Victor Frankenstein (ヴィクター・フランケンシュタイン, Vikutā Furankenshutain?) is the creator of Frankenstein.[1]



Victor Frankenstein was a real, historical person. He was a scientist and alchemist.[1] He was a student of the science of nature who was obsessed with the delusion of creating the "ideal human." Like Caster of Black, he aimed to create Adam and Eve. He differed from Caster in that he didn’t see the creation of Adam and Eve as the gateway to Eden, but rather simply wanted to create a being as close to God as possible.[1] He spent two years on a patchwork of lifeless flesh, seeking to give birth to a "wise and beautiful human being, perfect in every way." He succeed in giving life to the flesh, but found his result to be a repulsive monster. His ideal Eve turned out to be defective in Frankenstein perspective. An artificial life-form that does not have emotions was, to him, equivalent to a badly made living creature.[1] He disassembled her in terror and left it all behind, but she later repaired herself and pursued him to Geneva, Switzerland. She begged him for a mate like herself, but he refused.

Creating another like her was not a matter of can or can not for him, having placed his entire focus on creating her and witnessing the birth of the hideous creature before his eyes. Being unthinkable to even consider creating a second, he denied her again and again. After she decided that he must create another, she killed those acquainted with him, those who had no relation, and even his beloved fiancee in the end. Previously a young man overflowing with livelihood and brilliance, he continued to flee from her and deny her, dying in madness with the frailty of an old man bitterly regretting it all until his last breath. He was watched over by Walton in his final moments, and the monster, with no one left to hate, burned herself in a pyre.



Hearing of Victor's rejection of his creation, Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia cannot tell if Victor had a twisted sense of beauty or if she truly displayed an inconcealable foulness despite her external beauty.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

London: The Death World in the City of a Demonic FogEdit

During the London Singularity, there exists another Victor Frankenstein, an elderly man who is Victor's grandson. He exists with the still living Frankenstein's Monster, displaced from normal history.

It was on a Dreary Night of NovemberEdit

Victor's shadow appears during Frankenstein's interlude, It was on a Dreary Night of November, having created a second Creature he's dubbed Eve, considering her an improvement over the original. He sends Eve to slaughter several towns to gather materials to complete his research; however, after being discovered, Eve is disabled. Victor reveals his true intentions in creating Eve: he wanted a replacement body to live on after his demise. As such, after Eve's defeat, he forcefully implants his mind into her body and engages the Protagonist, Mash and his "elder daughter", a battle that ends in his own destruction.


An illusion of Victor appears when Caster of Red uses his Noble Phantasm, First Folio, on Berserker of Black. Berserker hallucinates about her past, remembering how her own creator, Victor shunned her as a monster.[2]



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