Valery Fernand Vandelstam (ヴァレリー・フェルナンド・ヴァンデルシュターム, Varerī Ferunando Vanderushutāmu?), better known as Van-Fem (ヴァン-フェム, Van-Femu?), is the fourteenth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.[1]



Van-Fem, one of the longest-serving Dead Apostles, felt that Trhvmn Ortenrosse's ideas were too old-fashioned and broke away from his faction.[2][3] At some point, Fina-blood Svelten captured Van-Fem's fifth golem castle during an engagement, so Van-Fem started to harbor a long-held grudge against Altrouge Brunestud's faction.[2] Known as an eccentric Vampire who held interest in humans, he sought to increase his worldly influence through non-vampiric methods after the First World War as part of a rapid rise in the last few hundred years to become one of the world's leading conglomerates.[1][4] Most recent rumors about him said that he had recently constructed buildings in the celebrity town Monaco and started running a weekly casino boat, Fem's Casa (フェムの船宴(カーサ), Femu no Funaen (Kāsa)?), where he challenged other visitors on a weekly basis.[1][5] Despite his falling-out with Ortenrosse, he was still participating in the Aylesbury Valesti, but only in the way of providing legitimate capital to build up Aylesbury through legitimate means. In form of V & V Industries (V&Vインダストリィ, V&V Indasutory?), a company which is owned by him. More so than even Ortenrosse, Merem Solomon credited Van-Fem as the reason it has been able to proceed as far as it has without the Church being able to be involved.[3]

At some point, Van-Fem killed one of Francesca's bodies, an encounter that was one of Francesca's most memorable deaths.[6]


Van-Fem, nicknamed the Dark Lord of the Business World (財界の魔王, Zaikai no Maō?), is a "man of the world", who has an intense interest in human society and holds a prominent position in public society. He even goes as far as worrying about global affairs. He is fond of "trivial things."[1][2] Merem Solomon is friendly with Van-Fem, calling him Van (ヴァン?). Merem considers him to be fresh, new, and smart among the Dead Apostles, knowing when to step away from a situation. He finds it strange that Van would have anything to do with such an old-fashioned ritual as the Aylesbury Valesti, but he feels that Van isn't serious about it like Ortenrosse.[3]



Merem Solomon and Gransurg Blackmore discuss the coming Aylesbury Valesti ritual. While discussing Trhvmn Ortenrosse, Merem declares him to be incompetent and says that Van-Fem is the reason the ritual has been able to proceed. Due to his capital being provided through legitimate means, neither the Church or Mage's Association can directly interfere with the ritual until the ritual begins. When wondering why Van-Fem would be involved despite his dislike of Ortenrosse, Merem learns that Van-Fem is simply providing capital and that he has been spending time on his casino boat. Merem says Van-Fem was a "bit hard-headed" for a time, but now "he's back to being lazy." Merem wishes to remain friends for longer, and because he is of the side that plans to destroy the ritual, he feels that it is fortune Van-Fem isn't serious about the ritual.[3]

Fate/hollow ataraxiaEdit

Shirou Emiya and Luviagelita Edelfelt of an alternate universe are shown to be planning to investigate Fem's Casa. Shirou is to act as Luvia's representative in gambling.[5]

Fate/strange FakeEdit

During his childhood, Flat Escardos sneaked onto Van-Fem's casino boat as a minor, but Van-Fem let him stay in return for Flat showing him his magecraft.[7] After learning of Flat's exceptionality, Van-Fem also noted that he had achieved the 1,800-year old dream of the Escardos Family. Kischur Zelretch, the Second Magician, also noted this, using the exact same words.[8]


Van-Fem is a Puppet Master who is the greatest in terms of making large constructs.[4] Nicknamed Van-Fem of the Demonic Castle (魔城のヴァン=フェム?), he has created seven giant golems Demonic Castles (魔城, Akuma Jōkaku?). The fifth castle Matri (マトリ, Matori?) was captured by Fina-blood Svelten's Parade.[2]


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