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« Well then, time to flashily get beaten up!"
"Let's go! You have brought it on yourself!"
"Die in reverse! Verg Avesta! »


Verg Avesta: Falsely Transcribed Creation (偽り写し記す万象
, Itsuwari Utsushi Shirusu Banshō
Verugu Avesutā
?, also romanized as Void Avesta) is a wound-sharing primal curse, which is one of the simplest curses of retribution. It is a third-rate Noble Phantasm that even Avenger finds to be worthless. It causes any damage taken by the user to also be dealt to the attacker by reflecting it directly on their soul. The ability causes no wounds to appear, but simply mirrors the pain associated with the wound onto the opponent. The damage will not heal until Avenger's wounds are healed or he succumbs to them.

The weakness in this ability is that it not only requires Avenger to be wounded, but he must also be alive and conscious, as he must consciously activate the ability by chanting its name. It can only focus on a single target, and it is useless against high-level attacks. The damage is also generally not a great problem for a Servant level opponent as they can still hold up, while Avenger, who is far below the level of an average Servant, will quickly die from such wounds, and it can only be used once on the same target.

  • Avenger's damage being reflected upon Saber.

It is not as useful as a scripture that returns twice the damage, and this form of reversal curse generally has no effect on Heroic Spirits with strong Magic Resistance. Against Saber's exceptional resistance, it should even make the damage to his own body worse, but once all of its conditions are met, it will completely ignore even Magic Resistance even as potent as that of Saber. It is generally only a distraction or hindrance that works well in combat when paired with Bazett's Fragarach. Avenger would normally quickly die and the wounds won't impede the enemy much, but the threat of Bazett makes the enemy quick to utilize their trump card and become targets for Fragarach. In practical use, it is necessary to have a partner who is able to defeat the enemy as Avenger alone cannot do so.[1]

It is a copy of the Book of Zoroaster, Avesta: The Universal Revelation of Inscribed Creation (遍く示し記す万象
, Amaneku Shimeshi Shirusu Banshō
?). Avesta is a support-type book Noble Phantasm that records events accurately and correctly out of its own volition. Avenger describes it as being on the level of an automatic typewriter that is useless in a fight due to it being unable to harm anyone, while its only advantage is that it is able to put indescribable emotions and emotions one isn't aware of into words. It was used as the catalyst to summon Angra Mainyu in the Third Holy Grail War, but it instead summoned Avenger, a man who became Angra Mainyu after becoming free from "order" due to having his name removed from the book and having the records of his existence erased.


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