Virgin Laser - Palladion (ヴァージンレイザー・パラディオン, Vājin Reizā - Paradion?) is a combined Noble Phantasm of Meltlilith and Passionlip. It holds the concept of Athena's spear which "paradoxically led to the downfall of the fortified city of Troy." Passionlip, acting as a defensive fortress for Meltlilith, protects her within the grasp of her claws and shoots her out like a laser beam.

During Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail where both have their abilities stolen by Kazuradrop, this technique is the one loophole where they can use their power properly. Because of them being greatly weakened and their damaged states, the attack ultimately fails to pierce Gawain while his Numeral of the Saint is activated.

Within a digital world, it has the ability to allow Meltlilith to exceed the speed of light. This allows her to travel back in time during the Seraphix incident, but the strain of doing so causes her to perish shortly after.


Virgin Razor 1

"Virgin Laser - Palladion" in Fate/EXTRA material.

In the initial game concept of Fate/EXTRA CCC, there was a combination attack where Passionlip would act as a defensive fortress for Meltlilith by protecting her in the grasp of her claws, and then she would shoot Meltlilith out like a laser beam.[1]

Meltlilith:Let’s do it! Make sure you say it at the same time as me, Lip!
Passionlip:U-uhh...! One, two, three... (with Melt) Please, die...!

Melthlilith is pretty pumped up about doing a combo move with Passionlip, but Passionlip is reluctant and just wants to get things over with as soon as possible. Meltlilith always seems to get into these half-baked situations.[1]


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