Violet (ヴァイオレット?) is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in the CCC Incident of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail. She later forms a contract with Shinji Matou, albeit an unofficial one.



Alter Ego C (アルターエゴ C, Arutā Ego C?), whose True Name is Violet, is a High-Servant created by BB.[2] With the C meaning "cash, cool, constriction", she was created from BB accessing the Moon Cell's Servant Archive and selecting goddesses compatible with Ego from inside of it. Violet is a combination of various goddesses reproduced from their data. She was made first as the eldest amongst the Sakura Five. Her role on the Far Side of the Moon was much like that of the Minister of Finance who rules over the vault of a megabank, so BB entrusted her control over the world's liquidity resource, Magical Energy.[3]



Main article: Medusa The first component of Violet is Medusa (メドゥーサ, Medūsa?) an earth goddess, before losing her divinity, from Greek mythology.[2]


The second component of Violet is Apsara (アプサラス?) from Indian mythology.[2]


The third component of Violet is Melusine (メリュジーヌ?) from French folktales.[2]


Violet is said to appear to be in her mid-twenties, sports long violet hair and a tight uniform as well as tall curvaceous figure with large breasts, and has a "quiet intellectual feeling" to her as the "mature Sakura."[3] Her outfit consists of a collar that covers her shoulder, a one piece revealing armor that doesn't cover backside and detached sleeves. She has a small red jewel at the top of her cleavage and wears glasses. Unlike Sakura, BB, or the other Alter Egos who tied their ribbon on the left side of their head, Violet is shown to tied her ribbon in ponytail instead. Like Passionlip, she is also depicted as wearing lipstick. When she first introduces herself as Taiga, her appearance looks exactly like Rider wearing her casual attire.


Violet is the "Alter Ego of purity", and that purity is one that takes the form of affection. Her motif is a desire to monopolize, loving someone under a cold exterior while still being taciturn, cruel, and wanting nothing more than to be in complete dominance. She does her utmost to keep the urge of chaining down both her companion and herself hidden from others, but it is a fact evident to all around her. The fact that she gave herself the simple name "Violet" is further proof that she is not interested in playing games unlike the other Alter Egos. She does not show a wide range of expression in her actions and words due to her purity, but it does not mean that she is not somewhat interested in Hakuno Kishinami. She does wish to monopolize them at the very least, seeking a "pure and proper companionship." It could be said that she is in charge of safeguarding morals on the Far Side.[3]


Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox TailEdit

Violet appears in the dream world of the trapped Hakuno Kishinami, introducing herself as Taiga Fujimura, the homeroom teacher of Hakuno, Leonardo B. Harwey and Shinji Matou. She observes him for a period of time before receiving orders to use Kingprotea to kill Hakuno, though she dislikes handling the situation in such a rough manner. After Kingprotea fails to accomplish the task, she decides to finish him herself, and though admiring his impassioned speech, simply says it is her duty to kill him. Her attack is repelled by Hakuno summoning Caster, and before they can begin another attack, Caster frees them from the dream world by waking Hakuno with a punch.


Violet lacks unique id_es skills compared to the other Alter Egos, but the level of how sturdy her body is frighteningly high due to that. That ends up making her give off the impression of being a Servant rather than an Alter Ego. Her two id_es skills are Shackling Desire (束縛願望, Sokubaku Ganbō?) and Crack Ice/Andromeda (クラツクアイス/アンドロメダ, Kurakku Aisu/Andoromeda?). Crack Ice is a cheat skill evolved from Mystic Eyes, and rather than the normal effect of Paralysis, Enchantment, or Petrification being invoked by "looking at the opponent" and "eye contact with the opponent", its effect is "The space in Violet's field of vision is stored." Bringing about paralysis on the target, it stops time, causing even space itself to fall victim. Only she can move in the space, but humans remain conscious and can reason out the events. Shackling Desire increases physical restriction attacks, Paralysis, Sealing, and Petrification, in battle. Normal attacks are dropped by ten percent due to "to tie" being a day-to-day activity.

Her Transformation skill allows her to freely change herself into a fibrous shape. Strike system's attack damage is greatly reduced. Her main weapon is her right arm that is in the form of a whip with a spear tip, symbolizing her desire to monopolize her partner.[3] It can be kept as a regular hand and instantly unraveled to attack. She is capable of elongating and spinning it before diving with a powerful strike. Her Riding allows her to ride anything, or rather just assimilate it when combined with Transformation. She has an unconfirmed Noble Phantasm.[2]


Violet was originally meant to be a character in Fate/EXTRA CCC before being cut in development. She was originally planned to become a "good Alter Ego." She would have switched over to Hakuno's side and protect all the masters until the end of the game.[3]


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