Vampire (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki?, Blood-Sucking Demon), also called Bloodsucker (吸血種, Kyūketsu-shu?), is the general term for those who suck the blood of other living creatures.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

As there are various blood-sucking creatures all over the world with various different characteristics, the term "bloodsucker" is used as a catch-all term. The terms "vampire" and "bloodsucker" are essentially synonymous in all cases except those regarded by the Church as enemies. They specifically hunt those they deem as "vampires",[1] True Ancestors, Dead Apostles, those turned into bloodsuckers by Dead Apostles, and mages that became Dead Apostles through the use of Magecraft, ignoring other bloodsuckers regardless of their species. Because these vampires have an instinct known as the Vampiric Impulses (吸血衝動, Kyūketsu Shōdō?),[2] which pushes them to suck the blood of others. But differently than the vampiric impulses of the True Ancestors (真祖, Shinso?), who have no physical reason behind those impulses, the Dead Apostles (死徒, Shito?) have the physical need to suck the blood of others, in order to maintain their own bodies.

Curse of Restoration[edit | edit source]

True Ancestors and Dead Apostles possess a form of limited immortality, called the Curse of Restoration (復元呪詛, Fukugen Juso?). This ability operates under normal conditions and causes the vampire's body to regress through time to its original vampiric state whenever it receives an injury. However, this ability is also tied to the phases of the moon. As the moon waxes, the degree of injury that can be repaired, as well as the speed of the regression increases dramatically. For example, Roa would not have been able to survive Arcueid Brunestud's Marble Phantasm, were it not for the full moon. Additionally, it is the night of a full moon the time when the Dead Apostles and True Ancestors reach the height of their strength.[3]

Variations[edit | edit source]

Dead Apostles[edit | edit source]

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Lamyros[edit | edit source]

Lamyros are the Phantasmal Species version of a Vampire whose name is derived from the Mediterranean term for Lamia (ラミア, Ramia?). They are more similar to the stereotypical fictional depiction of a Vampire and are quite different from Dead Apostles and True Ancestors. Their beings or spiritual cores originate from myths, legends and beliefs rather than using Magecraft, drinking blood from an True Ancestor, being turned by an Dead Apostle or given life from the planet as nature spirits.

While Lamyros do drink blood and can cast spells, they also possess human intelligence and have the speed, strength and regenerative capabilities of a phantasmal species. Additionally, Lamyros can also power themselves up by absorbing the spiritual cores of Servants. Wolfgang Faustus is an Lamyros and the main antagonist for Fate/Labyrinth.

True Ancestors[edit | edit source]

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Others[edit | edit source]

  • Akiha Tohno
  • "Bloodsucking animals of South America"
  • Primate Murder - While not a Dead Apostle, it has, in mimicking its master, developed a taste for human blood.[4]
  • Forest of Ainnash and its children - They are a special exception as a subspecies of the Bloodsuckers.[5]
  • Medusa - Classified as a member of the bloodsuckers because the most efficient way for her to gain magical energy is to drink blood.[6]
  • "Vampiric flying heads of mainland China"
  • Sion Sokaris - Sucks blood but isn't considered a vampire.
  • Hinako Akuta - She is an Incarnated Elemental, a vampiric creature labelled by Magi as closely related to True Ancestors due to having similar development processes. Among these are the lack of any addiction to blood sucking, the ability to "feed" from ambient magical energy, and stronger ties to nature.
  • Vlad III - Can also be categorized as a vampire due to the legends created using him as a base that then manifested itself upon his summoning as a Servant and later once his Noble Phantasm is activated he does indeed become one with the exact same impulses and need to drink blood and make more of his kind.
  • Elizabeth Bathory - Can also be categorized as one due to the similar circumstances surrounding her own legend leading her to develop the same abilities as a vampire once she was summoned as a Heroic Spirit Servant.

References[edit | edit source]

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    Vampires [Term]
    Monsters that suck human blood. Refers mostly to the Dead Apostles, or those that have become bloodsuckers because of them. Though they are basically unaging and immortal, they require human blood to maintain their flesh. Thus, their immortality is imperfect.
    Those that have been turned into vampires by Dead Apostles can operate by their own will, but because their behavioral principles are bound by their parent vampire, it is impossible for them to escape their control. In the event that they successfully attack a human and acquire their blood, the majority of it will be taken by the parent vampire.
    Consequently, the child vampire will eventually try to become a parent vampire themselves. After spending decades acclimating to life in the darkness, they will start to threaten the world by creating servants of their very own.
    In order to put a stop to this vicious cycle of vampirism, the Church created the Burial Agency – heresy hunters whose aim is the complete extermination of all Dead Apostles.


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    The base desire possessed by both True Ancestors and Dead Apostles.
    In True Ancestors it is merely a bad habit, but in Dead Apostles it is a means of staying alive.
    For those Dead Apostles who used to be human, it is something not entirely dissimilar from an expression of love.


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    A general term for those that suck human blood. Refers specifically to the Dead Apostles, or those that have become bloodsuckers because of them.
    The vampires in Tsukihime extract human blood to maintain their own flesh. If, during this process, the vampire injects their own blood into their human prey, that human will be unable to peacefully pass away. For a normal person, death will still find them before long regardless. However, on rare occasions, if the victim has high physical potential and the capacity of their soul is excellent, they will remain in the world of the living.
    Afterward, their corpse is interred, and left alone for several years. During this time their brain melts, their soul is liberated from the cage of the body, and finally they arise as a kind of living dead called a "ghoul".
    As a ghoul, they feed on the corpses sleeping in the graves around them to supplement their own missing flesh, restoring their physical body little by little. After many years of this, they will eventually regain their brain and intelligence. At this stage, they can finally be called a "vampire".
    However, although this new vampire can move by their own will, they cannot escape from the rule of their sire's blood. Finally, after spending decades acclimating to life in the darkness, the vampire will begin attacking humans to create servants of their very own, while remaining subservient to the vampire that made them.
    In order to obstruct this infinite cycle, the Church created the Burial Agency, Inquisitors that exist to slay Dead Apostles. The Burial Agency's goal is the utter eradication of all vampires, and the sealing of the 27 Ancestors that made them.


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    Invincible killer. White beast. Gaia's monster that follows only Altrouge.

    Although not a Dead Apostle, he mimics Altrouge, so he got a taste for human blood.

    Has absolute authority over whether to kill or let live a person.






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    A general term used to describe organisms that consume the blood of their own kind.
    Einnashe was a special exception as a subspecies of Blood-suckers.
    Most of the Blood-suckers were weak against sunlight, but there were indeed Blood-suckers who were only active during the day.
    The Dead Apostle of Tsukihime were representative of the Blood-suckers. They were Blood-suckers derived from mankind.


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    Heroic Spirit of the mount. A type of Servant that requires high maneuverability, and tends to possess strong Noble Phantasms.
    The Rider in the story is no exception, riding Pegasus and making full use of its charging power in battle.
    Of course, Rider herself is also a unique Heroic Spirit, and the number of skills and Noble Phantasms she has is particularly high even amongst the Servants.
    She is taciturn and lacks self-assertiveness, but that doesn't mean she is apathetic toward her surroundings. Rather, she's the kind of person that worries about things from every conceivable angle but hides it behind a perfect poker face.
    Though parts of her personality are quite similar to Sakura's, Sakura is a commoner while Rider is more of a high-born type. Even her demeanor and tone of speech have a sort of high-class strictness to them.
    With the complex she has about her own height and the way she gets embarrassed when people see her mystic eyes, she might actually be pretty lady-like.
    Because of her outward appearance and primary weapon, a lot of people thought she was going to be an Assassin class Servant before the game came out, but nope, she's a Rider!
    I really wanted to have a scene in the Sakura route where she and Saber bickered with each other as they fought toward a common goal, but unfortunately the story didn't develop in that direction and I had to discard the idea.
    Incidentally, the lewd dream on the fifth day of the Sakura route was Rider's doing.
    She is not a Dead Apostle (vampire), but she is a bloodsucker. For her, the most efficient, luscious way of gaining magical energy is drinking blood.

    その外見と武器からゲーム発売前は「アサシンでは?」 と予想されていたが、正体はまさかのライダーでした。ニヤリ。

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