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The Velber (ヴェルバー, Verubā?) is an extraterrestrial threat that routinely purges intelligent life.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Velber is a form of observation device created by the same race that created the Moon Cell.[1] The Moon Cell's existence is limited to the Fate/EX timeline[2], but the Velber exist in other worlds as well.[3]

It works on a set orbit, passing through the Milky Way Galaxy once every 14,000 years, selectively targeting and destroying all intelligent life in its path.[1] Its true motives are unclear to the Moon Cell, but it did analyze its structure during the encounter between the two.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The body of the Velber is the Wandering Star of Predation (捕食遊星, Hoshoku Yūsei?, Localized as Umbral Star), also called the Harvest Star (収穫の星(ハーヴェストスター), Shūkaku no Hoshi(Hāvuesuto sutā)?), which is a comet-like structure resembling a crying eye.[1] The part that can be called its core is surrounded by numerous layers of Arks of the Stars, individual, detachable space vessels, that act as its armor.[1]

Ark of the Stars[edit | edit source]

Ark of the Stars Velber 02

Arks of the Stars (星舟?) are containers surrounding the core of the Harvest Star, each a space vessel.[1] They are unable to navigate via spacial jumping, and each contains an Anti-Cell, a fighting unit whose mission it is to destroy the local planet's civilization.[4]

The core of the Arks of the Stars contain Void Cells (ヴォイドセル?), spiriton-gathering entities on the same standing as the Moon Cell but of a different nature. They are able to contaminate individuals with the will of the Velber.[5]

Anti-Cell[edit | edit source]

Anti-Cells (アンチセル?) are beings contained within the Arks of the Stars sent to act as the vanguard of the Velber to conquer planets and destroy intelligent life.[6] Developed from the data of destroyed civilizations in a similar manner as how the Moon Cell used information from human civilization to create "high level information life forms" like Servants, Anti-Cells are organic life forms specifically designed to efficiently destroy civilizations.[6] Each Anti-Cell has inherited the characteristics of a different civilization, so each is a "completely distinct organism right down to their manner of existence."[4]

The Velber detaches the Ark of the Stars of each designated Velber, sending them to planets marked for harvest. They use a range of methods to ravage civilization, each having their own different method of destruction.[6] They all share the characteristic of growth through draining spiritons from intelligent life fores, and once all intelligent life has perished, they die due to the depletion of their food source. They prioritize the commands of the Velber above all, Titan Altera torn between the commands of the Velber and her newfound ego.[6][7]

History[edit | edit source]

Fate/EX[edit | edit source]

In Fate/EX worlds, Velber 02 simultaneously attacked the Moon Cell and Earth in 12,000 BC, wiping 80% of the Moon Cell's data and destroying much of the life on Earth. After defeating Ares, Velber 02 was destroyed by someone wielding Excalibur, while it's Ark of the Stars was sealed away in the Moon Cell.[1][8] Velber 01 and Velber 03 were also deployed, but their fate is unknown.[9]

Other worlds[edit | edit source]

In other worlds where the Moon Cell does not exist, Velber 02 attacked Earth in 12,000BC, destroying much of the life on Earth.[3]

Lostbelt[edit | edit source]

Within the deviated history of Lostbelt 5, Velber 02 attacked Earth in 12,000BC, but was destroyed by the combined form of the Twelve Machine Gods.[3]

Known Anti-Cells[edit | edit source]

  • Velber 01 - Older Brother
  • Velber 02 - Sefar
  • Velber 03 - Younger Sister

References[edit | edit source]

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    Its appearance resembles a crying eye.
    It destroys all intelligent civilizations in its path, and in doing so, it consumes all digital data within reach.
    The last time it passed through Earth's orbit, it annihilated virtually all sentient life on the planet, and plundered 80% of the Moon Cell's data.
    It is thought to be a product of the same alien civilization that created the Moon Cell, although its form and purpose are obviously very different.
    The true motive of the Umbral Star remains unclear, but during its previous attack on Earth, the Moon Cell did get a chance to analyze its structure.
    Within Velber is a central part that could be considered its core, surrounded by layers of armor made of numerous "Arks of the Stars," individual space vessels.
    If one considers the main body of Velber to be its central core, the surrounding portions are its self-made invasion weapons. Each layer of armor has its own distinct means of annihilating civilizations.
    Velber's form strikes an optimal balance between offense and defense, and it has utilized that balance to wage victorious war against all sentient life in its path for eons.
    The Ark of the Stars that carried the "White Titan" Altera to Earth was only one of three Arks that came to Earth in the previous cycle.
    The other two, the "Big Brother" and "Little Sister" of Altera, are not mentioned in this game.


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    Q: Is there any relationship between the Moon Cell and the Crimson Moon? Does the Moon Cell exist in universes outside of EXTRA?

    Q: Is there any relationship between the Moon Cell and the Crimson Moon? Does the Moon Cell exist in universes outside of EXTRA?

    A: Moon cell is something that is only in EXTRA, and it does not have anything to do with the Crimson Moon. However, in the world of EXTRA, the "Brain of the Planet" (Archetype Earth's title) who is equivalent to the Crimson Moon should still be living somewhere.



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    This particular Void Cell dwells at the core of Altera's Ark of the Stars.
    The moment Archimedes came in contact with the Ark, he was corrupted by the Void Cell, and subsequently Elizabeth was infected as well.


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    Because the Moon Cell designed high-level information life forms from human civilizations (the Servants), the Umbral Star retaliated by designing life forms that could efficiently destroy civilizations — hence the name "Anti-Cells."
    These land on planets that have been marked for harvest and use a variety of methods to ravage the civilizations there.
    All of the Anti-Cells have an idiosyncratic approach to completing this task. They grow by draining the spiritrons from intelligent life forms, and break down once all intelligent life has been destroyed, as that is their source of food.
    As the Umbral Star's harvesters, they obey its commands first and foremost.


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    From the wandering planet's perspective, it's just one of several weapons of mass destruction used to prey upon Earth's cultures. As a "Giant Goddess" Anticell, Altera is a type of vanuard that personally absorbs the mana of the civilation she's destroying, enlarging in size without reproducing until she has wiped out the civilization in question, exhausting its mana and effectively self-destructing.
    In the Early Dawn Territory/Zone (<Mimei Ryouiki>?) she is 16 meters in size, but that's only because her default height is set to be "10x the size of the people native to that civilization". From this initial condition she can assimilate electrons in order to enlarge in scale.
    The avatar she created on Earth, the Giant Goddess Altera, does have its growth capacity limited in relation to the force of the planet's gravity (goddamn Square-Cube Law), but within the Mooncell's cyberspace she can enlarge without limits. That being said, if her volume increases too greatly then her actions become weighted down and slowed, with her nervous transmissions taking far more time to reach her extremities. She therefore keeps it in mind to keep her actions as a Giant Goddess restrained to a somewhat moderate scale.

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