all three of them share the same true name "Valkyrie". Truthfully, their true names should be Þrúðr, Hildr, and Ortlinde to be exact, but they firmly refused to be treated as "separate individuals".[1]

"There is no essential difference in us Valkyries." "That's right, we are all the same, as if we are rooted in everything." "Yeah. But elder sister Brynhildr is strange..."

She (they) talk like this. So, why were they summoned into a unique Saint Graph?[1]

Perhaps it was the encounter and parting in the Scandinavian Lostbelt that became the bonds for their Master. It should be noted that the girls summoned as Servants this time are the Heroic Spirits from the common history of men, thus they are different invididuals from the ones the Master met in the Scandinavian Lostbelt───"a completely different person" as it would be said. Only one group of the Shadow Border remembers the war maidens of the Scandinavian Lostbelt.[1]


The three Valkyries within the Norse Lostbelt are those who have existed since 1000BC into modern day 2018AD of the Lostbelt.

During The Ragnarok of the Norse Lostbelt, Surtr had successfully devoured and assimilated Fenrir's Divine Authority over frost and snow and successfully obtain his power that then greatly boosted his own. Effectively giving him enough strength to overpower and defeat all of the other Norse Gods and even kill Odin. In a last ditch attempt to stop him, Odin merged together Scathach and Skadi into a single goddess to oversee the remaining humans and sealed Surtr inside a false sun. Odin then ordered his surviving Valkyrie's to serve under Scathach-Skadi in order to maintain Surtr's seal.

The three would then assist her in this endeavor and would soon be mass produced and copied by Scathach-Skadi to create an army of Valkyrie.


War maidens dressed in armor and carry their Divine Iron Shield.


Valkyries strongly believe that they are meant to execute their master's commands and are unable to make decisions on their own.

They excel in insight, they hold onto their precious valor closely and know what they’re fighting for. Their appearance is very chivalrous but sometimes, they can also put a gentle smile towards outstanding heroes. On the other hand, they lack self-awareness of their ego. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t feel any emotions, they’re just a bit out of sync in comparison with humans on Earth. They mainly stare blankly at the never changing scene either in a fight or battlefield because they have little personal experience themselves and that they mostly earn it as information. (If they don’t understand, they’ll try to slowly understand it.) Their existence is sort of like an automated machine since they were produced by the Almighty God Odin. For example, their personality and body largely deviate from being an「ordinary as a Valkyrie」as they change ・alternate from a 「Valkyrie」as a whole and into a more characteristic personality so that they can fall in love, dislike violence and bear strong feelings. In the end, they’ve changed into an organism that’s roughly the same as a human which was their downfall from a demigod (The person to deviate first was Brynhildr). In the present as Servants, they try to scout as half-machine towards people who are considered heroes which is fundamental for them to 「guiding heroes to Valhalla」as it comes from the orders of the Almighty God.

In their spare time, they have taken up playing video games; apparently, they believe that playing dating simulators will give them a better understanding of human emotions and love. Despite their unwillingness to be treated as individual entities, they seem to be in the process of developing individual personalities. Ortlinde is the least openly emotional of the three, Hildr is the most humanlike, and Þrúðr is the most restrained due to her attempts at suppressing her growing emotional awareness.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Ice-Flame Century[]

In the Norse Lostbelt, Ortlinde, Hildr and Thrúd were the only survivors of the original Valkyries following the events of the Lostbelt's Ragnarok. They subsequently served under Scáthach-Skadi, the sole surviving god in Scandinavia after Surtr's rampage and subsequent Queen of the Lostbelt. Skadi was unable to produce any full-fledged Valkyries, but created mass-produced units dependent on her mana, with the originals acting as their command units. They would supervise the denizens of Skadi's domain, including servicing the human villages, up until the events surrounding the arrival of the Shadow Border and the survivors of Chaldea.[3] They and Ophelia Phamrsolone imprisoned Brynhildr some time after she materialized in a ice castle surrounding by magical flames.[4] Not wishing to fight their elder sister, the Valkyries put her to sleep.[5]

Skadi asks Thrúd for her opinion regarding the incident at Village 23. She answers that the transgressors, Chaldea, can be left alone since Skadi permitted them to remain alive. Regarding the Envoys that were destroyed, Thrúd comments they lack the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. She believes she and her sisters won’t have to respond based on what she’s seen in their shared records. Even if they’re forced to confront Chaldea due to circumstance, Thrúd believes either the giants or an Envoy’s self-destruction function will suffice because the transgressors are a human and a Demi-Servant.[6]

After she refuses to divulge the location of Fantasy Tree Sombrero, Skadi orders Thrúd to capture Ritsuka’s party. They fight until Ophelia Phamrsolone and Sigurd arrive. Skadi orders Thrúd to stand down under Ophelia’s request so she may speak with Mash. Thrúd complies and turns to spirit form.[7]

The Valkyries later learn that Brynhildr has awoken. They agree to confront her, and show her the foolishness of siding humans if she so chooses to do so.[4] They watch from afar as the Envoys attack the Shadow Border before coming down in response to Brynhidlr’s request for her to come face-to-face with them. Thrúd tells her she can’t be considered their sister as she is from the Proper History and never experienced the broken Ragnarok. Ortlinde says they could’ve avoided conflict with each other if only Brynhildr remained asleep. Hildr asks Brynhildr if she has no issue killing them because they’re merely strangers who like her sisters. Napoleon Bonaparte tells the Valkyries that Brynhildr doesn’t to want to kill, but it’s a warrior’s duty to carry the burden of each person they killed until the day they die. Brynhildr concurs, suspecting her sisters forgotten that after spending years in this Lostbelt devoid of heroes. They are therefore unfit to be called Valkyries, no longer capable of guiding the souls of brave heroes. Thrúd declares she and her sisters are still Valkyries, having defended the Lostbelt and its human population for thousands of years. Unable to forgive Brynhildr’s insult, the Valkyries fight her and the others to prove that they’re the true Valkyries. As they fight, Brynhildr is glad to see her sisters have gained emotions. Thrúd and Hildr deny they’ve gained emotions, while Ortlinde remains silent. Thrúd and Hildr become enraged at Brynhidlr, the former believing her love for Sigurd has corrupted her mind. Ortlinde asks Thrúd to calm down as she is leaking magical energy. In the battle’s last moments, Thrúd allows herself to impaled by Brynhildr’s spear. Hidlr choose without a second thought to be impaled alongside her. They both admit they could never best their elder sister. Thrúd tells Ortlinde that she cannot join them in death, suspecting their decision shocks her because she isn’t as broken as them. Hildr tells her to follow her heart, believing she gained one like they did. After her sisters disappear, Ortlinde retreats, unable to understand their final decision.[5]

She returns to Skadi’s throne room and informs Ophelia of what transpired. She denies that she’s crying, unable to believe her sisters choose to fight just to die. Even though she should be proud that they died a warrior’s death, Ortlinde finds her tears won’t stop. Because she is somewhat broken herself, she can understand her sisters’ final decision was made out of love for their elder sister.[8]

When Ritsuka’s party arrives at the castle, Ortlinde joins Sigurd in fighting them. Brynhildr realizes Sigurd is stronger than usual, so she activates a primordial rune to empower herself at the risk of burning her soul away. However, Ophelia arrives and uses her Mystic Eye to undo its effects, but not the severe damage done to Brynhildr’s Spiritual Core. Despite the risks, Brynhildr reactivates the rune. Her determination to kill Sigurd negates Ophelia’s second attempt to use her Mystic Eye on her since it doesn’t work on singular possibilities. She then uses Brynhildr Romantia to kill Sigurd, but it doesn’t kill him. He reveals he isn’t Sigurd and attacks the group. Brynhildr destroys his Spiritual Core, but he still isn’t dead. Ophelia tries to use her Mystic Eye to undo his defeat, but it doesn’t work. With the destruction of Sigurd’s Spiritual Core, the false sun meant to seal Surtr away breaks.[8] While the others fight Surtr to stop him from kidnapping Ophelia,[9] Ortlinde uses a rune to maintain Sigurd's body, assisted by Ophelia using her Mystic Eye on him earlier. Sigurd soon awakens, and repels off Surtr's flames with Bölverk Gram. After Surtr leaves, Sigurd promptly complies with Ortlinde's request to heal Brynhildr. Everyone then proceeds to the throne room.[10]

There Skadi reveals giants are attacking the villages, as her masks meant to pacify them ceased to function with Surtr free. After she explains the Lostbelt’s origins, Fantasy Tree Seeds suddenly crash down. Skadi is shocked that they don’t self-destruct upon commanding them to die. Sitonai arrives, and reveals it’s because Skadi's connection to Sombrero has been severed. After the Seeds are destroyed, the group suspects Surtr is the new Lostbelt King. Skadi then reveals Sombrero is to the north, camouflaged by her magical snow. After she agrees to help, the group return to the Shadow Border in pursuit of Surtr.[10]

Ortlinde supports Sitonia, alongside Mash, Skadi, Sigurd, and Brynhildr, in thwarting Surtr's attempt to destroy Village 23. After Ophelia destroys her Mystic Eye to sever her contract with Surtr and uses the Sirius Light,[11] Ortlinde watches over her while Ritsuka's party fight the ancient giant.[12] Following Surtr's destruction, Ortlinde joins Skadi in defending Sombrero. She dies in the ensuing battle with Ritsuka and Mash.[13]


Being a true valkyrie, Thrúd's strength is on par with "Sigurd"'s,[7] and she claims that she wouldn't hesitate to destroy him, demonic sword and all, should Scáthach-Skaði give her a single command. Although she explains that it may be difficult to do so alone, she explains that their chances of success would greatly improve with all three of them.[6] Although its difficult to gauge Thrúd's Magical Energy insdie Skadi's castle, there's no doubt in Mash's mind that she's much more powerful than the envoys.[7] As such, despite Mash and Napoleon destroying multiple envoys, Thrúd considers that there's no need for her or any of the other three surviving Valkyries to involve in combat agaisnt such a lowly foe.[6]


The Shield of Divine Iron (神鉄の盾?) Craft Essence in Fate/Grand Order.

Each of the valkyries possesses a Divine Iron shield, which was forged by Odin himself during the Age of Gods. With it, Thrúd blocks Napoeleon's ranged attacks. Despite them being very powerful, they prove insufficient to destroy her shield.[7] The Noble Phantasm Gungnir: Declaration of the Great God (False) is used as a throwable weapon and a proximity weapon.

The Valkyrie that is present in this form is a unique existence as a Servant. Specifically, they have a very unusual Saint Graph. Although mana capacity may increase with the Master's potential, like other Servants, there is no such thing as "changing to a more powerful form after Saint Graph Ascension". For Valkyrie's case, there is an upper limit of power for each individual. In accordance to the Chaldea Summoning System, when Valkyrie performs a Saint Graph Ascension, there's a high probability the current Valkyrie disappears, and "another Valkyrie more suitable for redefined mana capacity" will be resummoned in their place.[1] All three of them manifest simultaneously when not in battle, but this does not appear to be intentional on their part and causes them some concern that they might be depleting their Master's magical energy more than is necessary for their materialization.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Spells with less than three verses are nullified. Even great thaumaturgy or ritual curses would cause next to no damage to her.[1][2]
  • Divinity (A Rank): They possess an aptitude as a Divine Spirit. Valkyrie are the daughters of the Almighty God Odin and their existence can even be called as Demigods; they possess an extremely high aptitude as a Divine Spirit.[1][2] Though Brynhildr, Thrúd, Hildr and Ortlinde are all demigods, Brynhildr's Divine Core is much closer to that of a true goddess. This is because she was the first one and thus the closest to the gods; the ultimate valkyrie.[4]

Personal Skills[]

  • Primordial Rune (— Rank): They possess Runes, a Norse Magic Crest. It differs from those used by modern mages; it’s unique as it conceals astounding power because it was from by the Almighty God. While this skill is Lancer’s skill, Valkyrie uses the mana of various combat supporters. While it might be possible to use offensive magecraft with it, they don’t use it very much because they think that the merit of combat isn’t with magecraft but with flesh and armaments.[1][2]
  • Swan Mystic Code (A Rank): They were rewarded with swan-white clothes from the Great God Odin. (This was originally a Noble Phantasm but it was turned into a skill in Fate/Grand Order)[1][2] Once it is activated, the Valkyries are able to engage their light spear's comabt function.[7]
  • Fate Weaver (B Rank): As per the 「Njals Saga」, the Valkyries are occasionally depicted weaving with terrifying looms. The girls determined the victory or defeat of the battlefield by ripping up weaved cloth.[1][2]

Noble Phantasm[]

The Valkyries' Noble Phantasms are Gungnir, Ragnarök Lífþrasir and Svanhvít.[1]

Despite the three Valkyries working together and using their Gungnir's against Brynhildr, they are bastly outmatched in performance, output and equipment. There's so much difference between them, that Brynhildr ended up killing Thrúd and Hildr with a single strike while Ortlinde retreated.[5]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


In the Norse Lostbelt, Scáthach-Skadi mass-produced a hundred "dolls" infused with her own Magical Energy, using the three surviving valkyries as a base.[10] Not all envoys have the same amount of magical energy, and as such, there's a tremendous difference in firepower between them. The strongest units boast an extremely powerful magical energy signal and just like the real Valkyries, they possess Divinity due to being a pseudo-god or a demigod. Despite their mana being incredibly powerful, Mash defeats one, with the Ortenaus's output only dropping withing a tolerant margine. She was also capable of holding her own agaisnt the weaker models, until Napoleon appeared. Although his magical energy is not unlimited, he's able to fire consecutively many large bombardments with his canon, killing several of them with each shot, without running out of mana and forcing them to retreat.[14] Due to not being real Valkyries, their power pales in comparison to them, and they lack their ability to adapt to changing circumstances. They also have a self-destruct function.[6]



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