Vishnu Bājū: Arms of the Great One (偉大なる者の腕ヴィシュヌ・バージュー, Idainaru Mono no UdeVuishunu Bājū?) is the Noble Phantasm of Rama. The numerous weapons granted by the sage Vishwamitra for opposing all kinds of gods and demons. Several of the overwhelming number of weapons include:

  • Discs (chakrams), which are throwing weapons
  • The javelin Shuuravara
  • The clubs (gada) Modhaki and Shikhari
  • The trident possessed by the god Shiva, Trisula
  • The bow of Shiva, Pinaka

... and so forth. The higher Rama's Divinity, the more his existence is regarded as something close to Vishnu's, and the maximum limit of the number of the many weapons he can bring out grows. At Rank A, while being a Saber, it is also not impossible for him to operate as an Archer and a Lancer.[1]


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