Venus Statue (ヴィーナス・スタチュー, Vīnasu Sutachū?) is an obstacle encountered in Fate/Extra CCC with the Sentinels stuck in a wall with floral design, representing their connection to BB .  The strongest form of firewall and "the border of the world", the statues are the true form of the sentinels and impervious to physical attack, which even BB is incapable of destroying them. Representing the wall of a heart, they can only be vanquished by entering the core through a special technique developed by Kiara Sessyoin, defeating the Sentinel inside, cleaning their heart of contamination, and freeing them from BB’s control.

The statue of the servants also made appearance in Pure Mental Territory: Word of Logos, represents their locked memories after being thrown into Imaginary Number Space.

Sakura Veil GrandeEdit

Also known as A Challenge to Morals, is special form of Venus Statue, the relief features clothless Sakura/BB inside it and representing their hearts. It is the last obstacle that prevents the protagonist from entering the Mooncell's core. Unlike the others, it cannot be entered due to not having the sentinel inside it.




Concept art of Meltlilith's relief

According to Kinoko Nasu, they were originally called "Chocolate Veil" in the development stage, while Sakura Veil Grande was originally known as Sakura Veil Diva, playing on the word Goddess and Diva and possibly referring to Lady Godiva, given the statue's naked form cover only by long hair.