Velber, Sefar, Brother

Charlemagne encounters the Mural

The Velber (ヴェルバー, Verubā?) is an alien threat that appears within the Milky Way every 14,000 years. "Velber" is the name of the predatory Umbral Star (捕食遊星, Hoshoku Yūsei?), also known as the Harvest Star (収穫の星ハーヴェストスター, Shūkaku no HoshiHāvuesuto sutā?).[1]

The Umbral Star travels the galaxy, and when it detects sentient life it creates Anti-Cells and sends them to destroy and devour them. It destroys all intelligent civilizations in its path, and in doing so, it consumes all digital data within reach.[1]

The last time it passed through Earth's orbit, it annihilated virtually all sentient life on the planet, and plundered 80% of the Moon Cell's data. It is thought to be a product of the same alien civilization that created the Moon Cell, although its form and purpose are obviously very different. The true motive of the Umbral Star remains unclear, but during its previous attack on Earth, the Moon Cell did get a chance to analyze its structure.[1]

Within Velber is a central part that could be considered its core, surrounded by layers of armor made of numerous "Arks of the Stars," individual space vessels. If one considers the main body of Velber to be its central core, the surrounding portions are its self-made invasion weapons. Each layer of armor has its own distinct means of annihilating civilizations. Velber's form strikes an optimal balance between offense and defense, and it has utilized that balance to wage victorious war against all sentient life in its path for eons.[1]

The Ark of the Stars that carried the "White Titan" Altera to Earth was only one of three Arks that came to Earth in the previous cycle. The other two, the "Big Brother" and "Little Sister" of Altera, are not mentioned in Fate/EXTELLA.[1]


  • Velber 01 - Older Brother
  • Velber 02 - Sefar
  • Velber 03 - Younger Sister


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